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Thessaloniki Classic City Tour
"The classic City tour includes seven hot spots of the Thessaloniki center. Pick up from the White Tower (the main landmark of the city) continue to the Archaeological Museum Agia Sofia Agios Dimitrios (Byzantine church and its crypt) and climb to the Byzantine castles. Descending the City walls (Acropolis) we pass the Galerius Arch (Kamara) the Aristotelous Square the Port of Thessaloniki and arrive back to the White Tower. Depending on customers preference we formulate a similar program. History art
From EUR120.00
Thessaloniki Markets Tour
"Meet your guide in Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki and after a quick coffee to start your tour set off to explore the area. A major commercial center since ancient times the city has retained a strong sense of its history with Byzantine market halls and monuments sitting side-by-side with contemporary and modern buildings.Walk through the bustling shopping streets to Louloudadika a colorful flower market thronged with sidewalk cafes and shops and then admire the old Turkish baths of Giahoudi Hamam. Browse stalls heaving with mounds of colorful vegetables and fruit at Modiano and Kapani markets and hear of their history from your guide. Both food markets are believed to have operated since the 12th century. After picking up some koulouri (street-food snacks)
From EUR24.00
Thessaloniki Food Tour
"Head to Aristotelous Square in central Thessaloniki to meet your guide and start your food tour of the city. Kick-start your morning with a cup of strong Greek coffee to get your energy levels up and then continue into Thessaloniki’s bustling commercial district to learn about Greek gastronomy.A Mediterranean cuisine Greek food is typically high in nutrients and low in animal fats and dishes are cooked according to time-tested recipes that have been passed down over generations. With incredible islands and large expanses of coastal land Greece is known for its incredible seafood and Thessaloniki – as an ancient port town – is one of the best places for it.Wander through the food markets of Modiano and nearby Kapani to see crates of freshly caught fish loaded onto heaving stalls a round roll of bread topped with sesame seeds and compare the flavors with bougatsa
From EUR38.00

City overview Tips (9)


Favorite thing The city was founded circa 315 BC by Cassander, the King of Macedon (Μακεδών), on or near the site of the ancient town of Therma and twenty six other local villages. He named it after his wife Thessalonica, the sister of Alexander the Great. She gained her name from her father, Philip II of Macedon, to commemorate her birth on the day of his gaining a victory (Gr. Nike) over the Thessalians. After the fall of the kingdom of Macedon in 168 BC, Thessalonica became a city of the Roman Empire. It grew to be an important trade-hub located on the Via Egnatia, a Roman road that connected Byzantium (later Constantinople), with Dyrrhachium , facilitating trade between Europe and Asia. The city was made capital of one of the four Roman districts of Macedonia.When the Roman Empire was divided into eastern and western segments ruled from Byzantium/Constantinople and Rome respectively, Thessaloníki came under the control of the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire, unable to hold it against the Ottoman Empire advance, sold it to Venice, who held it until it was captured by the Ottoman ruler Murad II on 29 March 1430, after a three day long siege of the city
Thessaloniki passed out of Byzantine hands in 1204, when Constantinople was captured by the Fourth Crusade.
Thessaloniki was the main prize of the First Balkan War of 1912, during which it was captured by Greece on 26 October 1912, which is now a local holiday. King George I of Greece was assassinated during a visit to Thessaloniki on 18 March 1913.
Thessaloniki fell to the forces of Nazi Germany on 9 April 1941 and remained under German occupation until 30 October 1944.

Fondest memory Monuments

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Jul 21, 2006

Thessaloniki in spring

Favorite thing Thessaloniki's urban area, stretching along a bay of the Thermaic Gulf .
Thessaloniki is a thriving, vibrant city, also being a major economic, industrial, commercial and cultural center as well as a transportation hub in southeastern Europe. Its commercial port is of a strategic importance for Greece. The city has several universities that host a large student population and it is widely renowned for both its large number of monuments of Byzantine architecture as well as for its eminent nightlife.
Early Christian and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1988. Thessaloniki became the European City of Culture for 1997.

Fondest memory The White Tower of Thessaloniki (Lefkos Pyrgos), widely regarded as the symbol of the city. It has been known by many names and is now home to the Museum of Byzantine Cultures. The top of the tower has excellent views of the city.
The present tower dates from the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent

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Jul 21, 2006

Foreign consulates in Thess@

Favorite thing General Consulates in Thessaloniki
Albanian Consulate General
6 Odysseos Street 546 27 Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 547435
Fax: 2310 546656
Bulgarian Consulate General
12 Nik. Manou Street 546 23 Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 829210/11
Fax: 2310 854004
Consulate General of Cyprus
37 Leoforos Nikis Street 546 22 Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 260625/611
Fax: 2310 274 984
Czech Republic Embassy Commercial Office
154 Egnatia Street 546 36 Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 229533
Fax: 2310 229306
French Consulate General
8 Mackenzie Street 546 22 Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 244030/31
Fax: 2310 244032
German Consulate General
4a Karolou Diehl Street 546 23 Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 251120/30
Fax: 2310 240393
Italian Embassy Cultural Office
1 Fleming Street 546 42 Thessaloniki
e-mail :
Tel : 2310 886000
Fax: 2310 812057
Romanian Consulate General
16 Santas Street 552 36 Thessaloniki
e-mail :
Tel : 2310 340088
Fax: 2310 332060
Russian Consulate General
5 Dimosthenous Street 546 24 Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 257201
Fax: 2310 257202
Consulate General of Turkey
151 Agiou Dimitriou Street 546 23 Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 248452
Fax: 2310 248450

Fondest memory Consulate of Great Britain
21 Aristotelous Square 546 24 Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 278006
Fax: 2310 283868
Consulate General of Serbia and Montenegro
4 Komninon Street 546 24 Thessaloniki
e-mail :
Tel : 2310 244265/66
Fax: 2310 240412
Consulate of the Ukraine
179 K. Karamanli Street Thessaloniki Tel : 2310 319715

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Feb 07, 2007

Short History Lessons of Thessaloniki

Favorite thing Thessaloniki was founded by King Cassander of Macedonia at 315 BC. She was given the name of the sister of King Cassander. As time passes by, the city becames stronger and transformes at the commercial and cultural center of Macedonia. At 395 AD Thessaloniki is proclaimed "coregent" with Constantinople. The city style changes and new buildings are constructed as the Rotonda, etc. Nowdays Thessaloniki keeps its Byzantine character by maintaining the best and most well preserved Byzantine monuments in the world. In 1430 Thessaloniki is occupied by the Turks. In 1912 Thessaloniki is liberated by the Greek Army on the feast day of its patron saint, Aghios Dimitrios. In 1917 the greatest part of the center of Thessaloniki is destroyed by the Great Fire. In 1922 the refugees arrive after the Minor Asia disaster and give economic boost to the whole area. In 1997 Thessaloniki is declared as The Cultural Capital of Europe.

Apr 17, 2007
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Hotels Near Thessaloniki

3 Salaminos & Karatassou Sts, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54626, Greece
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2 Oplopiou And Katouni Street, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54625, Greece
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Tsimiski & 9 Salaminos, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54626, Greece
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5 Komninon Street, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54624, Greece
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6 Komnikon, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54624, Greece
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Odos Mitropoleos 21, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, Greece
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Thessaloniki offre toutes les...

Favorite thing Thessaloniki offre toutes les possibilités. De l'art aux clubs en passant par le shopping.
Parmi les choses remarquables à citer le musée archéologique avec ses récentes découvertes sur la Macédoine antique d'Alexandre. A ne pas manquer la salle sur les fabuleux objets (bijoux, orfèvrerie, couronne, cratères) en or. La visite du musée se combine avec une escapade à Vergina (70km, bus ou train), où se trouvent les tombes royales.
Le musée byzantin et ses découvertes pré-chrétiennes, les différentes chapelles et églises byzantines, la rotonde, l'arc de triomphe ainsi que les murs byzantins et la tour blanche. Ne pas manquer un saut dans les différents marchés odorants. Nombreux magasins et restaurants non-touristiques. Anciens quartiers rénovés et regorgeant de clubs et discos. Nombreux festivals dont celui du film. Ne pas manquer un derby en football et basket. Ville universitaire, il y a donc beaucoup de jeunes.

Fondest memory Un tour au milieu du marché principal au milieu des senteurs et des cris des marchands. Un café frappé en bord de mer. Une victoire de l'équipe d'ARIS face à l'autre 'petite' équipe très locale de paok. Un concert au théâtre de la forêt ou au Mylos.

Aug 25, 2002

Usefull Printable Guide

Favorite thing Visit this site and you are going to have a printable version of a very good guide published by the Book Fair of Thessaloniki Organisation. It contains a lot of usefull information and the most important is that it is for free.

Apr 17, 2007

great website for city overview

Favorite thing this tip is not about a "favourite thing" nor a "fondest memory". it is only here to give you a link to this website

an excellent work that gives 360 degree images of the city, overlaid on a map. i think it's both helpful for travellers and a good way to see images of the city even if you do not plan to travel here.

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Jun 25, 2008

Heat mornings

Favorite thing You can wake up in the morning in the big city and only after 30 minutes traveling with the bus to be on the beach and you can all day make sunbathes :)

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Feb 07, 2006

Top 5 Thessaloniki Writers

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"3 days in Thessaloniki"
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"The Balkan capital of Greece!"
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"The Jewel of the Balkans"
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"Thessaloniki, her White Tower"
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I like Thessaloniki than...

Favorite thing I like Thessaloniki than Athens.

White Tower is a symbol of the town.

Fondest memory Visit Archeological Museum which has much of ancient macedonian gold.

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Aug 24, 2002

Things to Do Near Thessaloniki

Things to Do

Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

Traditionally a pot of different nations Thessaloniki had a large community of Jews, mostly of Sephardic origin that immigrated from Spain after 1492, before that they were just a minority. In late...
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Things to Do

Agioi Apostoloi church

At the opposite end of the old town, close to the Byzantine walls, stands the handsome church of the Aghioi Apostoloi (Holy Apostles, build between 1312-15), on a cruciform ground-plan, with five...
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Things to Do

Aristotelous Square - Aristotelous street

Aristotelous is a central and definitely the most famous square in Thessaloniki. It’s located near the seafront, just over Nikis avenue. It is named after Aristotle of course, the famous Greek...
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Things to Do

Vlatadon monastery

Vlatadon monastery, or Moni Vlatadon, in Ano Poli, is nowadays the only active orthodox monastery in Thessaloniki. It is a Patricarchal Stavropegic monastery, that is, it depends directly on the...
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Things to Do

Galerius Arch - Kamara

The Arch of Galerius was built in the 4th century, ordered by Galerius, the Roman Emperor. The Arch and the Rotunda were planned as annexes to the palace complex. The road that connected the Rotunda...
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