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Berlin 1- or 2-Day Hop-On Hop-Off City Circle Tour: Berlin's Landmarks and Monuments
"The City Circle Yellow tour allows you to discover Berlin’s most famous landmarks and monuments. Let the double-decker buses take you to Kurfürstendamm Alexanderplatz Brandenburg Gate Checkpoint Charlie Charlottenburg Palace Berlin Cathedral and many more. While comfortably seated in a double-decker bus this Berlin city tour gives you the opportunity to both learn more about Berlin’s exciting history and take in the views of the city. Hop on and off the bus as you desire and listen to interesting background information as you ride through Berlin.
From EUR24.00
Story Line of Berlin Walking Tour Including Typical Berlin Chocolate
"Take a step back in history and visit some of the original sites of World War II. After meeting your guide at a predetermined location you'll stop by the Reichstag a historical building constructed to house the Imperial Diet of the German Empire. The Reichstag fire of 1933 gave the Nazis pretext to blame the communists and seize power; in 1945 it was bombed by soviets during the Battle of Berlin.Afterward make your way toward the Brandenburg Gate; once the symbol of division during the Cold War it now epitomizes German reunification. Along the way you'll see the beautiful Pariser Platz one of the city's main focal point.Continuing
From EUR50.00
Small Group Introductory Tour of Berlin Capital of Culture Tyranny and Tolerance
"This 3-hour tour of Germany’s capital city takes a broad view of the political and ideological forces that unleashed genocide and global war in the 20th century. Berlin’s iconic landmarks while emphasizing the tumultuous Nazi and Cold War eras you will learn how in the 1700's tiny Prussia’s violent transformation into Europe’s dominant military power already set the stage for the great tragedies of recent history.We begin the tour at Potsdamer Platz the business centre which replaced the wasteland formerly known as East Germany’s “Death Strip.” Following the path where the Berlin Wall once stood through to the historic Tiergarten Park you take in the dramatic new Holocaust Memorial and the Reichstag. While the mysterious fire that damaged the Reichstag in 1933 was used by the Nazis as the pretext to suspend civil liberties and arrest political opponents the grand glass dome created for the building in 1992 by architect Norman Foster (complete with walkways that look down into the Parliament) provokes a discussion about the symbolic intentions of the cupola as metaphor for Germany’s reunification transparency and commitment to democracy.Reaching back further into Berlin’s past
From $90.00

Checkpoint Charlie Tips (171)

Wall Museum

The Wall Museum (Mauermuseum) is also known as the Haus Am Checkpoint Charlie. The museum documents the events leading to the construction of the Berlin Wall, the attempts of Berliners to cross the wall and finally the fall of the wall itself. There are displays of various original objects used to escape from East Berlin to the West. It also showcases the ingenuity of East Berliners in their quest for freedom.

The museum is open daily from 9am to 10pm. Entrance is EUR12.50.

zuyao's Profile Photo
Mar 15, 2012

Checkpoint Charlie

It is one of the most important symbol of freedom in Berlin. I didn't know much about the history of this landmark, and that is due to my laconic attention span in regards to history. it's one of the entrances between east and west berlin. it is heart wrenching, inspiring
and it sets your priorities straight, if only for a couple of hours.

csordila's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2012


..I , like most who visit Berlin took a visit to Check point Charlie!!.
I know it's the real touristy thing to do but I was very interested to see this site from the military point of view.. Rather a small checkpoint I thought!! ...I don't know why I thought that it would be bigger!!
From the 22nd of September 1961 this ("Checkpoint Charlie") is where all members of the Allied Armed Forces had to register before being able to cross into East Berlin. This was only one of seven border crossing sites that were used . The main border crossing was Drewitz (East Germany) was the buisiest and most used border crossing into West Germany and known in the west as ("Checkpoint Bravo") 4.5 million vehicles and 10 million people passed through these checkpoints a year. Closed in 1990 all that remains today is a guard tower.
To stand and envisage the scenes here of excitement, nervousness, trepidation and dissapointment so many souls must have had while trying to cross from east to west at any of these border crossings with it sometimes all ending in dissapointment , also, I imagined there were so many who had a huge sigh of releif after making it through the crossing.
I was fortunate that there weren't a lot of tourists there the time of my visit to Checkpoint Charlie, and noticeably so many opportunists seeing what they could sell to the few tourists on hand!!...I was taken really by the amount of shops and vendors selling (or trying to sell) all forms of militaria...I guess not only for souvenirs but as militaria has such a huge collection fraternity there were all sorts of military collectables for sale..from uniforms and boots to hats and helmets also a huge variety of badges and insignia in all forms of East German, Russian German and American. Of course a lot being sold as original , but is commonly known as reproduction items..all very colourful and I must say that I noticed that the vendors I talked with were not pushy and sales aggressive as some tend to be in these sorts of table and shop sale venues.
I haven't written much of any history here on "Checkpoint Charlie" here as I really can't add anything to the many tips here on the subject ...suffice to say it's very interesting and worth a look and a few touristy photos. maybe a souvenir !!.

DennyP's Profile Photo
Jan 31, 2012

My first stop

I just couldn't avoid Checkpoint Charlie because it is situated on a way to my hotel. In a day time this place is crowded by courious tourists although, in my opinion, it offers nothing interesting to see.
In my opinion, war is act against humanity, against all what we humans really are. But when the war is finaly over we must face the acts of political stupidity and arrogancy, especially by those who call themselves the world leaders. In the name of whom and in the name of what kind of justice arrogant politicians have decided to devide one country and its people, creating two separate states? It was nothing but act of war after war was over.

croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2011
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Mauermuseum: Haus am Checkpoint Charlie

One of the highlights of our previous trip to Berlin was a visit to this museum. Privately run, it documents the story of the Berlin Wall, and in particular the individual stories of those who sought to escape from the East by risking their lives to cross it. As the website explains:
”The first exhibition opened on the 19 October 1962 in an apartment with only two and a half rooms in famous Bernauer Straße. The street was divided along its whole length; the buildings in the east had been vacated and their windows were bricked up. We suggested that tourists be thankful to those border guards who do not shoot to kill: “See through the uniform!” Some guards saw that we understood, and after their own escapes came to work with us. The large number of visitors encouraged us to look for new premises: on 14 June 1963 the “Haus am Checkpoint Charlie” was opened and became an island of freedom right next to the border. From here, through a small window, escape helpers could observe all movements at the border crossing; escapees were always welcome and supported, escape plans were worked out, and injustice in the GDR was always fought against."

The most interesting of the exhibits are those that relate to these escape attempts. We were fascinated by a small car from which everything that could possibly be considered unnecessary had been removed, leaving space for an escapee and just enough petrol to cross No Man’s Land. There are kites powered with Trabant engines, hot-air balloons, and even a mini-submarine used in an escape via the Baltic Sea. The museum also calls itself “the first museum of international nonviolent protest”. Exhibits relating to protest elsewhere include Mahatma Gandhi’s diary and his sandals.

The Wall came down in 1989, but the Mauermuseum lives on, its exhibits a tribute to those who fought against the harshness of the GDR regime. And having enjoyed it so much last time round we were tempted to go in again. But in the end we decided that our time was too limited to visit again something that would only have changed in its details – and I confess we were also put off by the hefty €12.50 admission charge. But if you can spare the cash and have time to really look round at everything and get your money’s worth, do visit, as there really are some incredible stories told here. And one addition since our 1985 visit is the original of the “You are now leaving the American sector sign” – the one that now stands at Checkpoint Charlie (photo 2) is a replica.

Photography is not allowed, but I had snapped this photo of a display of international passports behind the ticket desk before anyone pointed that out to me!

toonsarah's Profile Photo
Jun 17, 2011

A Colorful Candystand!

This stand is just across the corner from Checkpoint Charlie. I thought it makes for a good photo because it was so colorful. Almost any kind of candy you want you can get for a small amount of Euros, but probably its more expensive here than other areas of Berlin just because it is near this famous point.

You see so many tourists in this fashionable area standing to make photos and spend money around. One of the Jewish museums is in the area also so you could do both in a few hours. Here is another link to a great website that gives listing of museums of history and other things.

More on candy specifically, just in some of our rambling walks...most areas yo will find when strolling along ice cream shops, backarei´s and sweet shops. One area I recomment is Rathaus Steglitz. If you get off the U-bahn and walk back towards the city´s centre there are many different shops if all kinds, little restaurants, and seems everyone other one is a sweet shop! Why not have a taste here and a taste there...? Costs are very minimal and it always makes me smile. Anything with haselnuss (hazelnuts) and chocalate, some liquer filled or creams.

grishaV1's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Checkpoint Charlie

I had always thought of Checkpoint Charlie as a bridge, in the darkness, fog rolling in, sinister men wearing trench coats with their hats pulled down over their eyes, secretly wearing Superman underwear... but in reality, when one visits the left over reconstructed building and read through the informative displays, taken in context of the surrounding buildings, the mystic is removed. It seemed almost sterile, except for the emotional stories of those that lost their life attempting to get to the other side. There is a museum in a building next to the Checkpoint, however, I did not check it out.

Roadquill's Profile Photo
Feb 01, 2011

Check Point Charlie

Nowadays the Checkpoint is pretty much a tourist trap (complete with purveyors of the usual Eastern European kitsch). If you want to get a feel for the tense atmosphere which arises when a city street is divided by a military-esque control point, head on up to the American Embassy, which is surrounded by its own little Berlin Wall.

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Dec 07, 2010
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"More than the capital of Germany"
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"Berlin, Berlin - wir fahren nach Berlin!"
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"Berlin in my way"
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Wandering The City #8 - Definitely A Tourist Trap!

Following the erection of the Berlin Wall and the closing of the border between East and West Berlin the East Germans constructed three crossing points which the Allied forces named A, B and C (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie).

Of these Checkpoint Charlie became the best known as this was the only crossing designated for foreigners, diplomats and members of the Allied forces and has developed a sort of immortality having been featured in many spy novels and films.

The East Germans built a fortified infrastructure of sheds and dog-legged through roads and were meticulous about checking documentation and searching vehicles for possible contraband goods. The Allies on the other hand simply built a wooden hut and checks were perfunctory.

After the fall of the Wall and the subsequent reunification of Germany the Eastern infrastructure was demolished but an ersatz copy of the original Allied wooden hut was put in place as a tourist attraction. Here you can get your picture taken being checked through by an actor posing as a member of the US Military Police - for a fee of course.

Also in the area is an exposition of the former checkpoint and the privately-owned Wall Museum whose website is below.

johngayton's Profile Photo
Oct 08, 2010

checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is definitely a site with historical interest. It was one of the crossing points (8 in total) in the Berlin wall from 1961 to 1990.

Although the Allied guardhouses are now in the Allied museum you can see/take pics at the replica that erected in 2000 (pic 1). The actors will stamp your passport with East German entry stamps! I’m not sure if this will cause any trouble during your future travels though.

The replica sign also shows the original phrase: “you are now leaving the American sector”
Near the guardhouse we noticed many pics and info about the history of the wall etc

Of course you can find more info at the nearby museum(pic 2) where you can see pics of people that escaped, people that heled, I loved some old black and white photographs. There is a lot of information, documents, posters, pics, items etc It is open daily 09.00-22.00

mindcrime's Profile Photo
Aug 16, 2010

Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie

The Museum opened on 14 June 1963 having grown from a two roomed outfit in 1962. The museum is right next to the Checkpoint (Charlie).

The museums exhibitons catalogue The Wall; it's history and many incidents around it, displays many objects that were used to help people escape from one side to the other and shows the world wide (non-violent) struggle for human rights.

Many interesting things to see, stories to read - some heart wrenching tales and stories of incredible bravery. Very much worth a visit.

Open every day 9am - 10pm

smirnofforiginal's Profile Photo
Jan 06, 2010

Checkpoint Charlie

The most well-known crossing point of eight in the Berlin wall, Check-point Charlie (Charlie for C; at least 3 allied checkpoints were named alphabetically) was restricted to Allied personnel and foreigners - one of only two open to non-Germans.

Checkpoint Charlie was removed in 1990, and the Allied guardhouses are now in the Allied museum. A replica of the border post, erected in 2000, is now a tourist attraction on the site at Fredrichstraße.

illumina's Profile Photo
Dec 04, 2009

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Getting to Checkpoint Charlie


Friedrichstraße, Corner Kochstraße


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