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Mystras Day Trip from Costa Navarino
"The route is spectacular as we will cross the famous mountain of Taygetos so full of myths and traditions. Passing through ravines tunnels caves and green forests we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better in order to adjust our tour to your travel needs.Our first stop for photos will be in Keadas. This was where the Ancient Spartans would bring newborn sick child in order to avoid the  continuation of defective genes to protect their proud and perfect race.During our trip you will learn everything about the foundation of the castle town of Mystras
From EUR350.00
Ancient Messene Day Trip from Costa Navarino
"We will pick you up from your hotel preferably in the morning and in almost an hour and a half we will be in Ithomi hill where Ancient Messene is located.During our trip you will have the oportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery and learn about the myths traditions and secrets of the area.Our first stop will be at the source of village Mauromati. We will recount of the legend that reveals the name of the village: a myth that reaches back to the years of ancient Greeks’ mythology and is related to the the famous General from Ancient Thiva who founded the city of Ancient Messene on the ruins of Ancient Ithomi. Ruins that were the result of the Spartans’ invasion.Just above the ancient city Nikos’ traditional coffee shop
From EUR250.00
Vergina Half Day Private Tour from Thessaloniki
"To the south of River Haliacmon in the “land of Macedon” as described by Herodotus on the foothills of Pieria the ancient “Macedonian mount” lays Aigai the first city of Macedon
From EUR220.00

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Prefecture of Karditsa
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Top Things to Do in Prefecture of Karditsa

Things to Do

Animals And Flowers In Sofades

Walking around Sofades you realize there are not many photo opportunities but take it slow and you will realize the beauty is in small details. So after the two churches, the few monuments, the train...
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Things to Do

Monuments In Sofades

I walked a lot around, checking the local farms, the animals, the flowers, I even gazed at the empty train lines but I really didn’t know what to do/see next, so I took some pictures of some small...
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Things to Do

Sofaditis River

The river Sofaditis (also known as Onochonos) splits the village in two. I walked a bit next to it but I the scenery was sad, the river looked degraded, it seems the local farms throw there sewage and...
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Things to Do

Agios Georgios Church

This is the second church in Sofades located along the street with the same name that starts from the monument at the heart of the village. Agios Georgios church is much smaller than Agia Paraskevi...
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Things to Do

Agia Paraskevi church

Church of Agia Paraskevi is the main church of Sofades, I went there on a rainy Sunday morning and I got surprised that the church was packed with people listening to the mass. I waited for a while at...
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Karaiskaki 4, Karditsa, 43100, gr
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