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Best view in Athens Enjoy the city from above
"Maybe you took one look at this green mountain rising out of the center of Athens and said to yourself ""I hope there is nothing important up there because I really don't feel like climbing a mountain"".  There is something important up there. An am when she dropped a stone... Follow us and listen all the legends about enjoy the spectacular view during the day sunset or night.Goddess Athina created Lycabettus by accident when she dropped a stone... Follow us us and listen all the legends about enjoy the spectacular view during the day sunset or night. Drink a beer and listen the stories of the city. We can hike there easy
From EUR32.00
Athens Private Full-Day Tour
"This is an 8 hour tour of all the sights you must see when in Athens. Relax in a spacious Mercedes minivan and enjoy Athens in the best way possible. From the breathtaking Acropolis to the best meal in town it's all covered. The schedule is flexible and always tailored to your individual needs and interests on the day. Main attractions include:The Acropolis – Erechtheion – Herodion Ancient TheatreNew Acropolis MuseumNational Archaeological M"""This 8-hour tour covers all the must-see attractions when in Athens. It includes the Acropolis the Acropolis Museum the Archaeological Museum Temple of Zeus
From EUR470.00
Private Full Day Athens Photography Tour
"We will start at the foothill of the historic Acropolis Hill early in the morning and take our way thru the main archaeological monuments to Hydrian Arch Temple of Zeus and visit Panathinaikon Stadium the stadium that hosted the first Olympic games. We visit the highest point inside the city Lycabettus hill before continuing our photography adventure thru Plaka and Anafiotika. These two neighborhoods will be our playground before stopping at the scenic Mikrolimano near Peiraus to enjoy our mid-day meal. Later we will head to “Athens Riviera” to see the magnificent Vouliagmeni Lake and photograph the sunset near the temple of Poseidon at Sounio.This is a great way t
From EUR199.00

Lycabettus Hill Tips (59)


Lykabettos is the highest point of Athens. On the top of the hill there is a church, Agios Georgios. On the eve of Easter Sunday there is a candlelit procession that goes down from this church.
From Kolonaki you can go up to Lykabetos Hill. There is a funicular that makes it easier.

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Aug 03, 2008

Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus is a hill which can be seen from everywhere in Athens. It rises 277 meters above sea level and is the highest point in the city that surrounds it. Pine trees cover its base, and at its peak you may see the 19th century Chapel of St. George.

Lycabettus appears in various legends. Popular stories suggest it was once the refuge of wolves, possibly the origin of its name (which means "the one (the hill) that is walked by wolves"). Mythologically, Lycabettus is credited to Athena, who created it when she dropped a mountain she had been carrying for the construction of the Acropolis after the box holding Erichthonius was opened.

You may watch my high resolution photo of Athens on the Google Earth according to the following coordinates 37º 58' 18.48" N 23º 43' 40.65" E or on my Google Earth Panoramio Mount Lycabettus.

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Jul 23, 2008

Wonderful view!

Lykavittos Hill reaches 910 feet above the city. It is the highest one! You can climb on top on foot or use the funicular (about 5 euro per ride up and down).
Besides the wonderfull view on top you can have lunch or dinner in a cafe. There is also a little white chapel on top that was built on site of the byzantine church in 19th century.
I spent unforgettable couple of hours on the hill...

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Apr 13, 2008

Amazing views of Athens

You can see the whole of Athens from here, try to visit just before sunset to see the sun setting over Pireaus. There's the Chapel of St George up here along with a restaurant to enjoy a cool drink or snack whilst taking in the view.

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Sep 02, 2007
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Hotels Near Lycabettus Hill

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Marathonos Avenue 34, Athens, 19009, Greece
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79 Evripidou Street, Athens, Attica, 10553, Greece
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View from the top

This is the best view of Athens and Acropolis. Go about an hour before the sunset. I went at about 10pm and the view was magnificent but my camera couldn't take good pics at night. Locals recommend going at around 7pm and watch the sun go down. On the top of the hill there are several cafes and a restaurant.

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Jun 28, 2007

the hill with the church

i think (correct me if i'm wrong), this is the highest of the small hills in the middle of athens. anyway, the view from it is just amazing - you can see the whole athens and realise finally the enormous size of it :) you can get an especially good view on the whole acropolis.

and it's a very nice walk to the top, through the woods, and then a small path going up, revealing more and more of athens while walking among agave trees...

there is also a restaurant up there, perfectly placed for a dinner on the rock, watching the sunset... but i guess it's quite expensive there...

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Jun 27, 2007


An absolute must do in Athens is watch the sunset from the top of LYCABETTUS HILL or Mount Likavitos. That is exactly what was planned for Friday night's VT get-together. Only, the sun didn't co-operate and it was rainy and overcast. But it was pure joy to see some of our old VT friends. I was looking at the Parthenon and suddenly I could hear clip clop of sandals running towards me. I turned around and it was Carmen (Carmela71). We gave each other huge hugs. It was so good to see her again and of course Stace (Beachdog).
There is a restaurant at the top with indoor and outdoor seating.
The hill is higher than the Acropolis so you are able to actually look down on the Parthenon. On a good day you have wonderful views of Athens. Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf. Awesome!
There is also the small Chapel of St. George (Agios Georgios ) which was open and we were able to look inside.
We came up via the funicular, which leaves from the top of Odos Ploutarchou every 20 minutes. The funicular costs 5.50 Euros per person.

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Jun 21, 2007

Lykavittos Hill

Watching the sunset from Lykavittos Hill is one of the absolute must do's in Athens, especially if you are there with your significant other. We debated back and forth whether to take the time to get over to Lykavittos, and in the end decided to taxi to the furnicular and get there before the sunset. There is a restaurant at the top with outdoor seating, so you can kill time while enjoying a cold beer. While the temperatures definately dropped quickly as the sun was setting, the views of Athens were awesome. When the sun finally sets, the view of the Akropolis with red/blue sky in the background is breathtaking. Also, when we left the furnicular and walked down the stairs into the city, the area had quite a vibrant nightlife.

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Sep 08, 2006
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"A Dream Holiday Destination"
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"Athens afterwords"
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Viewing Athens from above

The hill is even higher than the Acropolis, so you are looking slightly down onto the Parthenon.

There are wonderful views from there. You may get a cable car from below, or you can drive up, or get a taxi.

It's best to go in the winter months (I went in Autumn) because the fresher colder air from the north just blows all the haze out to sea and you can see for many miles ahead.

There is a nice small church on the hill, so feel free to go inside and say a prayer.

There is a restaurant and cafe, although expensive, it's a nice experience to have. It also helps to stay out of the cold we found, because it got very cold up there!

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Aug 15, 2006

Sort of off the beaten path

If you're in the mood for a sort of, nature experience without leaving Athens, I would recommend walking up Lycabettus (Lykavitos) hill. There's a beautiful amphitheatre at the top, with lots of performances throughout the summer. But the walk up is very nice also. There is also a famous church at the top, which is open to visitors. I was baptised at this church! hehe

Jul 16, 2006

Visiting a windy hill while soccer match is on

We have visited this hill with the cable cart (do not know the exact name of the hill) while there was a big wind blowing and a soccer match playing at the stadium. (do not know which stadium and which clubs were playing.) You could here the 'hounding' sheers from the fans on top of this hill due to the wind. It was spooky and not totally 'undangerous' to walk outside on the terras.....

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Jul 10, 2006

Restaurant with a view

As the highest hill of Athens here you can have a fantastic view for your dinner in the nigthtime Athens just looks more at peace with it self. The restaurant is fine and offers good food it is twice as expensive as normale restaurants in the city but a precious way to say goodbye to a wonderful city.

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Apr 07, 2006

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Ermou Street.

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Getting to Lycabettus Hill


Athens 114 71, Greece


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