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  • parish church Grumbach
    parish church Grumbach
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  • Markt square Wilsdruff
    Markt square Wilsdruff
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Wilsdruff Things to Do

  • Parish church Burkhardswalde

    This former (pre-Reformation) pilgrim church was erected in the 15th century. With the massive roof above the three naves, the steeple only slightly taller, and the much lower choir it appears quite picturesque even from a distance (pic 1, 5). The inside has some pecularities, so the inclined floor (pics 2, 4), a spiral staircase that leads...

  • St. Bartholomew church Röhrsdorf

    Another church worth visiting in Wilsdruffer Land is the ev.-Lutheran parish church in Röhrsdorf, about 4 km north of the town Wilsdruff. The yellow painted Baroque church, built 1737, sits on the highest point of the cute village Röhrsdorf, visible from all directions. The reason for seeing this church is the interior: The altar (pic 2) is a...

  • Parish church Grumbach

    The neighbouring village Grumbach, only about 2 km south of Wilsdruff, has a stunning church, a real gem of which hardly anyone knows. The building goes back to medieval times, 13th century, but was reconstructed in 1609/10. Part of the ensemble is the vicarage, now "Haus der Stille", run by the Ev.-Lutheran Saxon State church and used for...

  • Museum

    The town's museum found its home on the uppermost floor of the school building, only a few steps west from the Markt square. It is one of the most interesting and largest "Heimat" museums that I know, with a broad range of collections, covering the history of the region and the town (prominently figuring religion, economy with main focus on...

  • Jacobi church

    Even older than St. Nikolai is Jacobi church, located about a 3 minutes walk east of the Markt square on a hill. It was built about the year 1150, the ridge turret is from 1591 (reconstructed in 1752) and holds the "Benno" bell from 1250. The Romanesque structure with wide rectangular nave, narrow rectangular choir and small apse is pretty well...

  • Ev.-Lutheran St. Nikolai church

    The parish church of Wilsdruff, dedicated to the merchants' saint Nicholas, was first mentioned in 1259. The present building is from 1896-98, a construction in Neo-Gothic style according to plans of Woldemar Kandler. The massive western facade with the tall tower and portal decorated with figures in the centre and the smaller stair towers at the...


Wilsdruff Hotels

  • Axxe Motel Dresdner Tor Sud

    An der BAB 4, Wilsdruff, Saxony, 01723, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Landhotel Keils Gut

    Dresdner Str. 26, Wilsdruff, 1723, de

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

Wilsdruff Restaurants

  • Cafe Zum Adler

    At the corner Markt square/Nossener Str. in Wilsdruff is this cafe in a modern building, which replaced the former Hotel "Weißer Adler" in the 1990s. It is relatively large, beautifully designed inside, and has a nice terrace overlooking the square. Service was quick and friendly. I stopped here a couple of times for coffee and cake or ice cream,...

  • Bakery Friedrich

    In Grumbach, where the main road B 173 Dresden-Freiberg crosses the road Wilsdruff - Freital, right by the bus stop "Grumbach, Wendeplatz", is this bakery shop. Their main place is in Freital-Weißig, a bit isolated, they probably make most of their business here. They have a long wooden table + bench outside and a table with two chairs inside, in...

  • Keils Gut

    We were on a cycling trip from the western outskirts of Dresden to the Tharandt Forest, which brought us to Wilsdruff. We paid a short visit to Jacobi church and the neighbouring hotel-restaurant Keils Gut caught our eye - we were hungry. The place looked very good - historic buildings (I found out later first mentioned in 1490) that enclosed a...


Wilsdruff Transportation

  • Cycling

    As mentioned in another tip, the former narrow-gauge railway network was turned into cycling trails. These are perfect for getting to Wilsdruff - and getting around - on your bicycle, especially combined with minor roads with little traffic or other cycling trails. Good starting points are the western outskirts of Dresden, which are at higher...

  • Driving

    Wilsdruff is easily accessible by car. It has its own motorway A4 exit, only a few km west of Dresden. The exit is just 1 km north of the town centre. It is fortunate that a bypass road was built some years ago so the traffic from the motorway doesn't have to run through town anymore - it passes around Wilsdruff in the eastern outskirts, going to...

  • Bus

    Since the narrow-gauge railway network was closed in the 1970s, the only option for getting to Wilsdruff and moving around by public transportation is the bus. However, the bus service works pretty well: Central stop is the Markt square in Wilsdruff, where you also interchange from main to minor routes.Bus #333 runs frequently, in mornings and...


Wilsdruff Local Customs

  • Narrow Gauge Railway remains

    For about 70 years Wilsdruff has been the central point of an about 100 km long narrow-gauge railway network. It was built from 1886 on until 1923, when it reach its maximum size, extending to Nossen, Meissen, Freital and even Frauenstein in the Erzgebirge mountains. There were 43 stations in this network, Wilsdruff was the second biggest...

  • Battle of Kesselsdorf

    On 15 Dec 1745 Kesselsdorf made the news: It's the day when the Battle of Kesselsdorf was fought between the (victorious) Prussia and the combined forces of Austria and Saxony, as the last battle of the Second Silesian War (also known as part of the War of the Austrian Succession). The Prussians were led by Leopold I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau,...

  • Wilsdruff Hotels

    2 Hotels in Wilsdruff

Wilsdruff Off The Beaten Path

  • Schloss Klipphausen

    In 1528 the Ziegler family built a Schloss (manor) about 2 km north of Wilsdruff in the Saubach valley, around which a village with name Klipphausen developed. The two-floor main (northern) wing from 1528 is preserved, nowadays used for administration offices. The eastern wing is also from the 16th century, now turned into apartments. Together with...

  • Cath. church St. Pius X.

    When the patron of Wilsdruff, Egon von Schönberg, converted to catholizism in 1871, he commissioned the construction of a catholic chapel in his manor. Masses were held for the catholics living in the manor (the von Schönbergs and the servants), in 1902 this chapel became a catholic parish church with its own priest. After WWII Wilsdruff's...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Wilsdruff Sports & Outdoors

  • Hiking: Glens left side of Elbe river

    Well, the entire Wilsdruffer Land is on the left side of the Elbe river, but what I refer to by this title of the tip, is that there is a landscape preservation area named "Linkselbische Täler" between Dresden and Meissen. And these glens belong to Wilsdruffer Land, are located right on the edge of the plateau above the Elbe river valley. These...

  • Hiking: Triebisch valley

    Another nice area for walking/hiking is the Triebisch valley. This little river origins in Tharandt Forest and flows along the western edge of Wilsdruffer Land north to Meissen, where it flows into the Elbe river. The Tharandt Forest aside, the best area for a hike is IMO between Helbigsdorf and Rothschönberg, the part without any traffic in the...

  • Hiking: Saubach valley to Elbe river

    The hike through Saubach valley in northern direction is also worthwhile - you can follow the creek to Constappel, the village where it flows into the Elbe river. Start is in Wilsdruff, Markt square, from where you head north. You're also on the Camino de Santiago here. Follow the street signs to Sachsdorf, but when the road takes a turn right...


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