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    Hohewardspark - Observatory
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  • Observatory
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Recklinghausen Things to Do

  • Ackerbürgerhäuser (Half-Timbered Houses)

    Only a few half-timbered houses are left in Recklinghausen, most were destroyed in the war or replaced by modern architecture in the 50`s. A good example are the "Ackerbürgerhäuser" (peasant´s homes) near Steinstrasse.

  • Old Town Hall

    The Old Town Hall is not so old indeed (built 1908), but it surely looks older as it was built in a pseudo-renaissance style which looks quite attractive.

  • Central Market Square

    A few (reconstructed?) patrician houses are to be seen, as well as a huge department store building from the early 1930`s built in the Bauhaus style.

  • Art-Deco/Art-Noveau-ornaments

    A few of the older houses in the inner city, mainly those built around 1900, have beautiful art-deco/art-noveau-ornaments. Especially beautiful is the building of the perfume shop "Pieper" near the market square, and some houses near the church of St. Paul.

  • Vestisches Museum

    A museum on the history of the region. "Vest" ist the medieval term for the area of Recklinghausen, its suburbs and the surrounding area, "Greater Recklinghausen", if you like. The most important influence on Recklinghausen history certainly is the mining heritage (though today mining has no great economic importance for the region) and the influx...

  • Westfälische Volkssternwarte...

    Recklinghausen has an observatory with a regular schedule of interesting shows on planets, the stars, and space. The star systems are displayed on the cupola of the building, while you sit and watch amazed and listen to the presentation.

  • Lohtor cemetary

    The Lohtor cemetary is a historic park and burial ground with graves dating back to the 19th century. The entrance is decorated with a crucifixion scene and a warrior monument dedicated to the soldiers fallen in the World Wars.

  • Kreishaus

    This building - not unlike the Old Town Hall - looks older than it actually is, built around 1900 in a pseudo-renaissance style.

  • Icon Museum

    Recklinghausen has few museums, but the Icon Museum has a huge selection of orthodox icon paintings. Their selection is acknowledged worldwide. Opposite the church St.Peter.

  • Peer Kirkeby - Sculpture

    At the "Lohtor" square, you find an interesting red-brick sculpture of the renowned danish artist Peer Kirkeby. In my opinion, it resembles a triumphal arch.

  • Ruhrfestspielhaus (theater)

    The "Ruhrfestspielhaus" in Recklinghausen is a major theatre of the Ruhr area. Each May, there is a theatre festival which began just after WW2, when miners swapped "coal for art", meaning they supported the theatre with their work and got to see theatre in exchange. It has an interesting architecture and a small park and zoo are adjoined.

  • "Wall" (remnants of old city wall)

    The streets that encircle the city center are called "Wall" (like "wall" in English), a reminder that they follow the old city fortifications. A small part of those walls still stands (as part of the Hotel "Engelsburg").


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    NICE ATMOSPHERE IF YOU WANT TO EAT AT 12.00 h , IN THE EVENING AT THE WEEKEND IT S ALSO KNOWN AS THE MEETING AND PARTY POINT IN RECKLINGHAUSEN THAT HAS BEEN MY FAVORITE DISH !!Boente´s Bierkutschersteak:Schweinerückensteak mit Schinken und Tomaten belegt, mit Käse überbacken, auf dunkler Biersauce, *1) dazu Brauhauskartoffeln und ein gemischter...

  • Ben & Jerry's Scoopshop - the...

    Ben & Jerry's Scoopshop - the first ever in Germany!Like I said, this is the first time ever Ben & Jerry's ice cream is available in Germany (and about time too!), the shop is very small and they don't sell pints, only dishes. And the price is quite stunning... but it's Ben & Jerry's, it's the best! ;op I love New York Super Fudge Chunk, Phish...

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    3 Hotels in Recklinghausen

Recklinghausen Local Customs

  • Bagillbaer's Profile Photo

    This picture (again part of...

    by Bagillbaer Written Aug 24, 2002

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This picture (again part of the graffiti of Paul Sörter) shows the Ruhrpott's industrial background that is now lying on its deathbed - coal mining and steel manufacturing. I guess it did *somehow* influence our culture, only I'm not sure how. Definitely not 'good' _or_ 'bad', just somehow different ;o). People tend to be a bit reserved here, but be assured that doesn't mean that they don't like you *hehe*, I guess we're just not very used to people who come here for entertainment and not for work... and on the same time people here seem to have to get used to being entertained themselves without feeling awkward. The age of coal mining meant hard work, black dust *every*where, ruining your body for the work (back, lungs, eyes) and getting a low education (who needs this university stuff anyway? You certainly don't need it underground, son...). But things have begun to change decades ago, and externally everything's different now - *no* black dust *any*where ;o), a whole row of universities, one in almost every bigger city of the region (Essen, Bochum, Duisburg, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Hagen, Wuppertal)... the industry's dying, service is the growing business. But many people living here were raised by coalminers or at least their parents were, and those people hardly ever had the chance to travel! So the tourism sector is very young, on the way out a bit less than on the way in, but I'm afraid I notice a certain lack of the 'backpacker spirit' among the people here *sigh*. It's all 'book a hotel and off to the warm South'... probably a result of always having worked so hard - so now other's shall do the work, while you're lying in the sun, doing nothing ;o).
    What a long speech! *hehe*
    What remains to be said in the end is, that people here are actually really nice and love having guests. They're just a bit careful, cause it's all so new to them, and many new things don't work (experience...). Once you got into contact with the locals and managed to convince them you're really a tourist and not someone who wants to pull their leg *lol*, you shouldn't find it difficult to chat with 'em. ;o)
    Give us a chance! *hehehe*

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Recklinghausen Tourist Traps

  • MichaelFalk1969's Profile Photo

    Zoological Garden Recklinghausen

    by MichaelFalk1969 Updated Sep 19, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In my childhood, this zoo had exotic animals like apes, zebras and antelopes. Now, it is sadly neglected, and what is left are mainly pet zoo animals and small birds.

    P.S. The last news I heard from this zoo was that some game keepers organized a spontaneous barbecue with sheep/goats from the pet zoo. When this made it to the newspapers, there contracts were immediately terminated. Hard to believe, but true.

    From this point on it can only become better, I guess.

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Recklinghausen Off The Beaten Path

  • Observatory - Hohewards-Park

    This newly built observatory in a converted former coal mining area between Recklinghausen and Herten can be recognized from afar due to the the giant steel constructions symbolizing the meridian and the equator line. It was labeled the new "Stonenhenge", and several installations in the area allow to discover the laws of the movements of sun,...

  • ZOOM Zoological Garden

    The ZOOM zoological garden ist just 15-20 minutes from Recklinghausen by car, in the city of Gelsenkirchen. The city itself is absolutely not worth seeing - yet the zoo has been modernized and has some quite spectacular theme-oriented enclosures. The rebuilding of the zoo will be finished in 2009, when the South-Asian-themed enclosures will be...

  • Westruper Heide

    The Westruper Heide is a beautiful heather area near the town of Haltern, and very popular for hiking. Once an army training ground, it has now been converted to nature. You can find it if you drive from Recklinghausen to Haltern (Halterner Strasse) and take the exit to Lüdinghausen. Just a few hundred meters after the exit is a parking place where...


Recklinghausen Sports & Outdoors

  • MichaelFalk1969's Profile Photo

    Arena "Auf Schalke"

    by MichaelFalk1969 Written Dec 21, 2006

    The soccer club Schalke 04 in the city of Gelsenkirchen has one of the most modern soccer stadiums in Europe. Even if you are no supporter, it might be worthwhile to watch a game just to take in the athmosphere. The games are usually on saturdays, starting 3:30 p.m. Just 15 - 20 minutes from Recklinghausen.

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