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Segway City Tour in Dusseldorf
"Start your tour through Düsseldorf at one of the most iconic locations in the City – the Rheinturm. This 240 meter high TV and communications tower is not only one of the tallest structures in Germany but also an integral part of the Düsseldorf skyline. There’s a parking lot right next to it so you’re welcome to arrive by car – and find a parking space. Begin with our local Tour Guide by learning how to control your Segway. Have ample time to safely learn how to drive steer and stop the vehicle then head out to the Landtag the state parliament which is right next door. From here
From EUR70.00
30 Minutes Segway Tour in Düsseldorf
"Your segway tour Dusseldorf begins with a detailed driving instructions by an experienced guide. Our tour guides have years of experience in the training and give you a safe feeling. You learn to ascend and descend on our tour of license dealing you can then at any time borrow a Segway and explore the area alone."""Experience the feel of a Segway and join us on our little tour through the surrounding of Dusseldorf.title=Highlights&1=Dusseldorf+Segway+tour&2=Cruise+through+the+city+on+a+30-minute+sightseeing+tour+with+a+guide&3=Check+out+attractions+around+the+Old+Town+and+K6nigsallee&4=Great+way+to+get+oriented+with+the+city"""Düsseldorf
From EUR29.00
1 Hour Segway Tour in Düsseldorf
"The tour starts in the old town then performs the Apollo Theater and the Parliament over to the harbour. See the famous Königsallee shopping district. With the licenses they have issued from the tour Segway driver's license you can then at any time borrow a Segway and explore the area alone."""Experience the feel of a Segway and join us on our 1 hour tour through Dusseldorf.title=Highlights&1=Dusseldorf+Segway+tour&2=Cruise+through+the+city+on+a+60-minute+sightseeing+tour+with+a+guide&3=Check+out+attractions+around+the+Old+Town+and+K6nigsallee&4=Great+way+to+get+oriented+with+the+city""
From EUR49.00

Uerige Tips (4)

Zum Uerige: a Must for every Düsseldorf-trav. and beer lover

After a walk across the Altstadt to have some "Uerige Alt" beers (the second and next tastes better) with "Blutwurst mit Zwiebeln und Röggelchen" (black pudding with onions and a roll), Mainz cheese with bread and butter or ground meat with onions on a half roll.

You will find allways all kind of people and to make contact to them is easy.

They serve also outside some hundreds of people, if the weather allows and for cold days they have outside heating facilities as well.

Inside smoking is not allowed.

To promote their own beer, hard drinks (Schnaps) and Coca-Cola is not availabe, but apple juice or Schorle (spritzer). Thereafter take a Schnaps at the "Killepitsch" on the opposite corner.

Favorite Dish see above

nnehr's Profile Photo
Apr 18, 2009

Uerige: Oldest Pub?

Uerige Obergarige Hausbrauerie GmbH
Bergerstrasse 1 * 40213 Dusseldorf * 021186699-0 *
A little brewery known since 1862 as the top-fermenting house brewery in Dusseldorf, UERIGE is one of Dusseldorf's notorious brews. Located in the heart of the old town center: The Altstadt right close to the Rhine River embankment and promenade. Some say, these beers have bee brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the Purity Law dating to 1516. They bring their dark Uerige beer to your table as soon as you sit down, you don't have to order as they just expect you want one. Food is limited, more appetizers than actual meals, famous for their pea soup, Haxen (knuckles of pork), etc. They are open from 10 am to midnight. Is this the oldest pub in Dusseldorf? It is debated. The building was owned from 1658 to 1783 by the Pfeilsticker family. We also know that in the mid-18th century a certain Heinrich Lichtschlag ran an imperial coach station here, offering accommodation and food for travelers. Around this time, the name »Zum Heydelberger Fass« (the Heidelberg vat) appeared for the first time. The next owners of the house, a couple called Juppen, continued the business with their son, Leonhard. After his early death, the »Heidelberger Fass« or »Große Fass« was bought by Johann Lambert Gruben in 1790. When the French Revolutionary troops occupied the city in 1795, he sold the plot to Bertram Mertens, a master baker, who in turn in 1802 sold the house to grain merchant Anton Joseph Bender. Bender lived here until 1826. After his death, his widow leased the house to various landlords – we know of Heinrich Wilms and Caspar Bosselmann, who named the place »Berliner Haus. That debate still goes. The service was acceptable and the bar man friendly. An odditity with the food however, if you notice in the pictures where the silverware is placed. Creates odd male symbology. I'm not a beer drinker, but I drank their beer. I suppose, it was good even though I don't care for beer. Restaurant Rating: 3 stars out of 5.

leafmcgowan's Profile Photo
Mar 31, 2009

Uerige: taking a backseat to no one

Uerige is a perfect example of why Germany takes a backseat to no country when it comes to beer tourism. Despite being totally destroyed during WWII bombing, the sprawling brewpub has been rebuilt painstakingly and oozes old world charm. It is also one of the most boisterous pubs you’ll ever encounter with waiters constantly on the prowl with a tray of beers on the lookout for anyone with an empty glass. There are many rooms with a constant theme of dark wood. Even the hallways are put to good use with barrels acting as small tables and ample standing room with convenient ledges to place your beer.

Favorite Dish Uerige is not noted for food. Not that they don’t serve food but it’s generally of the cold and simple variety. That’s okay; these “snacks” go well with their number one calling card, their highly regarded version of alt beer. Alt is the German word for old and it refers to the fact that before lager became the rage ala Munich, ale was king in Germany just as the rest of the world. Hence the old style of beer is ale. Dusseldorf’s version is fruity and dry. Uerige’s in particular is the most bitter being supremely hopped. Served in .25 liter glasses for 1.60 Euros it also goes down quite easily and it’s a good thing the waiters are on the lookout for empty glasses once you get your thirst going. The menu is simple but there are specials that come in the form of what waiters carry around with no announcement until they enter the room. It can be as simple as hot fresh baked pretzels to leberkase, a tasty meat loaf concoction served with mustard and a roll. Another tasty item perfectly accompanying the beer is Liptauer, a spicy cheese spread served with a roll (5.15 Euros per serving).

Uerige has a Sticke beer which is a stronger version of their alt and is only available on the third Tuesday in October and January.

richiecdisc's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2008

Uerige: Upbeat Uerige

At Uerige, beer has been brewed for as long as anyone can remember...

It's Düsseldorf’s oldest brewery, and although it's a quite big place, it mostly gets crowded. Just as popular on weekdays as on Fridays and Saturdays, with older people as well as with younger, with locals as with tourists. A great place to chat over a glass of bier or two that soon turns into three or four... The waiter’s never far away....and the restrooms are among the nicest and cleanest ones in the Altstadt!!!

At Uerige, you can also order food, but this pub food is definitely too "German" for my taste. In summer, it's particularly nice, when huge crowds gather outside, on the street to enjoy their beloved "Uerige".

Favorite Dish Surprise, surprise: that'd be the beer :-) .... however, I must confess that my true favourite when it comes to Altbier is not Uerige, but Diebels...

Zandra's Profile Photo
Nov 21, 2004
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