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Segway City Tour in Dusseldorf
"Start your tour through Düsseldorf at one of the most iconic locations in the City – the Rheinturm. This 240 meter high TV and communications tower is not only one of the tallest structures in Germany but also an integral part of the Düsseldorf skyline. There’s a parking lot right next to it so you’re welcome to arrive by car – and find a parking space. Begin with our local Tour Guide by learning how to control your Segway. Have ample time to safely learn how to drive steer and stop the vehicle then head out to the Landtag the state parliament which is right next door. From here
From EUR70.00
30 Minutes Segway Tour in Düsseldorf
"Your segway tour Dusseldorf begins with a detailed driving instructions by an experienced guide. Our tour guides have years of experience in the training and give you a safe feeling. You learn to ascend and descend on our tour of license dealing you can then at any time borrow a Segway and explore the area alone."""Experience the feel of a Segway and join us on our little tour through the surrounding of Dusseldorf.title=Highlights&1=Dusseldorf+Segway+tour&2=Cruise+through+the+city+on+a+30-minute+sightseeing+tour+with+a+guide&3=Check+out+attractions+around+the+Old+Town+and+K6nigsallee&4=Great+way+to+get+oriented+with+the+city"""Düsseldorf
From EUR29.00
1 Hour Segway Tour in Düsseldorf
"The tour starts in the old town then performs the Apollo Theater and the Parliament over to the harbour. See the famous Königsallee shopping district. With the licenses they have issued from the tour Segway driver's license you can then at any time borrow a Segway and explore the area alone."""Experience the feel of a Segway and join us on our 1 hour tour through Dusseldorf.title=Highlights&1=Dusseldorf+Segway+tour&2=Cruise+through+the+city+on+a+60-minute+sightseeing+tour+with+a+guide&3=Check+out+attractions+around+the+Old+Town+and+K6nigsallee&4=Great+way+to+get+oriented+with+the+city""
From EUR49.00

Füchschen Tips (3)

Füchschen: beer for breakfast too

Im Füchschen (Little Fox) has become a bit of a meeting point for me. On my second visit to the hallowed beer town it was the first port of call with an old VT friend Kai. On subsequent visits it has been a first port of call of sorts too as I’ve met more VTers there for breakfast. This is another atmospheric dark wooden affair that is always bustling even first thing in the morning.

Favorite Dish The Fox serves up a tasty if meat laden first meal of the day that may not go over well with vegetarians but for those who do not sneer at a beer before noon its one great accompaniment. The 5.70 Euro plate includes liverwurst, two types of ham, beerwurst, some cheese, and raw pork with onions along with a roll and a couple slices of dark bread and butter. There is a sweet version that forgoes the meat in favor of scrambled eggs and a croissant for those who go to breweries to drink coffee. ;)

I’ve also eaten dinner here. Once I had ox in horseradish sauce, cabbage and potatoes (8.70 Euros). I’ve had better in Munich but it was a huge portion and very reasonable price. There is also the very local dish of dicke bonen (7.45 Euros) which is bacon, mashed potatoes and lima beans. The Fox’s alt is fruitier than Uerige’s and while not as dry certainly a quaffable brew.

On Christmas Eve morning they serve up their stronger Christmas beer which I did manage to get in a bottle in mid-December. It is more malt pronounced and lacks the dry finish equated with the town's best brews.

richiecdisc's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2008

Füchschen: The Beer The Beer!

This is a stop that is a cultural gem of Duesseldorf. Old, warm and inviting I felt immediatley at rest and ready to eat - and drink - once we sat down. The waiter - who was from Austria - upon our request placed three simple tumblers of the fantastic local Alt beer on our table and never allowed my uncovered glass to see an empty moment before he was back with a new glass and more Alt. Check out the "Vomit-mode" in the men's bathroom. Evidently they have had their share of fraternity gatherings.

Favorite Dish I wanted to keep it simple so I ordered the Fried Wurst. A lovely and unimposing pork sausage with gravy and potato salad was place in front of me in no time. I also ordered the Red Cabbage. The Wurst was delicious as well as the potato salad, which were both very filling. The Red cabbage however was a little to soupy for my taste and I will probably order the Saurkraut next time.

I am most interested in returning and trying the enormous Pork Knuckle I saw a guy eating at another table.

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Aug 22, 2007

Zum Füchschen ( engl.: to the fox): enjoy this typical rustical restaurant institution

In Düsseldorf there are many good places to drink or eat: Local breweries in the "oldtown" (near towncenter) offer good beer and aromatic finger food: Dark Bread with fresh mincemeat with pepper and salt is a great morsel with a condimental beer.

The restaurant / brewery "zum Füchsen -(to the fox) is very famous for native people. Normaly in the later evening its even a little bit crowed, but not too much. Many people are lauhting and talking- but thats the blithely atmosphere here.

Die Gaststädte "zum Füchsen" ist bei der Düsseldorfer Bevölkerung sehr beliebt. Viele Düsseldorfer betrachten das Füchschen als eine Stammeinrichtung, da es auch ein beliebtes Bier selber braut: Das Füchsen-Alt
Spät am Abend ist es hier oft ziemlich voll, aber niemals so, dass es wirklich unangenehm ist. Die Besucher sind oft etwas lauter als in anderen Gaststädten, ist ja auch eine rustikale Brauerei. Sehr angenehm!

Favorite Dish Just order the tasty "Füchsen-beer" for 1, 35 € /$ and if you are hungry, you can get big portions of own made ribald food for a good price. Cold food: 2-8 € /$ warm food: 6-12€

Bestell einfach ein Füchsen-Bier für 1,35 Euro und wenn Du hungrig bist, so kannst Du hier große Portionen von selbst gemachtem, deftigem Essen bekommen. Das Essen ist gut und auch recht günstig. Kalte Speisen: 2-8 Euro, Warme Speisen: 6-12 Euro

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Aug 24, 2003
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