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Segway City Tour in Dusseldorf
"Start your tour through Düsseldorf at one of the most iconic locations in the City – the Rheinturm. This 240 meter high TV and communications tower is not only one of the tallest structures in Germany but also an integral part of the Düsseldorf skyline. There’s a parking lot right next to it so you’re welcome to arrive by car – and find a parking space. Begin with our local Tour Guide by learning how to control your Segway. Have ample time to safely learn how to drive steer and stop the vehicle then head out to the Landtag the state parliament which is right next door. From here
From EUR70.00
30 Minutes Segway Tour in Düsseldorf
"Your segway tour Dusseldorf begins with a detailed driving instructions by an experienced guide. Our tour guides have years of experience in the training and give you a safe feeling. You learn to ascend and descend on our tour of license dealing you can then at any time borrow a Segway and explore the area alone."""Experience the feel of a Segway and join us on our little tour through the surrounding of Dusseldorf.title=Highlights&1=Dusseldorf+Segway+tour&2=Cruise+through+the+city+on+a+30-minute+sightseeing+tour+with+a+guide&3=Check+out+attractions+around+the+Old+Town+and+K6nigsallee&4=Great+way+to+get+oriented+with+the+city"""Düsseldorf
From EUR29.00
1 Hour Segway Tour in Düsseldorf
"The tour starts in the old town then performs the Apollo Theater and the Parliament over to the harbour. See the famous Königsallee shopping district. With the licenses they have issued from the tour Segway driver's license you can then at any time borrow a Segway and explore the area alone."""Experience the feel of a Segway and join us on our 1 hour tour through Dusseldorf.title=Highlights&1=Dusseldorf+Segway+tour&2=Cruise+through+the+city+on+a+60-minute+sightseeing+tour+with+a+guide&3=Check+out+attractions+around+the+Old+Town+and+K6nigsallee&4=Great+way+to+get+oriented+with+the+city""
From EUR49.00

Old Town Tips (30)

Uerige: Alt bier is king of the night too

Uerige may serve food but mostly what they serve besides the best alt beer in town is a good time. This place is packed just about any hour of the day or night. There’s a multitude of rooms if you get bored but my favorite is in the hallway where little barrels are set up as tables. What’s nice about this space is it’s close to the front door so you not only get to see people as they arrive (or stagger out!) but also you get some much needed fresh air to revive you for the next round. Alt beers come in small glasses but it makes for drinking more since the waiters make sure to get you a fresh one once you get close to empty. Be on the lookout for snacks brought around by the waiters too since once they are out of a particular thing you are not likely to see it again.

Dress Code Despite the city's reputation as the fashion capital of the country, it seems the brewpubs cater to a more casual crowd. ;)

richiecdisc's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2008

Old Town: NIGHT-live above Da Spiegel: Live Music in nice pub

My favourite night spot in the old town. Most nights Bands are performing music mainly from the 1960s to 1990's. Most guests are aged 25 - 60 years. Suitable for businessmen as well as for backpackers.

Dress Code no dress code

sjazeerah's Profile Photo
Jan 23, 2006

Old Town: Uerige

The Uerige ale house is very famous locally, and they pride themselves on being the oldest public house in all of Düsseldorf. They have their own brewery, along with their own excellent ales. The service is gruff, in keeping with the "rough" tradition of the Altstadt, but not rude, and the ambience is cosy and warm. The beer, especially the dark "alt" beer is particularly good.

antistar's Profile Photo
Jan 06, 2005

Zum Schluessel (Bolkerstrasse 43-47): An excellent spot for a jar..or seven

Dusseldorf has four small scale breweries located within pubs.

They mainly sell 'alt', meaning an old fashioned beer which is 'top-fermented' and is a speciality of the city.

Although relatively low in alcoholic content and served in small thin glasses, it is extremely tasty and slips down a treat.

The large brewpub we used was doing a roaring trade in serving good hearty portions of germanic food. Every meat going, with generous additions of mashed potatoes and cabbage.

I'm not saying this is the finest meal I had in a while, but my one-year-old hadn't eaten more than fresh air in three days due to teething. Within 20 minutes of entering this place he was happily wolfing down the pub's mashed potato like it was going out of fashion.

sourbugger's Profile Photo
Jan 06, 2006
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Uerige: The most famous bar

The most famous bar is Braurerei Uerige and it’s the oldest one. Situated in the very center of the area, this bar offers the famous Alt beer. Believe me, there were more than hundred people outside everyday drinking beer and chatting.

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Jan 10, 2011

Dr Jazz: Oldschool music in a nice atmosphere

This is a great little jazzbar and possibly the most wellknown in town and it's located in the old city. Above the entrace is an oldfashioned neonlight sign saying "Dr,.Jazz" under which a red carpet leads your way down the stairs to the bar.

Every night you can listen to livemusic, a lot of times consisting of jazz and blues music, but also from time to time rockabilly and rocknroll.

If youre lucky you might see a blond swedish girl perform with a group of old, very cool guys and a saxofonist/clarinettist called John Bull. That would be me:-).

I love this bar, its great and the people working there are always very nice. There is a wide range of whiskey in the bar and if you like cigarrs, it's posible to get one here. The wineshore has more wine than shorle ;-) and the standard beer is ofcourse the "Alt", which is a local specialty.

If youre in D-dorf, go to Dr, Jazz :-)

Dress Code No

johannasofia's Profile Photo
Jul 09, 2007

Mai Tai: The best cocktails

We come to this kitschy place regularly because they serve the best cocktails here. The "Mai Tai" and the "Suffering Bastard" are my favourites here and I hardly ever came out of this huge bar in the old town sober. Prices aren't cheap but I'd rather pay 8 EUR for a good cocktail than 6 EUR for a bad one.

The only downside here is that the cocktail card here doesn't tell you what the cocktails include. They serve a huge number cocktails (100 or so) but it's not really easy to try new ones because the only thing you know about them is that they are sweet, sour or creamy. The description they use are more like "A Polynesian Dream" than like "Rum, Pineapple Juice, Galliano, ....." unfortunately.

Dress Code None. Come as you want to.

Feb 17, 2008

Im Goldenen Ring: Try out the Alt Beer

We stopped off here on a balmy night in April. It was nice to sit outside with a few beers and put the world to rights.

We tried the dark, local, Alt Frankenheim beer, but to be honest I wasn't that impressed and so went back to the lighter lager.

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Jun 05, 2011

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Old Town: Altbier in the Altstadt

I'm a big fan of dark beers, and I so was very satisfied with the smooth and rich Altbier of the Altstadt. My friend Dieter took me to two different beerhalls; I'm not sure which one this is, but he told me that there's not a great difference among them, so I don't think you can go wrong.

If I were pressed to give my preference, I'd say that I like the Alt of Düsseldorf more than the Kolsch of Cologne. Not really much of a contest, either.

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Aug 18, 2006

Crazy Night Life in Bolkerstraße

Here you'll find, besides all the places to eat and snack, a great number of bars, pubs and discos. Just check out the location, there'll be something for everyone, and surely enough to keep you busy all night long!

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Sep 08, 2002

Bar Engel: A beer stop

Bar Engel is one of those dark bars with the nice rock music and there are so many of them in Altsadt. You can sit outisde and have a beer or some cocktail while listening rock music and watching a football game on the TV!

Dress Code So so unpretentious.

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Jun 27, 2012

Old Town/ Aldstadt: Pub Crawls...

Going up and down the Aldstadt at night is an experience unto itself. You'll find the longest row of bars anywhere in the world!!! (or so they say). Stop at any of the bars you can be inside or out during the summer and have a drink. This bar had kegs for sale, as you can see in the picture it can get a little much, hee hee hee....

Jan 17, 2005

Things to Do Near Düsseldorf

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Film Museum

Photos: 1. Old movie cameras 2. More modern than the one my father had 3. Projector just like the one we had at home 4. An early attempt to add sound to movies It always seems strange to go to a...
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Old Town - Altstadt

Germany is a great country but there is one very bizarre thing that few of the natives want to talk about. If you’re not a white person, the nightlife in most major cities can be very hostile. In...
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St. Lambertus Church

This is probably the oldest building still standing in Duesseldorf and thus, for me, by far the most interesting. I had to cut my visit to its interior short because an unexpected Mass began (I think...
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Hofgarten is the most central and biggest park in Dusseldorf. What made me the biggest impression was an alley with illuminated benches. Actually there were fluorescent lights in each edge of the...
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One of the most beautiful parks I’ve visited,especially the Japanese garden. I haven’t been in Japan but I felt like this. The park is full with flower gardens, fountains and walking area. There is...
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Benrath Palace - Schloss Benrath

Benrath Palace consist of 3 main buildings (museums) and a huge park - garden with a lake. The museums are of European Garden History, Corps de Logis, and Museum of Natural History. I visited only the...
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