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Seaside (Paralia) Tips (6)

Malt'n'jazz: Great Jazz

This is probably one of the best jazz clubs I have gone to in Greece. They have all types of Jazz music, and fantastic cocktails.
Fridays and saturdays are live music nights, with really great groups.

Dress Code Well, I would say dress nice, but not.. too nice... i mean.. we're talking about jazz..what else can i say but.."just be cool."

Nov 26, 2006

Seaside (Paralia): The numerous cafeterias located in seaside

One of the best parts of Thessaloniki with numerous cafeterias is the seasise or Nikis Avenue. Lots of people are going there all day and especially in the weekends, drink their cofee and observing the sunrise behind the mountains. This place is suitable for those who want to see people or want to relax. Many people see this place like the plaka of Athens. But the feeling of the sea while drinking your cofee is something you can't loose. It's a perfect idea after a day of shopping or exploring. But If you want more then go to a club and have fun till early morning! It's also important that the symbol of the city, Whte Tower is there.

Mar 13, 2006

Seaside (Paralia): Art sculpture in front of Interni

In front of the restaurant and lounge bar "Interni" is an art installation made from umbrellas. You should watch it during sunset, ie from inside Interni.. It becomes alive, as the seabreeze lifts them up into the air and the sunbeams let's the construction, that holds them, disapear. Magic spot !

Dress Code looks like a fierce fashion competition, but easy if you like.

Freiner's Profile Photo
Sep 18, 2005


On the Nikis Ave. there are lot's of cafe&bars. People are drinking cafe frappe all the time in the morning. At night they drink alcohol in the same places :)

Dress Code You can wear anything that you feel comfortable.
You can see the staff of the bar that I went at night with me.

Jul 15, 2003
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Hotels in Thessaloniki

3 Salaminos & Karatassou Sts, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54626, Greece
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2 Oplopiou And Katouni Street, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54625, Greece
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Tsimiski & 9 Salaminos, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54626, Greece
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5 Komninon Street, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54624, Greece
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6 Komnikon, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54624, Greece
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Odos Mitropoleos 21, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, Greece
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Kleio Boat Bar

Kleio Boat Bar
Kleio is a boat that some people converted it to a bar. You can find it by the seaside usually near the port or near the White Tower. It has rock music and sometimes it makes a short trip in the gulf of Thessaloniki.

Dress Code No dress code applied.

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Aug 25, 2002

Cafe - Bar in Cinema Festival

A great all day cafe, at night serves drinks, in a house of Apothiki group houses, in the port.
Industrial style, and music from cinema.

Aggeliki's Profile Photo
Dec 17, 2003

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"3 days in Thessaloniki"
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"The Balkan capital of Greece!"
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"The Jewel of the Balkans"
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Things To Do in Thessaloniki

Things to do

Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

Traditionally a pot of different nations Thessaloniki had a large community of Jews, mostly of Sephardic origin that immigrated from Spain after 1492, before that they were just a minority. In late...
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Things to do

Agioi Apostoloi church

At the opposite end of the old town, close to the Byzantine walls, stands the handsome church of the Aghioi Apostoloi (Holy Apostles, build between 1312-15), on a cruciform ground-plan, with five...
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Things to do

Aristotelous Square - Aristotelous street

Aristotelous is a central and definitely the most famous square in Thessaloniki. It’s located near the seafront, just over Nikis avenue. It is named after Aristotle of course, the famous Greek...
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Things to do

Vlatadon monastery

Vlatadon monastery, or Moni Vlatadon, in Ano Poli, is nowadays the only active orthodox monastery in Thessaloniki. It is a Patricarchal Stavropegic monastery, that is, it depends directly on the...
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Things to do

Galerius Arch - Kamara

The Arch of Galerius was built in the 4th century, ordered by Galerius, the Roman Emperor. The Arch and the Rotunda were planned as annexes to the palace complex. The road that connected the Rotunda...
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