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Thessaloniki Classic City Tour
"The classic City tour includes seven hot spots of the Thessaloniki center. Pick up from the White Tower (the main landmark of the city) continue to the Archaeological Museum Agia Sofia Agios Dimitrios (Byzantine church and its crypt) and climb to the Byzantine castles. Descending the City walls (Acropolis) we pass the Galerius Arch (Kamara) the Aristotelous Square the Port of Thessaloniki and arrive back to the White Tower. Depending on customers preference we formulate a similar program. History art
From EUR120.00
Thessaloniki Markets Tour
"Meet your guide in Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki and after a quick coffee to start your tour set off to explore the area. A major commercial center since ancient times the city has retained a strong sense of its history with Byzantine market halls and monuments sitting side-by-side with contemporary and modern buildings.Walk through the bustling shopping streets to Louloudadika a colorful flower market thronged with sidewalk cafes and shops and then admire the old Turkish baths of Giahoudi Hamam. Browse stalls heaving with mounds of colorful vegetables and fruit at Modiano and Kapani markets and hear of their history from your guide. Both food markets are believed to have operated since the 12th century. After picking up some koulouri (street-food snacks)
From EUR24.00
Thessaloniki Food Tour
"Head to Aristotelous Square in central Thessaloniki to meet your guide and start your food tour of the city. Kick-start your morning with a cup of strong Greek coffee to get your energy levels up and then continue into Thessaloniki’s bustling commercial district to learn about Greek gastronomy.A Mediterranean cuisine Greek food is typically high in nutrients and low in animal fats and dishes are cooked according to time-tested recipes that have been passed down over generations. With incredible islands and large expanses of coastal land Greece is known for its incredible seafood and Thessaloniki – as an ancient port town – is one of the best places for it.Wander through the food markets of Modiano and nearby Kapani to see crates of freshly caught fish loaded onto heaving stalls a round roll of bread topped with sesame seeds and compare the flavors with bougatsa
From EUR38.00

Agios Dimitrios Church Tips (16)

Agios Dimitrios.

The first church on the site of Agios Dimitrios was a small oratory, built just after 313 on the ruins of a Roman bath in which a Roman soldier called Dimitrios, was executed on order of emperor...
Askla's Profile Photo
Oct 13, 2015

The Cathedral of Saint Dimitrios.

Saint Dimitrios was a great martyr and happens to be the patron saint of the city. The original church dates back to 324AD, the year that Emperor Constantine established Christianity as the official...
greekcypriot's Profile Photo
Mar 21, 2015

Greece's largest church

Agios Demitrios (Saint Dmitri) was a third century Christian scholar who was martyred by Galerius and whose ghost has apparently appeared at several key battlesites. The significance of Agios...
mikey_e's Profile Photo
Feb 09, 2009

Agios Dimitrios - the city's patron saint

It is said that at 1912 when people in Thessaloniki fight to become independent they saw Saint Dimitrio on his horse riding accross the walls of the city. That gave them power and win! Agios Dimitrios...
metallemon's Profile Photo
Jun 28, 2007

Aghios Dimitrios Church

To the north of the Roman Agora is the principal church in Salonica, Aghios Dimitrios (St Demetrius). This five-aisled basilica was built over a Roman bath-house (remains of which can be seen on the...
Jun 11, 2007

The Crypt of Aghios Demetrios

The crypt of Aghios Demetrios has been an archaeological site since its discovery in 1918. After 1950, some of the sculptures that survived the great fire of 1917, were transfered by S. Palakanides in...
May 27, 2007

Agios Dimitrios

The Church of Saint Demetrius is the main sanctuary dedicated to the patron saint of Thessaloniki, dating from a time when it was the second largest city of the Byzantine Empire.The first church on...
GeoDenia's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2006

The Monumental Church

St Demetrius church is dedicated to St Demetrius, the patron saint of the city.The original church was built in 413 on the site of a chapel dedicated to the 'myrovlites' St Demetrius. The church was...
viddra's Profile Photo
Sep 03, 2005

The Crypt under the church

The underground crypt of the church, that used to be Roman public baths. Down there took place the martyrdom of St Dimitrios. Today the Crypt houses a small museum of articles found in and around the...
StefanosS's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2003

Aghios Dimitrios

Saint Dimitrios was born in 280 AD in Thessaloniki and died a martyr to his Christian faith about 303 AD.When Constantine the Great gave an end to the persecutions of the early Christians (324 AD), a...
StefanosS's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2003

Church of St. Dimitrios

Here there are the relics of St. Dimitrios. Under the church there is the so-called crypt of St. Dimitrios, not really a crypt, in Roman times it was a normal building, but because of destructions the...
GeorgiosX's Profile Photo
Dec 13, 2002

Visit the biggest church in the city

This is the place, where I was this Eastern (2006) and the feeling was unbelievable. All people in Greece believe in God sincerely and the atmosphere in the church was magicly.
bgrossi1981's Profile Photo
May 04, 2006
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3 Salaminos & Karatassou Sts, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54626, Greece
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2 Oplopiou And Katouni Street, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54625, Greece
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Tsimiski & 9 Salaminos, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54626, Greece
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5 Komninon Street, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region, 54624, Greece
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Top 5 Thessaloniki Writers

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"The Balkan capital of Greece!"
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"The Jewel of the Balkans"
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"Thessaloniki, her White Tower"
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Things to Do Near Thessaloniki

Things to Do

Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki is small but interesting, if only because Jews played such an important role in the development of pre-WWII Thessaloniki, making up 50% of the population at one...
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Things to Do

Agioi Apostoloi church

At the opposite end of the old town, close to the Byzantine walls, stands the handsome church of the Aghioi Apostoloi (Holy Apostles, build between 1312-15), on a cruciform ground-plan, with five...
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Things to Do

Aristotelous Square - Aristotelous street

If you want to start getting to know Thessaloniki, start here at Aristoteles Square. It's the heart of the city, pulsating day and night. At the front, there is the sea, on the sides beautiful...
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Things to Do

Vlatadon monastery

Vlatadon monastery, or Moni Vlatadon, in Ano Poli, is nowadays the only active orthodox monastery in Thessaloniki. It is a Patricarchal Stavropegic monastery, that is, it depends directly on the...
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Things to Do

Galerius Arch - Kamara

The Arch of Galerius was built in the 4th century, ordered by Galerius, the Roman Emperor. The Arch and the Rotunda were planned as annexes to the palace complex. The road that connected the Rotunda...
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Getting to Thessaloniki


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