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...y en el fondo la costa de...

Favorite thing ...y en el fondo la costa de Africa...
get yourself a bottle of wine (best if you smuggeled it in from Spain), a nice person and settle for an evening staring across the Street of Gibraltar to the coast of Africa. Indulge in discussions about Morocco, Hercule and the stars above.

Fondest memory see above

Aug 26, 2002

Go up the rock to see the...

Favorite thing Go up the rock to see the famous monkeys and enjoy the views, most people only spend a day in Gibraltar and that's what they everyone does although the fare in the taxi is quite expensive compared to the cable cars which are more fun anyway and you can do things in your own time.

Fondest memory Standing on top of the rock looking out to sea with a warm breeze blowing in my face and the misty coastline of Northern Africa in the background (it looked so enticing that I ended up making a trip to Morocco) and in the tree next to me a family of mischevious Barbary apes.

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Aug 26, 2002

city view

Favorite thing Climb the Rock to view the magnificent draft created against the sea when the Boeings take off. At the airport tarmac itself we have the interesting experience of walking across the runway when the green man lights up. It gives a new dimension to the term 'Give way to pedestrian'.

Fondest memory Visit the museum at the Rock. Learn how the British defended this tiny crop of land against the Spanish. Expect the standard British flair of telling a good story while getting an education. Naturally it won't do without some chest thumping. Just try the Imperial War Museum in London, I couldn't find a single episode of British defeat in any war. In fact I saw a captured Japanese WWII flag displayed although they lost Singapore to the Japanese.

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Aug 31, 2002

Go up to the top of the rock...

Favorite thing Go up to the top of the rock on the cable car. the veiws are great and the restaurant up there is a good place to chil out after a long hot day.

Fondest memory Being ex Navy my memories are vague due to the consumption of the booze in the many bars that bordered the main street. but the beaches were great and the local girls were enough to turn your eyes,

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Aug 24, 2002
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Sir Herbert Miles Road, PO Box 73, Gibraltar
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Principe de Asturias s/n, La Linea de la Concepcion, La Linea, Costa de la Luz, 11300, Spain
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3 Europa Road, Gibraltar
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Los Caireles 2, La Li­nea de la Concepcion, La Linea, 11300, Spain
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Ps. Mediterraneo S/N, Mont Roig Bahia, , Catalonia, 43892, Spain
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Seeing Africa

Favorite thing Views from the top of Gibraltar rock are stunning. You can see the Moroccan coast across the strait and you feel really tempted to make a short hop to Africa. It can be very windy up on the Rock.

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Feb 10, 2003

Go up to the rock and enjoy...

Favorite thing Go up to the rock and enjoy the beautiful view of the African coast.

Fondest memory Watching the ships sails in the waters of the Strait.

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Aug 26, 2002

Fondest memory If you stand at the TOP of THE Rock (I've decided to capitalize certain words for emphasis)... this is the view that you'll get to see!

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Aug 24, 2002

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Things To Do Near Gibraltar

Things to Do

The Town / Main Street

Gibraltar’s Main Street it's were you can find a lot of shops selling duty free items as cigarettes, drinks, electronics and jewellery. There are also the familiar shops as we have in Britain as Marks...
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Things to Do

Caves / Tunnels

St Michael's cave it was the first stop for our tour but again very short and by the time I adjusted the camera and taken few photos it was time to move on to the next attraction. It's a very large...
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Things to Do

Barbary Apes

After we left St Michael's cave we stopped at the Apes Den for fifteen minutes again. When I'm was there weren't too many monkeys around as they have been fed about an hour earlier and they were just...
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Things to Do

Cable Car

We waited about 40 mins - I had to persuade my wife not to take the minibus as the cable car ride is a bit of an institution. The queue in the hot summer heat was uncomfortable but the views and the...
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Things to Do

The Rock

Now that the military restrictions were reduced, a couple of hours will be enough to go up to the top, visit the caves, enjoy the wide sights over the straight and Moroccan coast, and descend, meeting...
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Things to Do

Statues / Monuments / Museums

The memorial to honour the Royal Marines is located by the Waterport just behind the marina. The memorial it was unveiled in March the 2nd 2009 to celebrate 300 years of the British and Dutch marines...
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