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Pylos-Methoni Day Trip from Costa Navarino
"The first time that you confront the bay of Navarino from above combined with the castle and the green colors of Pylos is going to be one of the moments of the tour that you will never forget.From up there you will be able to see both small and larger islands. The huge rocks in front of us look like an entrance to the sea and are parts of the island of Sfaktiria.At the southern end of this island you will be able to admire the ruins of a fortification wall built by the Spartans in 425 BC during the Peloponnesian war. The picturesque town of Pylos will welcome us soon. While enjoying your coffee at the town's main square we will learn everything about its history. There
From EUR250.00
Polymnio Day Trip from Costa Navarino
"Polylimnio is an amazing hidden spot full of lakes waterfalls and wooden bridges but also an immense variety of trees and bushes. Its gorge together with a small river and a big number of anomalies at the ground create plenty of small lakes and waterfalls. Almost all of them are like natural swimming pools. After leaving our car we will walk for a while in order to find the narrow footpath that will take us to the most impressive Polylimnio location. The footpath is easy to follow and at the few difficult points we will be helped by the existed supportive metal bars. The first l as apart from the locals the ones that first explored Polylimnio were Italians. On our way up the scenery is full of trees. As we walk on our left you will be able to see small tiny lakes and waterfalls. Five minutes later we will reach lake Kadoula which means “the small Kadi” in Greek. The name is after the similar shape of the two lakes.After five more minutes of walking in b
From EUR250.00
Mystras Day Trip from Costa Navarino
"The route is spectacular as we will cross the famous mountain of Taygetos so full of myths and traditions. Passing through ravines tunnels caves and green forests we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better in order to adjust our tour to your travel needs.Our first stop for photos will be in Keadas. This was where the Ancient Spartans would bring newborn sick child in order to avoid the  continuation of defective genes to protect their proud and perfect race.During our trip you will learn everything about the foundation of the castle town of Mystras
From EUR350.00

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Although there is a bus service both north and south the infrequency of them makes getting around difficult. You could always splash out on tour guide trips but apart from the expence you are very...
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