Kavala Things to Do

  • The archeological Museum of Philippi
    The archeological Museum of Philippi
    by bakalapoe
  • Follow the path on your way to the museum
    Follow the path on your way to the...
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  • Female statues of the classic era
    Female statues of the classic era
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Most Viewed Things to Do in Kavala

  • 1. Kavala Castle

    Going up to the castle is worth the effort, even in a midsummer day. You will enjoy nice views of the city in all directions. The castle was built in the beginning of the 15th century, over the...

  • 2. Monument of Apostle Paul

    Close to Agiou Nikolaou church is the monument of the Apostle Paul. It consists of a mosaic which represents the arrival of the apostle in Neapolis. According to the Acts of the Apostles, St Paul had...

  • 3. Halil Bey Complex

    The complex includes a mosque built in the 16th century and a madrassa. In the early 20th century it housed a primary school for girls. Also after the Minor Asia disaster the madrassa was house for...

  • 4. Kavala Aqueduct

    The Medieval Aqueduct, is work of the Byzantine period, which held extensive repairs during the Ottoman rule, particularly during the reign of Suleyman the...

  • 5. Mehmet Ali Pasha House

    In the Old Town Square you can find the house that Mehmet Ali, founder and Governor of the last Egyptian dynasty, was born. This beautiful building, based on...

  • 6. The Imaret

    The Imaret, a big edifice of the late Ottoman period, a classic example of Islamic architecture located on the west side of the peninsula of Panagia (old town)....

  • 7. Kavala Castle

    One of the most intense elements of the image of Kavala is its citadel. While it stands on the top of the peninsula of Virgin Mary (Panagia) it is tied up in a...

  • 8. Tobacco story III (The smell still remains...)

    The decline of this tobacco era begins between 1930 and 1950, with the application of new production methods and the importation of “Virginia” tobacco, that...

  • 9. The Castle of Kavala

    The Castle and the Acropolis was built in the 15th century, on the ruins of an older Byzantine castle. The outer walls embraced the whole peninsula of Panagia,...

  • 10. Tobacco story II (The echo of workers’ struggles)

    In the next years and decades, while the profits for the tobacco merchants became higher and higher, the conditions of work in the factories were really hard....

  • 11. The City Hall and other buildings on Kyprou street

    Kavala’ s City Hall is definitely the most impressive building of the city, with a totally diverse architectural style, that resemples Hungarian castle. Not...

  • 12. The old aqueduct

    This emblematic feature of Kavala is part of the medieval aqueduct, which was used to bring the water from the highlands’ sources into the city walls. It is an...

  • 13. Panagia – The old city

    The peninsula of Panagia is the oldest part of the city, with houses that reveal the characteristics of ottoman architecture, of the 19th century. Although...

  • 14. Tobacco story I (Kavala – the capital of tobacco)

    From the middle of the 19th century, the history of Kavala was synonymous to the production and trade of tobacco. The location of Kavala, as much as the...

  • 15. Ammolofoi: Dunes and emerald sea

    Although there are quite clean beaches inside the city of Kavala, nothing compares to the emerald sea of Ammolofoi (which means dunes), on the western...

  • 16. Nestos river

    Whether you are the adventurous kind of traveler, or you simply enjoy the beauty of nature, don’t miss the chance to visit Nestos river and walk by the...

  • 17. The ancient sight of Philippoi

    Philippoi, 15 Kms from Kavala, on direction to Drama, is one of the most important ancient sights of Macedonia, because of findings that indicate continuous...

  • 18. The Aquaduct

    Although the aquaduct, which is likely the first historic site that will catch your eye upon entering Kavala, is of Roman origin, it is actually much more...

  • 19. The Imaret

    The Imaret is a large structure with 18 domes constructed by Mehmet Ali in 1817. It was originally used as a hostel for religious students but today is...

  • 20. House of Mehmet Ali

    Mehmet Ali (1769-1849) was born in Kavala but made his name in Egypt, where he became Pasha and eventually founded the country's last dynasty. His house (the...

  • 21. Statue of Mehmet Ali

    Beside Mehmet Ali's house is a statue of the Turkish governor. The house was not open when I visited Kavala, but the statue provides opportunities for pictures,...

  • 22. The Kastro

    The Kastro or Castle is a sort of crowning achievement for the city of Kavala. It is visible from pretty much all of Kavala and is the heart of the city's old...

  • 23. Cosmopolis annual festival

    The annual festival "Cosmopolis" takes place at Panagia, Kavala.Several groups from all over the world take place doing events like playing their own films,...

  • 24. Kavala fortress

    A focal point of your first view of Kavala as you approach it, is the castle atop the hill which acts as the backdrop for the harbour, fishing boats and the...

  • 25. Temples in Kavala

    We arrived at the city on a bus and continued on to the modern port city of Kavala, and then on to the ancient Neapolis (Acts 16, the Bible), where Paul,...

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