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Athens Sightseeing with Acropolis Museum
"The Athens half-day tour depart for  a photo stop at Panathinaiko Stadium where the first  Olympic Games took place in 1896. It is the only stadium built out of white marble. Proceed passing by Zappeion and Temple of Olympian Zeus.  You will then pass the Athens Trilogy which includes the University of Athens the Academy of Athens and the National Library. Continue passing by National Garden Hadrian’s Arc St. Paul’s Church Parliament
From EUR69.00
Private Walking Tour: National Archaeological Museum
"Syntagma Metro station where your tour begins contains many archaeological exhibits including ancient grave stones an aqueduct from the 5th century BC pottery a 2000-year old beehive and a mosaic from the 5th century AD. See the House of Parliament guarded by elite soldiers known as Evzones. The tomb of the Unknown soldier can be found at the front of the building.Heading down El. Venizelos Street you will see the Numismatic museum comprising 400
From EUR60.00
Athens Night Segway Tour
"Meet your local guide in the evening when the Athens’ midday heat has gone and the daytime crowds have dispersed and start your tour with an orientation session to get familiar with your two-wheeled electric self-balancing Segway. Once you feel comfortable begin gliding along quiet streets to the foothills of the UNESCO-listed Acropolis of Athens – the ancient citadel and archeological site that dominates the city.On the northeastern slopes of the Acropolis is the neighborhood of Plaka -- the city’ home to the Ancient Agora of Athens; once the heart of the ancient city
From EUR85.00

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Map of Athens

Favorite thing Athens is wonderful to walk, even we, Athenians love to do it!

The Rough Guide Map of Athens is the only thing you will need to get around
It has not only the map of the whole city, but also of Piraeus, Kifissia market and an extra , more detailed picture of Plaka-Monastiraki. Also a metro map, sights/shops opening schedules a huge selection of venues, shops, cafes, restaurants located on the map and starred, categorised by prices....

It is waterproof and will not tear to pieces as many times you fold/unfold it

EviP's Profile Photo
Aug 18, 2013

The Happy Train to see Athens

Favorite thing Time schedule is posted here:

The train departs from Ermou Street, which is at the bottom of the Square. The departure point is in front of Geniki Bank, across the street from Mc Donalds.

I suggest that you don’t take the Happy Train before 7.30, even 8pm. Firstly because of the traffic and secondly it is so much better to do this at night time

greekcypriot's Profile Photo
Jul 17, 2011

Exarhia area

Favorite thing I ended up in this area while looking for the archeological museum. I stopped at viktoria metro station and Vikrìtoria square reminded me Vittorio square in Rome a very multietnic and easy going square always full of people. From there, still looking for the museum I found the university area and plateia Exarhion a sort of bohemian area, full of young guys.
This is actually the only low cost area I found in all the city which appeared pretty expensive in other quarters.

Fondest memory I had a nice afternoon listening to some live music, having a few drinks watching students preparing their protests.

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Jun 16, 2011

Famous Greek Singer-Mario Frangoulis

Favorite thing If you have not seen or heard Mario Frangoulis, please have a look at this series of wonderful videos of Athens and Greece with music sung by Mario. on YOutube...



Each Word of Yours is a Wish

Dream's light, who can bear you, who?
Cry of joy, which wings do you wear and go?
Pass through me, do not waver
And take root before you depart
Show me the new day
Each word of yours is a wish
Each color in your glance
A sun emerging after the rain
Aim well, and shoot
A flame upon my sadness
That I may find land
That I may find land
In the villages (haunts) of my memory
That I may find land
So that I can cast a heavy anchor
And then I'll light deep in my heart
A fire that resembles you
Show me the new day
Each word of yours is a wish
Each color in your glance
A sun emerging after the rain
Aim well, and shoot
A flame upon my sadness
That I may find land

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Jun 09, 2008
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Hotels Near Athens

Pyrgou-Olympias Ave, Olympia. Peloponnese, 270 65, Greece
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12 Nikitara, Athens, 106 78, Greece
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52 Panepistimiou Avenue, Athens, Attica, 10678, Greece
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41 Halkokondili St, Athens, Attica, 10432, Greece
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Themistokleous 49 - 53, Athens, 17455, Greece
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19 Patision & 10 Veranzerou St, Athens, Attica, 104 32, Greece
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Athens Ghetto

Favorite thing In my opinion, there weren't many other things to do in Athens besides the Acropolis, Acint Agorra, Plaka district and a few of the museums. Many parts of the city are actually quite dirty, and rundown. There are a lot of poor homes, pollution, and homelesness.
One hotel we stayed at was right next to an apartment home, and a lot of the people living in it were using either cardboard boxes, or rags for their windows.
I included a page from my scrapbook here that shows the 'ghetto' areas of Athens. These three pictures are the views from my hotel room windows.

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Jul 14, 2005

As beautiful as Postcards

Favorite thing While in Athens, staying along the costal beach is the best way. I stayed within the Palio Faliro & everymorning i was greeted by the most beautiful view of the horizon, sea, beach & sun. Beautiful. Evrything is beautiful as well, the people & the soul of athens is so alive. Every morning, go to the beach & have an early dip in the sea, the water is warm & nice.. never a freezing moment. Then walk to the nearest Starbucks to grab a coffee & read the papers. Great place for a vacation & really enjoy life at a pace beyond expectations.

Fondest memory Athens is very rustic & still rich in culture & soul. Unlike most European cities, athens is more to the mediteranean in terms of cultural diversity just like andalucia, cyprus & istanbul. Not as cosmopolitan & still maintains the old charm throughout the city. Athens islands are just as great. Hydra & Mykonos are my favourite.

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Sep 17, 2004

The Streets of Athens

Favorite thing Athens is a very personal city. It is very warm and kind to tourists. There are also very few main roads, so it is an experience in itself just to wonder the streets. Try it if you are in Athens, around dusk. It is really nice.

You might meet a few dogs on the way too. Don;t be scared, the majority of them are very friendly, however dirty, so don't try to adopt them or antyhing lol.

Fondest memory Everything

Aug 27, 2004

The works are over! The new Athens emerged!

Favorite thing When Athens was awarded the Olympic Games back in 1997 a lot had to be done to fulifil the needs of the world's most demanding project. Dozens of small and big projects have been built since then changing the face of Athens but also straining the people's nerves during this long period! This effort paid off though. It's visible everywhere. Someone who has visited the city a few years ago will have a very different opinion if he/she visit the city now. Athens is now a truly modern metropolitan center.

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Jul 31, 2004
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"My trap!"
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"A Dream Holiday Destination"
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"Athina mou..."
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"Athens afterwords"
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Walking the Athinas Street

Fondest memory One should not leave Athena without having walked down Athinas Street, that great working class thoroughfare, from Monastiraki to Omonia Square, and by all means do go into the incredible, immense, polyodorous and anachronistic fish and meat markets, each of which contains within several working men's restaurants, where the food is plentiful, open for viewing and selection, and cheap. It is a city experience not to be missed, especially as those structures are to be demolished and replaced by more hygienic, if less historical, markets. Across the street is the new, large outdoor fruit and vegetable market, which in its turn is surrounded by shops selling fowl of all varieties, rabbits, eggs, and all those edibles which the Greek public requires. At the rear of this market are two or three shops which sell only olives, and olive eaters will be in heaven there.

It is perhaps no more than a 20 minute walk to Omonia,a raffish place, but walk slowly and enjoy the incredible variety of shops where ordinary people buy what they need for their homes, gardens, kitchens, etc.

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Dec 30, 2003

A huge city

Favorite thing As you arrive to Athens by plain, you can realize how huge this city is. It doesn't have tall buildings, but it spreads from the Piraeus port to beyond the horizon with those white suburbian buildings and those endless avenues...

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Jun 24, 2003

Athens' congestion

Favorite thing Traffic jams is a situation that you are likely to encounter when visiting Athens.Yet,in August,when Athens is deserted the odds of a traffic jam drop to minimum(the same situation occurs during Easter holidays too)

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Sep 15, 2002

Street views of Athens

Favorite thing Pictures were taken on a cold sunny january morninig and one at night.
they give a feeling of a busy city going about its daily life.

Fondest memory street sellers and buskers.

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Jan 17, 2014

Things to Do Near Athens

Things to Do

Central Market - Varvakios Agora

It is a great way to spend money on food. Also known as ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΗ ΑΓΟΡΑ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ, it is located between...
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Things to Do

Numismatic Museum

It’s probably the museum that I have passed by more than an other in Athens but it was only November 2015 when I visited for the first time (because a friend that we had a meeting near by told me he...
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Things to Do

Benaki Museum

Benaki Museum is my favourite museum in Athens. Many temporary exhibitions are organized here. Last time we visited the Benaki Museum in April 2010 there were three temporary exhibions: The first one...
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Things to Do

Museum of Cycladic Art

A collection of ancient treasures. The museum consists a wide range of exhibits, ranging from the Cycladic period to ancient Greek period and even a segment on contemporary art work. The contents...
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Things to Do

Jewish Museum

As described on the brochure of the Museum: "The Museum was founded in 1977 to collect, preserve, research and exhibit the material evidence of 2.300 years of Jewish life in Greece.As a historical...
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Things to Do

Tzistarakis Mosque

It is located on Μοναστηράκι and is easily accessible by metro. It was built in 1759 and has no minaret. This is still a problem for the Muslim...
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