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Wiesbaden and Mainz Day Trip from Frankfurt
From EUR148.00
Wiesbaden and Mainz Day Trip from Frankfurt
From EUR148.00
Wiesbaden and Mainz Day Trip from Frankfurt
From EUR148.00

Eisgrub Tips (8)

Eisgrub-Braeu: Beer

We didn't have the time to go there, I spent only one day in Mainz. But I was told, that it is a great brewery. Next time, I'll visit, for sure! I was very surprised that there were lots of people sitting already in the early morning. Just go there and taste!

tessy's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2003

Eisgrub: Great lunch buffet

We had a great meal here!! The lunch buffet is a great deal at 5 Euro. When we were there it included potato salad with smoked salmon, white asparagus cream soup, sausage, chicken parmesan, potatoes, watermelon, and green salad and fresh dressing. The beers are supposed to be good as well, but with a long day of World Cup drinking ahead of us, we stuck with plain coke.
The place is a fair size with picnic tables outside and simple plank tables inside.
Service was good.
English menus available.
Lunch started at 12:30

Favorite Dish The chicken parmesan and the sausage

sunnysarah's Profile Photo
Jun 21, 2006

Eisgrub-Brau: Beer, Mainz and a Tourist Hangout

Eisgrub Brau is one of two breweries located in Mainz (the other one is Brauhaus Castel located in Mainz-Kastel) that caters to foreigners. While Brauhaus Castel seems to being be an American hangout, Eisgrub Brau welcomes all nationalities and you never know what language you will hear when you visit. All the servers (at least all the ones I’ve met) speak good English and they have an English menu they will bring you as soon as they know you don’t speak their language.

The food is pretty good but oddly they do not serve French fries (pomme frites in German). I’ve been there on many occasions since it is a neat place to bring folks who are visiting the area and would like a German restaurant experience. I’ve tried many of their dishes and have not been disappointed in any of them. Their specialty, or so one of my servers claimed, was their pigs knuckle. I tried it and thought it was too fatty but others say it is great. I do know that it is a lot of meat and you will not go away hungry.

They brew two beers all year round – Helles and Dunkel. They have also brewed a wheat beer and on my latest trip they were serving a Rye beer they were currently brewing up. I’ve never tried a rye beer and if they all taste like the one Eisgrub Brau brewed I don’t think I’ll try another one. I did like their wheat beer. I also find that I sometimes like their standard beers and sometimes I don’t. I don’t know if it how I’m feeling that day, or the weather or that batch of beer but it’s weird. If you have a large party, or one that likes their beer, I recommend you try out their tower where you can get a 3 or 5 liter tower of beer delivered to your table. You can also their “Eisgrub meter” which is 12 .2liter glasses of their hell or dunkel beer or you can get six of each.

If you are interested in seeing more of my posts on German brewery restaurants please check out my Germany travel page.

Favorite Dish The dish I want to recommend is one I only sampled from someone else’s plate. It was two cuts of beef in a beer sauce along with two bread dumplings. I loved dipping the dumplings into the sauce. If I could only remember the name of the dish!

TomInGermany's Profile Photo
Oct 11, 2012

Eisgrub: Sunday morning Breakfast brunch

I love the Eisgrub, i think it has to be one of my favourite bars in all of mainz.. especially sunday mornings when they do their breakfast buffet. for under 5 euros you can eat til you drop on local breakfast cuisine.. providing you make it before 12 which after a german night out is often hard.. If your a die hard beer fan, then its also the place as they brew their own beer, which you can serve yourself if you are in a group. They simply bring you a large container full of it (like a tall glass cylinder) with a small tap and a number of glasses for you all to serve and drink til you pop.

Favorite Dish The range of meats and cheeses :D

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Mar 02, 2008
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Eisgrub: What's better than Schnitzel and Beer Coke?

I tried both the 'vienna style' and 'gypsy style' Schnitzel - the vienna was alright (nothing to write home about), but the gypsy was great if you like a spicy sweet curry taste. I do - yummy! Plus on Sundays they have a deal where you get a free drink. I tried BEER COKE (yes, beer mixed with coke!) and I liked it! I don't normally enjoy beer - too bitter - was this was sweet and very drinkable. Nice place to eat.

Favorite Dish The gypsy style schnitzel! Not sure of the German translation as I asked for an english menu!

Jul 02, 2007

Eisgrub: Beer!

Nice pub cum brewery in Mainz.Serves one of the nicest beer in Mainz.Price is reasonable too. Can get very crowded during weekends.So come early!

Favorite Dish Soups! Their soups with bread (broethchen) is yummy!


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Dec 12, 2004

Eisgrub: The pork is awesome!

The people here are so nice and friendly. The pork knuckle (Schweinhaxen) was perfect. I'm a big guy, and I could not finish all the food they served. The beer is wounderful!

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Jul 18, 2011

Eisgrub-Brau: Hausbrauerei

Another hausbrauerei, another good one! As well as good beers this has a lunchtime buffet, as many visits as you can for €5.10 - great value.

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Apr 11, 2003
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"Mainz am Rhein"
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"Opera and cycling in Mainz"
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"Welcome to Mainz"
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"Mainz 57"
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"Willkommen in Mainz - Welcome to Mainz"
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