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Private Tour: Luxury Berlin Highlights and Districts Tour
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Private Tour: Half-Day Luxury Berlin Highlights Tour
"Take the chance to get inspired by all the impressive must-see sights and areas the vibrant city of Berlin has to offer. 3 totally different types of ”downtown” and always changing sceneries will make you believe to have visited many different cities at while enjoying complimentary cooled soft drinks and snacks. Your Driver-guide is a native Berliner who will not only provide you with all those stories info about Berlins present and past. You will also learn about what goes on behind the curtain that photo-stops on your demand are possible anytime. The tours start/finish wherever you want in downtown Berlin.Explore these Berlin highlights:KurfürstendammGendarmenmarktAlexanderplatzPotsdamer P""Indulge yourself with an exclusive and private 2-hour sightseeing tour of Berlin and explore it’s famous highlights. Guided by your native but fluent English speaking chauffeur you will discover the buzzing places in East and West plus all those landmarkstitle=Highlights&1=2-hour+private+Berlin+sightseeing+tour&2=Check+out+attractions+like+Alexanderplatz%2C+the+Brandenburg+Gate+and+the+Holocaust+Memorial&3=Enjoy+the+comfort+of+a+private+luxury+vehicle&4=Hear+stories+about+Berlin%27s+history%2C+culture+and""
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Private Custom 3-Hour Tour of Berlin by Car
"See the major highlights in East and West Berlin in a 3-hour private city tour by car. Depending on where your hotel is located a tour could look like this: Gendarmenmarkt Checkpoint Charlie Topography of Terror Potsdam Square Victory Column Charlottenburg Palace
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Berliner Dom - Berlin Cathedral Tips (111)

The City's most lavish Church

Apart from the fact that Berlin’s Dome on Museumsinsel is an absolutely stunning reconstruction and probably the city’s most lavish church, this place is also unique for the fact that you have to pay an entry fee (5 Euro in 2007).

The location is spectacular, the massive cathedral sitting right on the bank of the Spree river with lots of sightseeing boats drifting past.

Located next to the palace, Berlin Cathedral was the church of the Hohenzollern dynasty. Its history dates back to 1465 when it was just a parish church. In 1747 Friedrich the Great ordered a new Baroque construction with a dome. It was altered 70 years later by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, transforming the interior and exterior in the neo-classical style. In 1894 Emperor Wilhelm II agreed to demolish the church and erect a new one designed by Julius Carl Raschdorff. It was built from 1894 to 1905. In World War II it was badly damaged by a liquid fire bomb. The sermon church that holds the Hohenzollern crypt ended up as a ruin.

Only 30 years later reconstruction started. In 1983 the exterior was finished, and in the mid 1990s mass took place again. The interior works lasted until 2002 when the last of eight fabulous dome mosaics in smaller niches was reveiled.

Things remaining from the church built in 1747 are the baptismal font, an altar with an Apostles wall and two candelabra. The Hohenzollern sarcophagi are laid out in the Imperial family crypt. About 90 sarcophagi of Prussian monarchs and royals are held there.

Other features of interest are the Imperial Hallway, the Cathedral Museum and the Sermon Church with the impressive dome.

Talking of several churches within the cathedral: Already the original design of the Italian Renaissance with Baroque influence had this division into three churches. It included the Sermon Church, Baptism and Wedding Church, and a Memorial Church (which does not exist anymore). The dome was supported by four corner towers and was 114 metres high.

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Oct 02, 2007

Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom is the largest and most decorated church in Berlin. It is located on Museumsinsel, overlooking the sculptured lawns of the Lustgarten.

Originally built between 1894-1905, members of the ruling dynasty of the time are buried in the crypt beneath it. Since then the church has been fully restored - reopening in 1993 after almost 40 years of restorations!

The main draw card for us was the stunning 85 metre high dome. Not only is it beautifully ornate inside the dome, but better still, you can climb the 270 steps to the top of the dome for fabulous views over Berlin.

Don't miss it, it is well worth the entry fee (5 euro in May 2006).

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Aug 11, 2006

Berlin Cathedral

The Berliner Dom or Berlin Cathedral was built in 1905. It is located on the historic 'Museum Island' in the river Spree.The first church built on the site of the current Cathedral was a 1465 church. The building, which later served as the court church for the Hohenzollern family was replaced by a cathedral, built between 1745 and 1747 in a Baroque design from Johann Boumann. It was reconstructed into a classicist building from 1816 to 1822 following a design by the Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. On Emperor Willem II's order, this domed building was demolished in 1894 and replaced by the current Cathedral. Much larger than any of the previous buildings, it was a Protestant counterweight to the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The baroque building with Italian Renaissance influences was designed by Julius Raschdorff. Construction of the 114m long and 73m wide Cathedral took place between 1894 and 1905.During the Second World War, the building was hit by a fire bomb which severely damaged much of the Cathedral. A temporary roof was installed to protect what remained of the nterior and in 1975 reconstruction of the church started.The restoration of the interior begun in 1984 and in 1993 the church reopened. During reconstruction, the original design was modified into a more simplified form. The Dom can be visited daily. Some interesting items in the richly decorated interior of the church are the magnificent Sauer's Organ, the 1530 Elector's tomb, the neo-baroque pulpit and the stained glasses designed by Anton von Werner. The main altar, which was saved from the previous cathedral dates from 1850.

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Aug 27, 2005

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral (German: Berliner Dom) is the colloquial name for the Evangelical Oberpfarr- und Domkirche (English analogously: Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church, literally Supreme Parish and Cathedral Church) in Berlin, Germany. It is the parish church of the Evangelical congregation Gemeinde der Oberpfarr- und Domkirche zu Berlin, a member of the umbrella organisation Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia. Its present building is located on Museum Island in the Mitte borough.

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Dec 08, 2010
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Berliner Dom

Berlin’s cathedral, the Berliner Dom, is a grand late 19th century structure built on an island in the Spree (known as Museumsinsel for the number of museums located there). In this view, taken from Bürgstraße on the eastern bank of the river near Hackescher Markt, it reminded me rather of Notre Dame de Paris, although in truth it is nothing like that Gothic structure – only the island settings are alike.

This is the third place of Christian worship to be built on this site. The first was a simple 15th century church, the second a rather more grand Baroque cathedral, which was demolished in 1894 on the orders of Emperor Wilhelm II to be replaced by this much larger cathedral, designed to be a Protestant answer to St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Like so many of the city’s great buildings it was badly damaged during the Allied bombing raids of the Second World War, and for a time the communist authorities of East Berlin planned to pull it down, having little time for religion of any sort. Thankfully they relented, and reconstruction began in 1975. It reopened in 1993 and was re-consecrated in 1996.

Admission is €5 and we didn’t go in on this visit so it will have to wait for a future one. Apparently it is worth it to see the rich glass mosaics in the dome (which portray the beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount), the 7,269 pipe organ and the stained glass windows with scenes from the Nativity.

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Jun 18, 2011

Berliner Dom - Hohenzolern Crypt

Hohenzollern is the name of the royal family that ruled in Prussia, Germany and Romania, from 1061 until the end of the World War First, when the treaty of Versailles disassembled the German Empire.
The dead members of the royal family rest in a richly adorned sarcophagis which clearly showing who the dead was and which was his rank. The coffins range from the 12th up to the 17th century. There are many tiny coffins in the crypt, exempling the high infant mortality at the time. The crypt contains 94 entombments sarcophagi.
Admission to crypt is 8 euros, plus additional 5 if one want to watch DVD.

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Apr 21, 2014

Impressive Cathedral, Great Rooftop Views

In the heart of the Mitte district, next to the lawns of Lustgarten, actually on Museuminsel, is the Berliner Dom, the protestant cathedral.
This cathedral has known several re-incarnations: first built as the church for the Hohenzolern family in the 15th century, then rebuilt in Baroque style in the 18th century, later replaced by a neoclassical structure.
Then Kaiser Wilhelm II had it demolished in 1894 and rebuilt in a grand and ambitious style, to be the Protestant answer to the Catholic St. Peter's in Rome. The building was finished in 1905. It was severely damaged during the 2nd World War, in 1944. Restoration was carried out between 1984-1993.

Today you can visit the church, admire the magnificent organ and the altar, but do not miss the climb to the roof, for magnificent views of the river Spree, Museuminsel, Alexanderplatz and many other well known Berlin sites. Approximately halfway during your climb you will reach an exhibition dedicated to the cathedral building and its restoration.

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Nov 01, 2008

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin can boast of four cathedrals, among which the Berlin Cathedral is the biggest and best-known.
The impressive building of the cathedral comes from the beginning of the 20th century. It's really massive and enormous, bringing into mind the St. Peter's in Rome, although this one is a protestant church.
It's worth visiting for its mosaics, sculptures and paintings.You can also climb the dome for the panorama of Berlin. But it's the crypt with ninety tombs of the Hohenzollerns that is the real 'highlight' of the place. The Hohenzollern dynasty worshipped here until Wilhelm II ( the last German emperor) abdicated in 1918.
Entrance fee: 5 Euro

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May 25, 2005
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The Cathedral was constructed rather recently - in the end XIX - the beginning of XX century in style of the Italian Revival. The huge dome strongly reminds the dome of the Cathedral in St.-Petersburg. In a cathedral there are about hundred sarcophags with remains of kings and princes of Hohenzollern dynasty, including sarcophagus of Fridrih the First. During last war the Cathedral was strongly damaged, it was restored only by 1993.

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Feb 15, 2006


Built between 1894 and 1905 under Emperor Wilhelm II as the main Prussian protestant-church it houses the tomb of the Hohenzollern-Dynasty.

The with mosaiques decorated dome reaches 75 meters. If you go up to the top of the church you have a nice view over the city. don't miss that!!

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Aug 27, 2004

The Berliner Dom

The Berliner Dom was built around the turn of the last century on the site of former cathedrals but was destroyed during WW2. It remained in this condition until 1973 when work was started to renovate it. That renovation is now complete. Under the cathedral is the Hohenzollern crypt that contains 94 coffins and sarcophagi covering a 500 year history of the family. Going the other way is a 270 step climb to the roof with spectacular views of the city and the domes. A number of guided tours of the cathedral are available and their website should be checked for details

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Apr 26, 2007

Berlin Cathedral

The cathedral of Berlin was devastated by British bombs in 1940 and it wasn't until 1993 that the restored cathedral was opened. The best view of this 19th-century cathedral is from the Dome Gallery reached after climbing 270 steps. From here, you get a good glimpse of the Dom's ceiling and the rest of its much-restored interior. The cathedral's most notable features include a gilded wall altar with the 12 Apostles by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, and the magnificent Sauer organ containing 7,000 pipes (in fact this is best reason to visit - for one of the organ concerts, conducted year-round, usually on Saturday at 6pm).

The tombstones of Prussian royals are displayed in the crypt, the most impressive tombs being those of Frederick I and his queen, Sophie Charlotte who were responsible for Schloss Charlotenburg.

The cathedral shouldn't be on your must see list but is worth a look with the stained-glass windows especially stunning, depicting such scenes as the Resurrection. .

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Mar 05, 2006

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