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Berlin Wall Tips (152)

Berliner Wall

We passed along the kept site of the Berlin wall on Mulhenstrasse. It was constructed during one night on August, 13th, 1961 to prevent flights of east Germans to Western Germany. Till this moment about two hundred thousand people run away . The length of a wall was 161 kilometer. 45 kilometers divided east and western zones of Berlin. The wall was double. Nearby two hundred persons were lost, trying to get over through it to the Western Berlin. On November, 9th, 1989 the wall has fallen. After association of Germany in 1990 the wall was almost completely destroyed, except for that site by which we pass . In 1991 artists from 28 countries of the world ornamented it and transformed into a wall-gallery. Its fragments are interesting to former Soviet citizens with the kissing Brezhnev's and Honecker images, Gorbachev's and Saharov's portraits.

Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo
Feb 03, 2006

Berlin Wall - view of the "death zone"

The East German authorities removed all buildings along the Bernauer Strasse stretch of the wall: apartment blocks, shops, and even a nineteenth century church, which was solemnly demolished in the middle of the 1980s. On the site of the church, which is smack dab In the middle of the "death zone," a contemporary "Chapel of Reconcilation" has been constructed - a simple but profound gesture of healing for the spiritual as well as physical wounds which the wall brought about.

The picture was taken from the observation tower at the Wall Documentation Center.

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Dec 08, 2004

Berlin Wall

Not much of the Berlin Wall remains. A section of it can be seen on Zimmerstrasse near Potsdamer Platz. Checkpoint Charlie is quite close by also.

There is also an exhibition here called "Topographie des Terrors". It adds a little bit of interest because just looking at a wall can be a bit boring even if it's the Berlin Wall!

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Feb 07, 2010

Checkpoint Bravo Museum

As Checkpoint Bravo was a border crossing point and this was the time of the cold war with tension on both sides, the East Germans also had to have a similar crossing point which was heavily guarded. Unfortunately most of what was there was demolished on 1993 and has been changed into a business park. But there is a command post which has been turned into a museum with information about the inner border. The museum has limited opening hours between 1100 - 1600 hours on Sundays between May to October. When the museum is closed the area outside is accessible and there are a number of metal information posts in German.

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Feb 03, 2013
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The Berlin Wall, which divided Germany into two nations (FDR & DDR) was built in 1961 during the peak of coldwar. Check Point Charlie was the main entry/exit point. There were Alpha and Beta check points also. Many people lost their lives while trying to cross over the wall during cold war era. The wall was demolished in 1989. The demolition of the wall later led to unification of Germany.
Today only a small portion of the wall is prserved as a monument.

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Dec 19, 2007

Berlin Wall trace

Although the Wall came down in 1989, you can still see the trace of the former boundary along its former route.

The trace is characterized by either different-colored concrete, or a dual line of bricks placed in the ground, with plaques that read "Berliner Mauer 1961-1989" placed periodically along it.

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Dec 28, 2003

Berlin Wall trail

Last year I decided to take a long walk from Bornholmer brucke in the north of berlin to
treptower park in the South. A nice stroll of about 20km....
I can really recommend it. Just follow trail signs, quite an interesting story Berlin tells about.
And if you need solid part of berlin wall check out, thats genuine stuff.
Peter B.

Mar 10, 2010


The Mauerpark was originally the old Nordbahnhof railway station which ran trains to the north coast and Prussia. When the station was moved, its name was changed to Güterbahnhof Eberswalder Straße and it became a freight yard. The station and freight yard bordered the French and Soviet occupation zones. When the Berlin Wall was put up the station was closed as the freight yard became part of the death strip. After reunification it was decided to change the narrow strip which was the death strip into a park. Efforts have been made to purchase the industrialised western side but without success. A large weekly Sunday Flea market is held on the industrial western side. The park is not what I would describe as attractive but it is very popular with locals. A piece of the old Berlin Wall stands on the high point of the park. The wall is a popular place with graffiti artists to leave their mark before someone else does the same to their work.

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Aug 02, 2012
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"More than the capital of Germany"
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"Berlin, Berlin - wir fahren nach Berlin!"
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"Berlin in my way"
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Art Gallery outdoors

The perfect place to express the possible solution to the palestinion and israeli conflict, on the berlin wall is a great painting i liked, as well as countless others starting to fade from the weather. they should really protect them, because they are great expression of frustration, hate, and xenophobia that represents the old east-west divide.

Go to Ostbahnhof, and as the workers at the train stop "Berlin wall??" They dont know english! maybe because theyre in the east part, but in german is Berliner Mauer" Walk outside the train station and you can see it! It stretches for like 5 km, and is the real thing folks. It is heavy re-enforced concrete. Peer past the wall into the east part; its desolute, hopeless destitution, and is a shock for me. Things like that are worth a photo, but at the time i was in tourist mode, where i seek to photograph things of beauty and great boldness.

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Apr 12, 2008

The watchtower in Schlesisicher Park

The watchtower in Schlesisicher Park is one of only three watchtowers that remain in Berlin. The watchtower is 10m in height and 4.2m by 4.2m wide and was built in 1963. It was a command post and was manned by 3 border soldiers and 1 officer and was responsible for a further 18 watchtowers and the electronic security devices for this section of the border. The watchtower was constructed of pre-cast concrete and had 4 floors one of which was underground. The first floor was the staff room with the observation floor above which gave good views on all four sides. After reunification the tower should have been demolished but was saved by the perseverance of the Museum of Forbidden Art. It was classed as a historical monument in 1992. The Museum of Forbidden Art held exhibits in the tower until it ran out of money in 2004 and handed the tower back to the government. It has since been repaired and restored in its original colour.

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Jul 26, 2012

Berlin Wall Memorial Visitors' Centre

If part of your trip to Berlin is to find out more about the Berlin Wall then you must visit the Berlin Wall Memorial in Bernauer Strasse. There are a number of sites within walking distance of each other some of which are outside, others are indoors but everything is free to enter but please check opening their opening hours. The starting place for any visit is the Visitor's Centre which is opposite the Nordbahnhof S Bahn Station and conveniently at one end of any tour. Upstairs in the Visitor's Centre is a cinema which shows 2 different films about the construction and history of the wall. Downstairs there are staff available to provide information, leaflets, there are information terminals, toilets and there is also a book shop with specialist books about the Berlin Wall.

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Jun 05, 2013

Crossing Point-Bornholmer Strasse

Not knowing the history of the area I wondered why the number 50 tram turned around at Bjornson Strasse on Sundays instead of carrying on across the bridge and why should there be a turn around at this point. When the Berlin Wall was in palce the Bornholmer Strasse Bridge was a crossing point. The Bornholmer Strasse S Bahn station became a ghost station where the trains going to the east or west of the city never stopped. There is a small exhibition on the eastern side of the bridge with photographs from the cold war era and a small memorial. There is a concrete wall along the back of the path. When the wall was first put up people use to climb the fence and work their way down the railway embankment cross the lines and come up on the other side in the west. As usual the way to stop this was with a taller inner security concrete wall which also ran pararell with the railway lines. At least 5 people met with accidents here and 4 more were shot by border guards. But this is where it all ended for the Berlin Wall on 09 November 1989 when thousands of people were able to freely cross from the east into the west and the GDR collapsed shortly afterwards. Going back to the beginning this was as far as trams could in the east and the reason for the turn around.

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Dec 11, 2011

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