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Areas of Berlin Tips (10)

Hackesche Höfe

Sorry - all guides rant about this pretty area and whilst I certainly found the art noveau tiled courtyards pretty, they were filled with chic boutiques or with nothing at all and heaving with tourists. I didn't even take a picture but you can have a look at

Unique Suggestions Visit the beer halls along the Hackscher Markt S-Bahn stop or maybe continue to Heckmannhöfe, I missed those.

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Nov 07, 2005

Nicolaiviertel nightmare

By all means avoid the Nikolaiviertel area. They promote it as Berlins Quartier Latin, but although it may be where the city was founded in the middleages it looks like *** and has no atmosphere whatsoever. I think it was a completely flattened in WW2 and then rebuilt from grey concrete in the 80s.

Unique Suggestions There's only one way to make it bearable: leave the area.

Fun Alternatives Go to the Koellnischer Park area instead.

Aug 16, 2005

Kreuzberg has had its day!

The Kreuzberg neighborhood still has a reputation for hipness. To me it seemed like it has had its day. I counted more cheap falafael shops than any interesting boutiques.

Unique Suggestions You won't miss anything by not going.

Fun Alternatives I've heard that Friedrichshain has more of the old Kreuzberg edge.

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Oct 27, 2005

A nice big trap!

I have to admit, Berlin is really a big nice trap for me. No, you right, it is not "trap" as what you think" The fact, i like to be entrap here :)) Can you see this beautiful city? seems peacuful for me.

Unique Suggestions Bring money, camera, and your heart! Then just enjoy.

Fun Alternatives Better to get ready for a long holiday here!

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Sep 25, 2003
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Well, this is a dated trap...

Well, this is a dated trap for Berlin has now become a whole new city and I have not been there again.
But one night, my friend and I decided to take a walk through town, see the nightlife so to say.
On certain moment we came to streets where many people still were outside, mostly men.
We didn't think nothing of it and quietly strowled on, talking about what we saw in Dutch.
Close to the hotel we found a Greec restaurant which was still open.
We decided to take a ouzo. Got talking to a young boy (very good looking!! mmmm!!), had a great evening and got a free meal ;-)
When we got home I saw a documentary about Berlin, and suddenly I heard that the lively streets we had walked through were part of the most dangerous part of Berlin: Kreuzberg!They even said women on their own could better not walk through it!Probably because of our innocence we were not bothered by those men, lucky we!

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Aug 25, 2002


It's one of the ugliest squares for me. Ugly buildings and fast food joints, that's about all there is. The view from the television tower is nice though!

Unique Suggestions A Burger in Burger King and a trip up the TV tower are ok. And if you are into Eastern style architecture you will love the area around it, anyway!

Fun Alternatives Karl Marx Allee has nicer houses, Kudamm has nicer shopping!

Aug 29, 2002

Potsdamer Platz.

New office buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, some nice architecture but I still think it's a tourist trap. Too many crowds - no 'soul' :-( I must admit I liked it better when it was still the biggest building site of Europe - when Berlin was the no. 1 city for 'Buildingsiteseeing'!!!
Have a look at my travelogue to see how this part of Berlin has changed over the last 15 years!

Unique Suggestions Go on top of the Chrysler Building, you get a nice view from there!

Fun Alternatives Better and more unique nightlife you can find all over Berlin, eg. in and around Oranienburger Strasse or in Kreuzberg.

Aug 29, 2002

Brandenburger Tor

There is only one way to describe the Brandenburger Tor this summer. Construction. Sadly, and typical for Berlin this year because of the World Cup Soccer Tournament in Germany, the Berlin government has decided to make Berlin into a city under construction. They are in the middle of connecting the U-Bahn to the Reichstag so that the government people no longer have to walk in the rain (!). But as always this construction project is taking much longer than expected (they are having problems with the water, theres lots of it and one doesn't have to dig to deep to find it).
What they have decided to do now is move all the construction underground but it still wont help them from being finished on time.
remember in times of the cold war noone could walk through like you will be doing

Unique Suggestions If you really want to see the Brandenburger Tor, remember it symbolizes the East West conflict... then please get off at the U-Bahn station 'Unter Den Linden', walk, its not that far... and it saves a lot of hassles
and dont forget your cameras

Apr 29, 2006
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"More than the capital of Germany"
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"Berlin, Berlin - wir fahren nach Berlin!"
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"Berlin in my way"
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tv tower, unter den linden,

Someone else has already mentioned it, but there are turkish or some eastern european men working the system here. They are close to or near the cathedral, the TV Tower or Unter den Linden. You will see men with 3 little boxes playing a game where they have a little soccer ball and you watch him move it, You know where it goes, because he oddly shows it at some points. WEll he got me. I was sure SURE SURE it was under the one box, I held out 50 euros, and then he brought another 50 to win, so i would have won 100 euros if i was right, so i gave another 50, (basically to lose 100 in total) Then he opened the box, and it all of a sudden wasnt there. I Have no idea how they do it, but we know they have usuallz 3 or 4 people playing the game, and they are all acting like they are winning money and losing money. Even one person who was 'playing' pulled me aside when i was mad that I lost my 100, and said, don't play, then continued to go play and pretend it was a good game. I was so mad that he took me for that much. I even at one point pretty much grabbed my 100 euros out of his hand and tried to run, but he grabbed me(i didnt try that hard) I was soo upset... How can someone be so cruel? I can understand playing this game if it wasnt crooked, but there is something they do, to make us loose. If i can help anyone, I hope this helps. I felt like standing outside by his set up, telling tourists not to play, and tell him i would leave once he gave me my money back. I was so upset. I then walked by another game and asked the guy if i could work for him too, like all his other actors. Talk about making a trip go bad!!! I hope Karma Catches him!!!

Feb 03, 2007

near to Berlin, botanical garden wit glasshauses

very beautifull and large garden with uncommon plants, trees, bushes - tropical , Mediterranean flowers

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Jun 13, 2005

Things To Do in Berlin

Things to do

Berliner Dom - Berlin Cathedral

The next building that I liked after visiting the Neue Wache was Berlin Cathedral. This is located on Museum Island. It was completed in 1905. There is a garden outside it which is known as the...
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Neue Wache - New Guardhouse

The Neue Wache is located on Unter den Linden. I had researched Unter den Linden prior to our visit and was quite excited about walking along it. This excitement proved to be misplaced as at the...
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Things to do

Staatsoper - Opera

This venerable opera house has been the scene of some very lively and innovative productions in recent years, for instance Rinaldo by Georg Friedrich Haendel (1685-1759). This production was not only...
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Things to do

Humboldt University

This famous university isn’t a visitor attraction in the true sense of the word, but its historic background makes it more than worthy of a review. The main building is situated in Unter den Linden...
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Things to do

DDR Museum

On our tourist map we saw a marking for the DDR Museum and quickly added it to our itinerary. DDR stands for Deutsche Demokratische Republik, otherwise known as East Germany. The DDR Museum is...
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Things to do

Museum Island - Alte Nationalgalerie

Actually there are three museums "Galeries" displaying paintings (and sculptures) in Berlin. This one called "Alte" is the oldest for the building built around 1870 on the Museumsinsel but not for the...
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