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Private Tour From Istanbul to Western Gate to Turkey Edirne
"The Edirne tour starts with an early departure from Istanbul as you will have a nice drive ahead of you first alongside the European Cost of the Marmara Sea and then towards inland Thrace. You will witness the unique countryside lifestyle at this region.Major sights to visit in Edirne are; The Selimiye Mosque the masterpiece of Architect Sinan and The Üç Şerefeli Mosque as well as the The Covered Bazaar.Edirne served as the capital city of the Ottoman Empire from 1365 to 1453; until the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) which became the empire's new capital.This beautiful city is famed for its many m elegant domes and minarets; and it contains the ruins of the ancient palace of the Sultans. The Selimiye Mosque
From $250.00
Ravadinovo Castle Entrance Ticket
"2 km away from Sozopol inland to the village rises Ravadinovo strange romantic and majestic building. Viewed from the air like a cross viewed from the lake - a children's story.The building exterior is decorated with ornaments made of brass which we refer to the legendary chivalrous times. Everywhere there are statues in the garden huge wooden lanterns with beautiful carvings stone birds and mermaids. Once you enter the mansion through a large stone gate
From EUR5.00
Escape Game Challenge at Ravadinovo Castle
"This escape game challenge is an entertaining logic game for children and adults. The players are locked in the castle and have to solve several logic quizzes to decipher codes and find out the secret messages and encryptions. The players have limited time of 60 minutes during which they have to find the last key and Golden Bulgaria souvenir coin.This game is suitable for families with children for companies who want to spend exciting moments together as well as for team building. There are special scripts for children’s groups for people celebrating their birthdays – irrespective of their age for romantic proposals for marriage and for other family and corporate events.There is no mental or physical strain during the game. It can be played from 2 to 8 people at the same time."""
From EUR30.00

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