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Segway City Tour in Dusseldorf
"Start your tour through Düsseldorf at one of the most iconic locations in the City – the Rheinturm. This 240 meter high TV and communications tower is not only one of the tallest structures in Germany but also an integral part of the Düsseldorf skyline. There’s a parking lot right next to it so you’re welcome to arrive by car – and find a parking space. Begin with our local Tour Guide by learning how to control your Segway. Have ample time to safely learn how to drive steer and stop the vehicle then head out to the Landtag the state parliament which is right next door. From here
From EUR70.00
30 Minutes Segway Tour in Düsseldorf
"Your segway tour Dusseldorf begins with a detailed driving instructions by an experienced guide. Our tour guides have years of experience in the training and give you a safe feeling. You learn to ascend and descend on our tour of license dealing you can then at any time borrow a Segway and explore the area alone."""Experience the feel of a Segway and join us on our little tour through the surrounding of Dusseldorf.title=Highlights&1=Dusseldorf+Segway+tour&2=Cruise+through+the+city+on+a+30-minute+sightseeing+tour+with+a+guide&3=Check+out+attractions+around+the+Old+Town+and+K6nigsallee&4=Great+way+to+get+oriented+with+the+city"""Düsseldorf
From EUR29.00
1 Hour Segway Tour in Düsseldorf
"The tour starts in the old town then performs the Apollo Theater and the Parliament over to the harbour. See the famous Königsallee shopping district. With the licenses they have issued from the tour Segway driver's license you can then at any time borrow a Segway and explore the area alone."""Experience the feel of a Segway and join us on our 1 hour tour through Dusseldorf.title=Highlights&1=Dusseldorf+Segway+tour&2=Cruise+through+the+city+on+a+60-minute+sightseeing+tour+with+a+guide&3=Check+out+attractions+around+the+Old+Town+and+K6nigsallee&4=Great+way+to+get+oriented+with+the+city""
From EUR49.00

Rheinturm Tips (30)


Düsseldorf's slightly surreal municipal Rheinturm, towers above the city like an electric blue funnel standing on a stretched stem in a similar mould to Berlin's Fernsehturm. The tower was completed in 1982 and is located away from the old town, near the state parliament and casting an inescapable shadow over the Media Harbour. The views from the Rhine Tower are absolutely spectacular, the best of any similar tower I've visited in Germany, or anywhere for that matter. This was especially so on the day that I visited, as the clear blue winter sky allowed for views over a huge swathe of the North-Rhine-Westphalia region, and exceptionally good views of Düsseldorf itself. The viewing platform, some 164m up the 235m tower, has windows that are slanted at such an angle that you can see all the way down to the very base of the tower: a truly disorienting feeling and not for those who suffer from vertigo.

The tower is open every day from 10am to 11.30pm, and costs €3,00 to climb the lift to the top.

antistar's Profile Photo
Jun 30, 2013


This is the telecommunication tower of Dusseldorf. It is 240m tall and 20 years old. I know that you can climb on the top but unfortunately I didn’t do it. They say the view is great. Also the tower is famous with its biggest digital clock in the world.

mirchica's Profile Photo
May 18, 2010

Rhine Tower

Dusseldorf's Rhine Tower
Stromstraße 20 (Unterbilk) * Dusseldorf, Germany

The Rhine Tower is a 240.5 meter high concrete telecommunication tower in Düsseldorf, Germany, capital of the federal state (Bundesland) of North Rhine-Westphalia. It was built from 1979 - 1982. It's architect was Horst H. Deilmann. It's total height is (incl. aerial): 234,20 m; with a Tower base of a diameter roughly 17,40 m. The tower is supported by 260 concrete pillars (11 m each) reaching through the Rhine pebbles into the subsoil. Atop the needle is a revolving restaurant. The port holes on the tower form the world's largest decimal clock. From top to bottom, vertically arranged yellow lights - separated by horizontal red ones - show decades of hours, single hours, decades of minutes, single minutes, decades of seconds and single seconds being called a Lichtzeitpegel (light time level) and making it the biggest digital clock in the world. The Rheinturm carries aerials for directional radio, FM and TV transmitters. It stands 174.5 meters, houses a revolving restaurant and an observation deck, at a height of 170 meters. It is the tallest building in Düsseldorf.

leafmcgowan's Profile Photo
Mar 31, 2009


This is THE landmark of Düsseldorf. The TV tower at the rhine is 234 metres high. From the viewing platform at approx. 170 metres you get a beautiful view all over Düsseldorf. On clear days you can even see Cologne Cathedral from here. At night at the outside of the tower there is a digital clock showing the exact time (if you understand it!).

I highly recommend a trip up the tower to see Düsseldorf from above and its surroundings. Also - if you dare - make sure to lie down on the windows facing down. It's spectacular and very scary for me coz I am scared of heights. I use it as therapy from time to time ;)

Sep 18, 2008
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Go to the top of the Rheinturm (Rhine tower)

At 234 meters tall (768 feet), the Rheinturm (Rhine tower) is the tallest structure in Düsseldorf. I heard that the views from the top are amazing. I didn't go up to the top, though, because it was cloudy with next-to-zero visibility when I was visiting.

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May 31, 2008


The big TV tower gives you a nice view on Düsseldorf.

Entrance is about €3,50 and takes you up 170 meters to a viewing deck. The windows are placed in a steep angle allowing you to look straight down and see the foot of the tower (not for those who fear heights).

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May 13, 2007

The Rheinturm

The Rhine tower on the Rhine River was built in 1982 and this is the highest building in Dusseldorf. This telecommunications tower is 234 m high. On the top there is a restaurant. You can see from there the great panorama of the city.

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Jan 12, 2007


The TV tower in Düsseldorf looks like one of those typical German TV towers but what is fun with it is that its windows lean outwards and you can lean on them. Not for the faint hearted! At 234 metres, it is tall enough to give you some of the best views across the Rhineland, and this includes Cologne Cathedral in good weather apparently. We went past it in the dark which also meant that we got to see its unusually cool clock which Sabsi had us pondering about for a while before kitan cracked the system (see second picture).

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Nov 28, 2006

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Fantastic Views from the Rheinturm

From the city centre you can walk along the riverside path to the Media Harbour and the Rheinturm, a communications tower, 240.5m tall. For a small fee you can visit the viewing platform at 164m and the cafe at 168m. (There's also a restaurant at 172m but I didn't visit that.) A fast lift takes you up. The views are stunning and on a clear day you can see for miles. All the exterior walls are glass and there are notices telling you what you can see in every direction. I went there late on a December afternoon and stayed to watch a beautiful sunset and the city lighting up below as it got dark.

When you leave the tower and walk away, look back - the different coloured lights on the exterior of the structure represent hours, minutes and seconds as this is actually a huge decimal clock - the largest in the world.

The Rheinturm is open from 10am until 11:30pm.

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Oct 21, 2006

Go up the Rhine Tower!

For 3Euro you can take the lift up the 168m tower to see the most stunning vista panorama over Duesseldorf - I am told that on a clear day you can even see as far as Koeln! It wasn't quite that clear when we went but it was still amazing we could see for miles and miles and it was just fabulous!

Opening times:
Daily 10am-11.30pm

Public transport to:

Feb 06, 2006

I can see my house from here.......

The Rheinturm Düsseldorf is instantly recognisable as it dominates the skyline of the city.

The tower was not built, as you might expect, as a vainglorious act of creating the highest tower in the land. Instead this is a 240.5 metre high concrete thing has the purely utilitarian purpose of being the telecommunication tower of Düsseldorf.

It was finished 1981, and includes the inevitable viewing area and panoramic restaurant. The accent is very reasonably priced at three euros, tea and buns in the restaurant less so.

I'm sure the view has many charms, especially if you are a local but we decided to give it a skip this time.

The tower is also home to the world's largest digital clock. OK, I see your not too impressed.

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Jan 03, 2006

Rheinturm - a must see

A must see! It's just that there wasn't an awful lot to see when we were there, because of the dense fog ... Still, it was kind of fun to watch the clouds from above. Few people saw the sunny sky over Düsseldorf that day, but we did.

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Nov 19, 2005

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