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Russian Berlin Walking Tour
"Meet your guide at Wittenbergplatz and enjoy a 2-hour guided walking tour of Russian Berlin. Visit many famous and interesting places and enjoy an exciting trip through important years of European history. Also learn more about the destiny of Russian ref House of Arts a former site where a lot of famous Russian writers met and performed in the 1920ies. Next visit the house of Steiner a friend of many Russian artists and the creator of the famous Walldorf educational system. You will also visit several places in the quarter Vadimir Nabokov spent years of his life. Your last stop will be Prager Platz (Prague Square) where all Russian artist lived during the early 1920ies. Your 2-hour walking tour of Russian Berlin will end here."""
From EUR120.00
Berlin Wall And Cold War Walking Tour in Berlin
"Meet your guide in front of Palace of Tears (Tränenpalast) the former border-crossing between Berlin's East and West. Follow the line of where once the Berlin Wall was in the center of Berlin. See bridges without use 'Ghost Stations' of Berlin's subway an unofficial memorial for victims of Berlin Wall and more.Your tour will take you to the new government district which crosses the former border between Eastern Germany and West Berlin. Explore the neighborhood around the famous Brandenburg Gate the most famous symbol of separated Germany. And also visit Potsdam Square (Potsdamer Platz) a quarter that disappeared after 1945 as a result of the Cold War.and last but not least
From EUR120.00
Historical Cemeteries of Berlin Walking Tour
"Start your tour at the entrance of Berlin's most important historical cemetery 'Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof'. Learn about German authors in exile and their destiny after returning to Germany.Visit the historical graves of famous persons like Be Helene Weigel Heinrich Mann and Arnold Zweig. And also visit the historical graves of some of Berlin's history's most important architects Schinkel Stüler and Strack who created the famous Berlin victory column (Siegessaeule). Hear stories about the destiny of artists in a divided Berlin and the political discussions in a city which united West and East. Visit historical tombstones that have been created by f Marga von Etzdorf Udet and Moelders at Invalidenfriedhof and learn about a historical place that was part of the no-man's-land behind the Berlin Wall."
From EUR120.00

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Bahnhofstrasse 28, Zossen, Brandenburg, 15806, Germany
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