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Naxos Island Things to Do

  • Venetian Museum (Domus Della Rocca...

    At the Venetian museum you get to visit the upper level and the lower level of the house.Once you come out from the main house then you enter a side door and you are in the lower section of the museum. The door is very low here so you will need to take extra care when you go through it. At the lower section is where they have the music concerts and...

  • Venetian Museum (Domus Della Rocca...

    The museum in the Barozzi House houses a lot of furniture and objects from the 17th to 19th century.Most of the objects have been in the family for years and other items have been donated by other rich families for the folklore museum. In the Venetian museum you can see what objects they had in that period but personally I have found that the the...

  • A walk inside the castle walls

    Wherever I go I tend to look out for unusual items in my travels as that makes it more interesting and also I learn a lot from it. First photo is the other side of the Cathedral Square.Second photo is the Roman Catholic Archdiocese building.Third photo is the Ursuline Convent.Fourth photo is the entrance with the coats of arms of Frangopoulos...


Naxos Island Hotels

Naxos Island Restaurants

  • An Enjoyable Meal by The Sea

    Apollon restaurant is in Apollon village located 35km from the main town of Naxos. As I went there early in the morning to explore the village I spend most of my time at Apollon restaurant just relaxing and taking in the views, The restaurant is famous mostly for their seafood but on that day I had Pork Chop, freshly handmade chips and salad....

  • Great Food and Entertainment

    While I'm was staying in Naxos I went to Scirocco restaurant for dinner as I have gone past earlier in the day and I have checked their menu which I did like I have decided to dine there in the evening as it wasn't that far from the place I'm was staying.For my meal I had kebab, saute potatoes and salad and everything it was cooked perfectly. the...

  • My Daily Morning Stop

    As I'm was staying in a studio and I didn't had any breakfast every morning I would walk down by the beach to get to Gregory's Bakery for a nice warm spinach and cheese pie and a cup of coffee.Everything from the bakery it was freshly made and the location is perfect for people waiting for the ferry as you can be having a coffee while watching when...


Naxos Island Nightlife

  • From sunset till dawn

    From sunset on many cafès and reataurant have "happy hour":everything costs the half and you can rest from a "heavy" day spent on the beach sipping a tasty cocktail looking at the sunset... then you can start walking up and down the seaside and do a lot of things: sit down to eat from pyttagiro to grilled fish, look at the boats, talk with some...

  • Shopping by night

    Nightlife in Naxos starts from the Kastro. In the night it changes from a silent maze of narrow white streets to a labirinth of little restaurants, cafè and shops of every kind!!! Just walk, walk, walk and look at the shop-windows: you will certain find domething that suit you for a good price! none.

  • Un unforgettable night

    Since 1998 in Naxos Town in june there is a festival of local musica and dancers. Every night there's something different to see or listen to, the price is very good (about 10-12 €), you sit outside the Rocca Barozzi museum (where you also buy tickets), seeing the breathtaking panorama on Paros by night, they offer you different kind of wines and...


Naxos Island Transportation

  • Rent a bike.

    Naxos is quite a big island. Sometimes the distances between one place and another are very far; so I think it is very useful to rent a bike.Have a look at the "warning or danger" tip I wrote. It is about fuel pumps on the island.

  • Great Way to Explore the Island

    KTEL bus office is located by the port so is very easy to spot it. they have a great bus service and the price of the fair are reasonable. While I'm was on Naxos island I have gone at the end of the island at Apollon village for £12.00 euro return which I have spend all day there. A lot of the people travelling on the bus have got off at Apeirantho...

  • Island Hopping aboard Express Skopelitis

    I have traveled on Skopelitis Express ferries from Donoussa to Koufounissia but the it starts the journey from Naxos then to Paros before heading to the Small Cyclades Islands. Is a great way to do the island hoping in Small Cyclades as it always leaves very early from the islands so you get to have a whole day in front of you to explore the small...


Naxos Island Shopping

  • Kitron.

    Kitron is a liqueur made with the leafs of a fruit similar to the lemon.There are three kinds of kitron. Taste a bit of each one of these to choose what to buy.In Chalki; a small village not far fron Naxos - Town there is an old distillery of this liqueur. Why not visit it?

  • The Oldest Bakery on the Island

    This traditional bakery it has been in the same family for generations passing from the great father down to the youngest grandson son of twenty seven years old. The bakery it supplies the local restaurants and all the locals around the area. The bakery bakes only bread and rolls and they only do a very small selection of cakes. You need to get...

  • The Passing by Grocery

    I have gone past this greengrocers twice and it was such a nice think to see among all those small alleys there was a greengrocer selling everything from fruit and vegetables and the most essentials items from his small shop on the side. I suppose being there it saved the people a very long journey to the bottom of the hill where the other...


Naxos Island Local Customs

  • The Local Chair Maker

    this all guy I have met making chairs by the harbor. He was a happy jolly fella with a lot of stories to tell about the island. I couldn't believe the speed he was going producing this handmade work on a chair. If he was talking about the island he was singing. I have got a video of him making the chair which I will down load soon.

  • The Local Marble Craftsman

    I have met this gentleman on my way the Palatia to see and to photograph the big marble Portara.The marble crasftman his not actually from Greece but from another European country but he has been living on Naxos Island for the last ten years. The sculptures he had already made were in a very nice finished and most f them had a lot of details....

  • traditional dances

    There are many festivities, basically on the celebration of a saint. If you are lucky you will see for free local traditional dances and songs.Like in many other villages in Greece on August 15 you will see festivals in many villages of Naxos but in Filoti is the biggest. On July 14 at Hora, on July 25 at Agia Anna.


Naxos Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Fuel!

    Some areas of this island don' t have any petrol stations; so, be sure your motorbike has enough fuel before leaving for your excursion.I think that tourist offices on the island have some maps showing where petrol stations are.

  • Drive always carefully

    No matter what you are driving, scooter, quad or car, if you are the driver, I am sorry, you will not get to look around too much. You better keep ALWAYS your eyes on the road. Wherever you will go you will have to drive in the mountains, the roads are often narrow, curvy and slippery for the melted asphalt. You will never know what is after the...

  • Keep your tank full

    Be very careful when you drive around with a small scooter (80-100cc), they will assure you that it will be fine for two people to go all over the places, and it is true even if a bigger one would be more confortable BUT make sure you keep your tank always full or nearly full if you plan to visit the Southern and Eastern part of the island,...


Naxos Island Tourist Traps

  • DO NOT look for the water tunnel

    It is not exaxcly a tourist trap, but I read somewhere on the guidebook about this water tunnel that was supposed to be intersting as an example of ancient aquedoct. It was suppose to be near Melanes Kuoros site. Well, we went looking for it and we walked for half an hour under a killer sun, on a small trail that was 20% rock and 80% goats' sh*t......

  • Don't eat at the port!

    One of the most popular places in Chora (Naxos main city) is the road facing the port. You will see that there are a lot of restaurants there. Above all at night, restaurant owners will try to convince you to enter their restaurant, sometimes in an irritating way.We had a couple of bad experiences: once seated in a restaurant, we waited for 30mins...

  • don't eat in the port

    Most, if not all of the restaurants in Naxos Town, mainly on the main street in the port, are only for tourists. Don't go there. There are so many other great places to eat, if you just wander around a little. The best food is out of town, which means you'll need a car, or scooter. Go to Agia Anna, or Mikri Vigla, or even Agia Prokoios.


Naxos Island What to Pack

  • Take as little as possible

    Take one small suitcase with good wheels, one handbag and one rucksack or beach bag. Sunglasses, flip-flops, thin cotton spaghetti tops, skirts, dresses, shorts, sunhat. No trousers or warm clothes with sleeves needed in the middle of summer, unless you need to cover up because you had a sunburn... Lots of strong sun tan lotion and insect...

  • If you don't want to buy them there

    Make sure you don't have huge and heavy bags with you because you will probably have trouble carrying them at the boat, maybe pay more at the taxi...and lets hope that you won't have to carry them on foot. Bring with you something warm for the nights. The nights on the island can get quite chilly specially because of the humidity. If there is a...

  • Travel light

    One good sturdy suitcase on wheels because when you arrive in Naxos harbour you will have to walk from the ferry to where the taxis are waiting and this is about 5 mins walk.One small rucksack that will be handy in all sort of circumstances and can hold all your immediate neccesities. If walking you will need a good walking boot as some of the...


Naxos Island Off The Beaten Path

  • Mountain Biking and Trek

    Hire a bike in Naxos (a couple of good places there) and head south along coast. Plenty of off-road paths through cane fields and along beaches. A few km south you can find a few farm tracks over hills. We took no maps as usual, and got lost as usual. But great fun. Sometimes unsure whether of not we were on some farmer's private tracks - we got...

  • Walk the ancient Donkey trails on the...

    When in Chora (the town of Naxos), you can easily pick up a little book on the walks of Naxos. You can then follow trails after you take the bus or taxi to get to your starting point of your walk.Some of the walks are very remote and we seldom met anyone. These walks are glorious and you come across beautiful scenery and Byzantine churches and...

  • Authentic Pottery Workshop

    As you drive from Naxos Town to apiranthos (there's only one road, so you can't get lost, you'll see a sign for "Pottery Workshop". It's owned by Manolis, who has been doing pottery his whole life. He actually comes from a long line of potters. His whole family has been potters. It's a pretty amazing place. He doesn't speak Englsih, so be prepared....


Naxos Island Sports & Outdoors

  • oriettaIT's Profile Photo

    Naxos Surf Club

    by oriettaIT Updated Feb 12, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I am not a windsurfer but I enjoyed watching the school teaching some beginners. They rent equipment and they seem to be very well organized.

    Beginers in action

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Naxos Island Favorites

  • Naxos Night Shots

    As I travel at different times around the Cyclades islands when we do reach a port I always like to be out on the open deck of the ferry to see the activity and what goes on while we are waiting for passengers to disembark or embark the ferry. The photos here are from Naxos island while I'm was travelling to the Small Cyclades Islands.

  • Night Shots of Naxos Island

    As I travel at different times around the Cyclades islands when we do reach a port I always like to be out on the open deck of the ferry to see the activity and what goes on while we are waiting for passengers to disembark or embark the ferry. The photos here are from Naxos island while I'm was travelling to the Small Cyclades Islands.

  • The View from the Top of the Hill

    If you do get to go up the hill and up to the Venetian castle do take some time to step outside on the balcony to admire the view.From here on a clear day you can see the island at the front of Naxos which is Paros, also the small church of Panagia Myrtidiotissa by the port which the locals built on a small islet to protect the ships coming in and...


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