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  • Lightning box from the river bank
    Lightning box from the river bank
    by Nemorino
  • Designed by Guido Zimmermann
    Designed by Guido Zimmermann
    by Nemorino
  • Akut, Case, Hera, 2012
    Akut, Case, Hera, 2012
    by Nemorino

Bad Vilbel Things to Do

  • Altes Rathaus

    The Old Town Hall, in the center of Bad Vilbel, is a half-timbered building which has been carefully renovated, as have some of the other buildings in the nearby Frankfurter Strasse.Second photo: A closer look at the freshly painted Old Town Hall.Third photo: Near the old town hall there is a fountain and a sitting statue of Friedrich Grosholz...

  • Covered bridge over the Nidda

    This covered bridge across the Nidda was built quite recently (in the 1990s, I believe) to connect the two main cultural venues of Bad Vilbel, the Castle and the Old Mill. Next: Altes Rathaus

  • Alte Mühle

    Just across the Nidda from the castle is a newish-looking building which for some reason is called the Alte Mühle or Old Mill (I suppose there was once a mill here, no sign of any now, though, as far as I can see) which is a cultural center with a small theater and a very popular restaurant.This is one of the places where you can see "Mozart...

  • Lola Blau in the castle cellar

    In addition to the big productions in the main part of the castle, they have also started doing smaller late-night shows in the castle cellar, in a room which seats exactly one hundred people.In 2003 down there in the cellar I saw a brilliant production, starring Sabine Fischmann, of the musical Heute Abend Lola Blau (This Evening Lola Blau), by...

  • Seating at the Castle Festival

    The seats down front, closest to the stage -- to the left in the photo -- are the second cheapest (category D), because they are the only ones that don't have a roof over them. If the weather seems uncertain, a lady comes around and distributes free plastic raincoats (which cost EUR 0,50 in Weikersheim, by the way) to everyone sitting down in that...

  • Castle Festival

    The 2005 Castle Festival (Burgfestspiele) in Bad Vilbel included a new production of The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare (in German translation) as well as Maria Stuart by Friedrich Schiller and a number of other dramatic and musical productions (but no operas, sorry).There were also plays for children in the afternoons, and literary...


Bad Vilbel Transportation

  • Trains to Bad Vilbel

    If your bicycle has a flat tire or something you could always take the train to Bad Vilbel. The S6 suburban train (S-Bahn) in the direction of Friedberg goes there four times an hour on weekdays, but only once or twice an hour in the evenings and on weekends.The train stops twice in Bad Vilbel. To go to the castle or the old mill, get off at the...

  • Cycling to Bad Vilbel

    Bad Vilbel is mainly just a suburb of Frankfurt, with boring housing developments and several bottling plants for mineral water, but I often cycle there because it's close by and there are two nice cycling routes to get there and back, one along the Nidda River and one through quiet streets and fields. So that's where I go when I have no particular...

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Bad Vilbel Off The Beaten Path

  • 2013: Lily uses her gift to make gifts

    In May 2013 Hera and Akut came to Bad Vilbel for the sixth consecutive and finished painting the railroad viaduct on the Kasseler Straße.As always, this was very much a public performance. It was a part of a festival called “Bad Vilbel neu erleben” (roughly: Experience Bad Vilbel in a new way).This section of the viaduct is part of herakut’s series...

  • 2009: Our Water

    Akut, Case and Hera returned to Bad Vilbel in 2009 to paint the second section of the railroad viaduct on Kasseler Straße.They called this one “Our Water”. It features two goldfish bowls, one with a perplexed looking goldfish and one with a mermaid. The two child-like creatures in wetsuits seem to be scientists, adding water from bottles and taking...

  • Festival Murals

    The street artists Akut (Falk Lehman), Case (Andreas von Chrzanowski) and Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) have been commissioned several times to paint large murals advertising plays or musicals that were being performed at the Castle Festival in Bad Vilbel. Four of these murals are still on display in the underpass near the north railway station, where the...


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