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    Caryatids of the Erechtheion
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Aegina Island


Hydra Island




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See all 4496 Athens Tips
  • Lycabettus Hill

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Athens Things to Do

    Athens abounds with hills, and many are so barren they surge upwards and unpopulated out of the cityscape. Of all these hills, the standout is Mount Lycabettus, rising like a limestone fist from below. Its base is think with pine forest, and at its summit stands the whitewashed chapel of Saint George. The twin peaks at the top of Mount Lycabettus...

  • Hotel Grande Bretagne, A Luxury...

    Athens Hotels

    Every visitor to Athens cannot fail to notice this huge hotel. It's right on Syntagma Square,...

  • Thanasis Kebab

    4 out of 5 stars

    Athens Restaurants

    There are many souvlaki/kebab places around Monastiraki square and they are always packed with people, mostly tourists of course because of the location (4’ walk from Acropolis main entrance. The main problem is that these eateries focus on these customers and not locals that will return if they are satisfied with food and service. But a friend...



See all 105 Piraeus Tips
  • Marina Zea - Pasalimani

    Piraeus Things to Do

    Bay of Zea is one of the three natural harbors of Piraeus, second in size after the large main port. It has the same name in Ancient times when it was the largest naval port not only in Athens but all over Ancient Greece, a place (along with Munichia port) where Themistocles built his famous Athenian fleet. It may sound weird that the Athenians...

  • Atel Phidias

    Piraeus Hotels

    This hotel has everything you could ask for. It is newly renovated so the rooms and the...

  • Collection Barbeque

    Piraeus Restaurants

    Our hotel staff recommended this area around the corner from the hotel and surrounding a small marina which was lined with cafes. We skipped something called “American House Toast,” which is probably good, but the name is weird and we were not interested in American food. We settled on Collection Barbeque in spite of another strange name and were...


Aegina Island

See all 145 Aegina Island Tips
  • 10 plus one reasons for visiting Aegina

    Aegina Island General

    If you don’t know Aegina, you will love this Greek island and you’ll return back in every instance. So, ten plus one reasons for you to begin with!It’s at short distance from the city of Athens. Just 75 minutes by ferry and 45 minutes by flying dolphin.The island is easily accessible all year round and suitable for a day trip, a relaxing getaway...

  • Hotel Rastoni

    Aegina Island Hotels

    We spent 3 amazing nights at Rastoni and our stay was so exceptional that exceeded our expectations....

  • Visiting the town of Aegina

    Aegina Island Things to Do

    The town of Aegina is the biggest community and the capital of the island, located on the west coast. It is connected daily, throughout the year, to the Port of Piraeus by ferry and flying dolphins. This is the ideal holiday base, all year round, for those who want to discover the whole island. A town full of life, ready to offer unique...


Hydra Island

See all 201 Hydra Island Tips
  • Walking And Hiking In Hydra

    Hydra Island Things to Do

    I suppose the most popular thing to do in Hydra is to walk! Well, that is unless you like riding the donkeys! Actually, walking in Hydra is quite interesting, if you are not in a hurry and you have good legs and comfortable shoes. Be careful though, the rocks and roadways are slippery and I don't think having a broken leg or foot in Hydra would be...

  • Mistral Hotel Hydra Island

    Hydra Island Hotels

    Refitted mansion (the island has a strong naval history; many of these large houses were built by...

  • Gonia Cafe Pub

    Hydra Island Restaurants

    There’s no really big differences between the cafes in front of the port but the service or the prices are some of these small things that turn the balance. Gonia (means corner in greek) has what a typical greek cafeteria usually has, coffees and drinks but also a good menu for food: You can order some light food here like salads (6,5-9,5e),...



See all 79 Sounio Tips
  • Pray for a Sunset

    Sounio Things to Do

    There is something about the stark majesty of the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon which just beg for a perfect sunset to be viewed through the columns. Unfortunately the custodians no longer allow visitors to access the temple itself (though I do believe if you are lucky and get a cold winter's evening the custodians might not be too...

  • Grecotel Cape Sounio

    Sounio Hotels

    Vt friend, Tzina and I visited this wonderful hotel for an afternoon only to take photos and to...

  • beaches

    Sounio Things to Do

    Cape Sounio is famous for the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon but many of us visit the general area for the beaches. You will see lot of them along the south coast of Attica as you drive from Athens to Sounio. Don’t forget that the area of Sounio is one of the most expensive in Greece with rich people having their upscale summer homes around...


Poros Island

See all 66 Poros Island Tips
  • Poros Town

    Poros Island Things to Do

    Poros means "crossing", and it is from this that the whole island takes its name. On the edge of this crossing, built in amphitheater form on the slopes of a hill, is the cheerful island town which is the port of Poros and the island's most important settlement. The town of Poros is a beautiful and picturesque place with neoclassical buildings...

  • Giorgis Ship

    Poros Island Restaurants

    Our cruise included a lunch onboard. It was very enjoyable because it was delicious and accompanied with the live music. When we went onboard Giorgis ship in Pireaus we received red and blue cards which showed us when we had to have a lunch (for the first time or for the second time). First pic: my main dish. Secon pic: my dessert. Third pic:...

  • Boats Ferries To From Poros Island

    Poros Island Transportation

    From Pireaus to Poros, there are daily Ferry Boats. The trip lasts about 2h 15min.(Hellenic Seaways,Nova Ferries.) There are also flying dolphins. The trip lasts about 1h. From Galatas (Peloponnese) to Poros, during the summer period there are boats every half hour.



See all 15 Glyfada Tips
  • Glyfada beach

    Glyfada Things to Do

    Everytime we visit Glyfada is for a nice café or to have dinner later in the evening but the beach is the main attraction for sure. From the former Athens airport of Elliniko to Asteria Glyfadas there are many free beaches along with 4 small marinas, although the beach isn’t special (flat pebble beach) it’s surprisingly clean considering the fact...

  • Brasil Suites Hotel Apartments

    Glyfada Hotels

    4 Eleftherias Str, Glyfada, 16674, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Barbounaki

    Glyfada Restaurants

    I happen to know for years the Market Leader of the restaurant, Dimitri Tsipelis and his brother Gregori and thought to surprise them with my visit since I was in the area. With the capacity of a Food Critic I dropped by unexpectedly to see what the new restaurant is like and taste a few of its dishes. Everything presented is under the signature...



See all 24 Lavrio Tips
  • Thoriko Theatre

    Lavrio Things to Do

    Just outsisde of Lavrio, going toward the electrical power plant, you will see on the north slope of a hill beside the highway going to Athens, 'Lavriou,' an amphitheatre. This is the oldest theatre in Greece...over 3,000 years old. It is called Thoriko.

  • Foros Fish Tavern

    Lavrio Restaurants

    I was taken to this little restaurant on the outskirts of Lavrio and was pleasantly surprised at the good food, the cheap prices and the great service. The owner's son, Ioannis, came and chatted with us and told us many interesting stories about his little taverna and some historical facts about the railroad that used to run in front of his taverna...

  • Getting There

    Lavrio Transportation

    Lavrio in southerneast part of Attica region, about 60km southeast of Athens and 12km NE from cape Sounio. On the pic you can see the map of Attica region where I highlighted LAVRIO, ATHENS, PIRAEUS, SOUNIO, RAFINA and the AIRPORT. By car We usually drive there via Lavrio avenue but you can also go through Attiki Odos or the coastal highway...


Spetses Island

See all 100 Spetses Island Tips
  • Spetses House Facelift

    Spetses Island Off The Beaten Path

    Our famous 'Green Door' house has now become the 'Blue Door' house! On most of the islands in Greece, there are specific colours that the houses may be painted by order of the local authorities. On the island of Spetses, the colours are Blue or Green. With a new coat of paint, the house looks young and fresh with its periwinkle blue trimmings.

  • Armata Boutique Hotel

    Spetses Island Hotels

    We went to the small island for 3 days Friday- Sunday. We stayed in Armata hotel, which is very good...


    Spetses Island Local Customs

    Spetses has a very unique Parade on the last Sunday before Clean Monday. All the local groups, schools, private citizens construct floats and dress up in colourful costumes. There are always floats in the carnival parade with political satire and 2012 was no exception. As they say, 'A picture speaks a thousand words,' so please have a look at the...


Skala Oropou

See all 37 Skala Oropou Tips
  • Port And Marina Of Oropos

    Skala Oropou Things to Do

    The marina of Oropos is a favorite spot for locals and visitors for lazy strolls, it’s not big but you can relax watching people fishing (not only old people but we noticed some young girls following the footsteps of the old generation), taking pictures of the small fish boats (that come and go non stop, some of them are happy some others didn’t...

  • Oropos Grill & Bbq

    Skala Oropou Restaurants

    As expected there are many souvlaki eateries in Oropos but recently a new comer arrived and changed the scenery with perfect souvlaki and good prices. OROPOS grill & bbq is located just a few meters away from the port opposite the KTEL bus stop and the road in front is always busy so not the most romantic place but we went there for the souvlaki...

  • Alegro Café

    Skala Oropou Nightlife

    Alegro café is located side by side with Epoca café and it is our alternative during our lazy evenings when we just need a drink (to be honest we just choose a free table in any of these two places). Great setting, next to the jetty, a beautiful corner to watch the sun setting away… We had a glass of ouzo (3,50e) and a 175ml bottle of Caramelo red...


Kythira Island

See all 46 Kythira Island Tips


See all 4 Artemida Tips
  • Artemida Town

    Artemida Things to Do

    Ok, everyone comes here for the beach but what about the town? The center is full of numerous buildings of residence, most of them lack in architectural style (pic 1). The coastal avenue (pic 2) is full of stores, cafes and restaurants and during high season hundreds of cars trying to find a free spot for parking. Even at the bus stop you can see...

  • Iliotropio Beach Bar

    Artemida Restaurants

    Iliotropio is a simple café beach-bar that serves soft drinks, coffees and beers for those who feel thirsty under the sun :) They have a covered area with tables and chairs but also serve on the beach where people use the umbrellas and beach chaise longue. We had frappe coffee (3e) and beer (3e) that came with some chips.

  • Getting There

    Artemida Transportation

    Artemida is located at at the east coast of Attica, 25km east from Athens, 9km east from Spata, 6km south from Rafina port. From Athens we just drive through K.Karamanli avenue that passes through Spata. When you reach the sea you can follow the coastal road on the left and try to find a free parking spot anywhere near the beach. Most people that...



See all 3 Kineta Tips
  • how to go there

    Kineta Transportation

    Kineta is located on the old highway Athens Korinthos, 54km west of Athens, 34km W of Eleysina, 15km W of Megara, 8km E of Ayioi Theodoroi, 30km E of Corinth. We usually drive there on our way back from Corinth when we take the old highway but of course you can reach Kineta from the new one, just follow the signs (you have to turn where it was...

  • swim at the beach

    Kineta Things to Do

    There’s only one attraction in Kineta, this is the beach of course. It’s a long beach covering a distance of about 6km. It is a white pebble beach that unfortunately gets packed during the summer months not only with swimmers but also their cars in some parts of the beach! It’s close proximity to the capital makes it popular but it seemed pretty...

  • Mpousoulas

    Kineta Restaurants

    This is a small kiosk (made of stone) that worked fine for us but also for hundreds of people that were lying on the beach that hot day. They serve soft drinks, coffee, cold water and beers. We had a frappe (the popular coffee in Greece during summer months) and a beer. The costs was 4,30euro.


Porto Rafti

See all 3 Porto Rafti Tips
  • Porto Rafti Town

    Porto Rafti Things to Do

    Porto Rafti is a typical seaside resort of Attica, nothing less nothing more, the visitor wont show any interested to anything else than the public beach of Avlaki and/or the café/clubs later in the evening. The last 15 years many Athenian live here permanently due to its close proximity with the airport(18km) and Koropi metro station (10km). The...

  • Kiani Akti

    Porto Rafti Hotels

    40 Agias Marinas Ave, 19003

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Getting There

    Porto Rafti Transportation

    On the east coast of Attica, 35km from Athens, 17km from Athens Airport, 23km from Rafina port By car We usually drive there through Markopoulo which is 8km west of Porto Rafti. During weekends it’s a bit tricky to find a free parking spot but drive along the seaside road, sooner or later you’ll see one. Be patient with other cars, traffic jams...



See all 5 Halkoutsi Tips
  • Pigadakia Beach

    Halkoutsi Things to Do

    In 2016 we had our second attempt to visit Pigadakia beach in Halkoutsi. It is located outside the main village, on the left side as you see the photo (pic 1) while the village is on top right. The beach in front of Halkoutsi is usually deserted because it is said that is polluted by the Asopos river, a 57km long river that runs from Kithairon...

  • swimming in Halkoutsi

    Halkoutsi Things to Do

    In 2016 we had our second attempt to visit Pigadakia beach in Halkoutsi. It is located outside the main village, on the left side as you see the photo (pic 1) while the village is on top right. The beach in front of Halkoutsi is usually deserted because it is said that is polluted by the Asopos river, a 57km long river that runs from Kithairon...

  • how to go there

    Halkoutsi Transportation

    Halkoutsi is located at NE part of Attica prefecture, 57km N of Athens and 5km N of Skala Oropou.By carWe easily drove there from Skala Oropou, the center was packed with cars but we found a free spot to stop for a whileBy busThere are direct buses from Athens (the bus departs from Attica KTEL bus station at Pedion Areos)


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