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Tiergarten and Zoo Tips (95)

The Tiergarten

We spent a long, long time wandering the Tiergarten. It is beautiful and interesting and has many sights. It also has a map that is extremely hard to follow. Among the parts we liked were the rose garden, the lake and the statue to Queen Louise of Prussia.

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Aug 30, 2016

One of Europe's major Zoos

Like many other people, I like animals but I don’t like zoos, and so I’m as surprised as anybody to find myself writing about Berlin Zoo. So why am I?
The simple answer is that I was staying nearby but had some time to kill before heading back to the airport and I couldn’t afford to stray too far.
Another reason is because I try to be open minded about things and I realise of course that a lot of good conservation work is also done in these places, and I’ve heard that Berlin is highly regarded in this respect, so what did I think?

Well firstly, I only had enough time to see a part of it. I think you would need a whole day to do it justice and so my review is bound to be somewhat limited, but my first reaction was that I thought that the animal enclosures seemed reasonably spacious and I didn’t see too many confined cages, which I hate, so in that respect I was somewhat relieved, but I wouldn’t say it was perfect.
It has to be remembered of course that the zoo has been here in the south-western corner of The Tiergarten since 1844, and it also has to be remembered that it was heavily bombed in WWII. How many people were killed in the bombing raids in the area I don’t know, but I’ve read that only 91 out of 3,715 animals survived the destruction.

On a brighter note the zoo nowadays attracts over 3 million visitors a year and is the most visited zoo in Europe, which suggests to me that they must be doing something right. In fact there is somewhere in the order of over 20,000 animals of various descriptions making it one of the most important and diverse collections in the world.
Their record on conservation projects is also pretty impressive - so what is my verdict on Berlin Zoo?
I have to admit that in the limited time I had (and the weather wasn’t great), I actually enjoyed it.
I’m pleased that I can say that because I do believe zoos have an important part to play in conservation, education, and bringing kids up to enjoy the animals that we used to be able to take for granted but no longer can.
Looking back on my visit, I hope that my admission fee helps future generations of people, especially kids, enjoy the fantastic wildlife that our planet has - but more importantly that it helps these creatures to survive in the wild.

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Jul 04, 2016

The Tiergarten

The official German name for the park known as The Tiergarten is Großer Tiergarten, which helps to distinguish it from the district of the same name.
This huge park in central Berlin covers an area of some 520 acres roughly enclosed by the River Spree on its northern edge to the Tiergarten Str in the south, and from the Brandenburg Gate in the east to the zoo in the west.
The Straße des 17 Juni runs through the centre of the park from east to west, and where it meets the Großer Stern (Great Star) the Siegessaule seems to stand sentinel over the whole park around it.
It’s the second largest man made park in Germany (after the English Garden in Munich), and so it’s best not to underestimate its size before deciding on where to go.
What used to be a marshy hunting ground for the kings of Prussia, the area was turned into more formal pleasure grounds for the people of Berlin in the 17th and 18th centuries. This was when the wide avenues were constructed, plants and trees planted, and statues and monuments erected.
WWII took is toll of course, but since then, and with the help of unification, the park’s appearance is changing back to its original grandeur.
No doubt everyone has their own particular part of the park that they’re fond of, and I have to admit that I’ve seen nowhere near enough of it, but some of the features that are worth seeking out are the Siegessaule, Schloss Bellevue, the House of World Cultures, The Carillon, and the Soviet War Memorial.

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Jun 26, 2016

The zoo in Berlin

Berlin zoo is one of the biggest zoos in Germany. It is also quite famous worldwide, so when I visited Berlin, I knew I wanted to go to the zoo as well. I had big expectations and the zoo fully met them.

The zoo is well maintained. It is nice to just have a walk in there. There is a great number of various animals in the zoo. However, What impressed me the most was the exhibition of ants' eco system. There was a couple of terrariums connected with thin tubes so that ants could walk between the terrariums. Each terrarium was residented by ants doing different jobs. It was fascinating to watch how complicated and well organized ant society is.

To sum up, my visit to the zoo in Berlin was really pleasant. The zoo certainly deserves its fame.

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Oct 06, 2014
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Berlin ZOO

It is one of the places I definitely wanted to see in Berlin, as I have heard many good words about this ZOO. Anyway, it was probably I bit worse than I expected :)

It is known that Prussian King Frederick William II firstly had his private ZOO here. Later in 1844 it was opened as first oldest ZOO in Germany, In 1913 an aquarium was opened. Now animal part and aquarium is separate parts and you also get different tickets for it.

Berlin ZOO is quite big one, rich in architecture and infrastructure. Price for only animal part is 13 euros, if you also to aquarium, it is 20 euros.

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Oct 05, 2013

Tiergarten park

It is one of the places to run away from crows of people and cars, Tiergarten is called as biggest city park in Europe (as I heard).

It was known as hunting place since 16th century. The first public gardens were opened here in 1740 by Friedrich the Great. Later it was designed in English garden style and was opened with a name of Tiergarten (Animal garden) in 1844.

Now it is leisure and sport place for Berliners. As I had change to walk here, I have seen a Victory column, some sculptures, cozy beer gardens, it is quite natural park, with no so much pomp.

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Sep 29, 2013

Berlin Zoo

Is situated a few steps from the (Kurfürstendamm). "Zoologischer Garten" is also known as Zoo Berlin. It was opened in 1844 it was the first German Zoo
There are 1500 different animal species the most famous resident of the Zoo is Knut, a small polar bear

The Zoo is open daily during the summer time between 9 am and 6: 30 pm. During the winter time are the opening hours from 09: 00 until 17: 00. A ticket for adults costs 12 euros. If you also want to see the aquarium, ticket costs 18 euros. There are also family discounts

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Sep 05, 2013

Berlin Zoo

This is larger and more famous of Berlins 2 zoos. As one of the largest and oldest zoos in Europe, its one of the most visited places in the city. There, one can see a wide range of exotic and endangered species, from birds and mammals to reptiles and amphibians. You can also visit the adjacent aquarium. (I didn't visit when I was there).

Highlights include the Indian One horned Rhino, the Great Apes, Big Cats and a wide array of other animals.

Concessions are available throughout and there is also a cafe. The zoo is easily accessible by U-Bahn and the entrance is a short walk away. Admission is reasonable and there is a discount if you have the Welcome Berlin Card.

Though good weather is preferred, the zoo is a good idea in any weather (except rain).
Try to come early when animals are most active or during feeding times. These can be checked by looking at the official website.

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Jun 16, 2013
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"More than the capital of Germany"
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"Berlin, Berlin - wir fahren nach Berlin!"
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"Berlin in my way"
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The Tiergarten

Keeping its English connection, along with the architect behind the restoration of the Reichstag that sits in it, the Tiergarten (Animal Garden) is a vast English style park on the western side of the old wall. The Tiergarten was originally created by Landscape artist Peter Joseph Lenne in 1830, but was rebuilt after allied bombing destroyed it during the war. The park is absolutely massive, and contains many different sections, including a zoo. Just wandering about myself, I walked through fields of lush trimmed green grass, paths cut through tightly planted trees, and patches of uneven lumpy muddy grass that made me feel like I could have been out in the country, rather than in the middle of a capital city. The part of the Tiergarten outside of the Reichstag was particularly peaceful, and, perhaps due to its great size, surprisingly free of people. There was plenty of room to lounge about in peace, or throw a frisbee between friends, without fear of stepping on anyone.

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Jun 08, 2013

Bismarck memorial

Bismarck memorial, located in the Tiergarten, is dedicated to Prince Otto von Bismarck, who was Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Prussia and the first Chancellor of the German Empire. The monument was sculpted by Reinhold Begas. This statue, along with the Berlin Victory Column were located in the old grden in front of the Reichstag before they were moved in 1938 by order of Hitler, following his project to recast Berlin as Welthauptstadt Germania. The move of the statue probably saved it from total destruction, as the old garden in front of the Reichstag was completelly oblitered in WW II.
The monument is composed by four other statues:
- kneeling Atlas which showing German's power,
- Siegfrid forging the imperial sword, showing industrial and military might,
- Germania suppressing discord and rebellion,
- Sybil reading the book of history.

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Jun 01, 2013

Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo is probably most famous for Knut the Polar Beer but really the entire zoo is an awesome experience. It's apparently the most visited zoo in Europe and when you get the you'll start to understand why.

When you arrive you are met by a massive Chinese pagoda style entrance, called the Elephant Gate for the two elephant statues at the foot of the gate. This is a theme that runs right throughout the zoo, the wonderfully sculpted statues dotted around.

The zoo is well sign posted and very well laid out. I decide to go right and work my way round the zoo anti-clockwise. Although it was the morning and a week day the zoo wasn't overcrowded.

The array of animals that Berlin zoo has is breathtaking, from bears, giraffes, wild cats and penguins. I'd recently gone to London zoo a couple of months before and was a bit disappointed it was as big as I'd remembered and there were a few obvious animals missing, but Berlin will not disappoint.

Tickets cost 13 Euro for just the Zoo and a Zoo and Aquarium ticket can be brought for 20 Euro. I decide not to visit the Aquarium, I'm not a massive fan of them and the weather was too nice to be inside.

Inside the zoo things were very well priced. I had my lunch there, a very nice spaghetti Bolognese and a slice of black forest gateau, both reasonably priced for the quality and considering that whilst in the zoo there weren't any other options. I also bought some souvenirs, t shirts for my niece and nephews and these were also of a very good quality and price. My meal including drink was about 8 Euro and I think my t shirts were about 10 Euros each.

As previously mentioned, I arrived knackered, but the atmosphere and pleasantness of the zoo lifted my spirits. I'd spent a good 5 hours there at least and this was just the zoo itself and not the aquarium. I only left because I wanted to check in to my hostel, I could have spent a few more hours there.

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Jun 05, 2012

Zoological Garden

The Berlin Zoo was opened in 1844 and is the oldest zoo in Germany and one of the largest in the world with nearly 15,000 animals, it is also one of the most popular attractions in Berlin with millions of visitors each year. The number one attraction is the Great Pandas of which the are only a few in captivity. As with all zoos there is a rolling program of renewing enclosures. There are beautiful landscaped gardens with plenty of places to have a drink or snack. A ticket to the zoo or aquarium costs 13 euros for each or 20 euros for a combined ticket for both.

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May 26, 2012

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