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  • Nisos Sifnos
    by mindcrime
  • Nisos Sifnos
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  • Nisos Sifnos
    by mindcrime

Nisos Sifnos Things to Do

  • Apollonia

    Apollonia is the capital village of Sifnos and the main spot for most visitors. It stands on a great location, along the slopes of a three hills and numerous smaller villages around are connected with Apollonia through scenic paths, we loved the fact that we could have small trails to these villages too especially the beautiful Artemonas (1,5km...

  • Cheronisos

    Cheronisos is a tiny seaside village at the very northeast end of Sifnos island. Most people come here for the beach of course, it is very relaxing, we were almost alone in early may, just us and a family. There are some houses that overlook the beach on the right, Cherronisos has about 100 inhabitants but I wonder if they live there all year...

  • Artemonas

    Artemonas is a village 1,5-2km north of Apollonia. It’s the second biggest village in Sifnos (after Apollonia) and took its name from goddess Artemis that was worshiped here in ancient times, most probably where now is Panagia Kohi.Walking around in Artemonas is the best you can do here as it has many lovely corners, the renovated windmills, some...

  • Chrysopigi monastery

    Monastery of Chrysopigi (Virgin Mary of Golden Well) is the most important church of Sifnos island. It dates back from 1650 and houses an icon of Virgin Mary which is dedicated to Zoodocho Pigi (means Life-giving Font) and the legend says that it was found flowing on the sea and rescued by fishermen. Believers come here to worship the miraculous...

  • Exambela

    Exambela is a village a located just 1km away from Apollonia. Actually we walked there the first day but we didn’t know we were already out of Apollonia as Exambela spreads from Arades (where the row of 10 windmills are, some of them in good shape) and beyond toward the south. The name probably is a short version of ksera ampelia which means dried...

  • Faros

    Faros is a small seaside village 8km south of Apollonia.Faros means lighthouse, it was named after the lighthouse which can be seen at the right of the entrance of the bay. I was surprised to read that this small port was until 1883 the main port of the island and served the communication and business needs of Sifnos. Some years before there were a...

  • Kamares

    Kamares is the port village of Sifnos, located at the west side, 5km west of Apollonia.Kamares means arches/vaults, probably due to many caves that were located on the rocky south coast and were used as garages for small boats, they were called syrmata (wires) back then. In our days these caves are not visible as they had been covered by houses and...

  • Kastro

    Kastro is a picturesque village, 3km east of Apollonia. It was the old capital of the Sifnos (since medieval times) until 1836. This medieval village is by far the most picturesque village on the island, located on the top of a rocky hill going down to the sea, with plenty of small cobblestone alleys, nice old houses with wooden balconies and coats...

  • Kato Petali

    Kato Petali is a tiny village, 1,5km east of Apollonia and 1,5km west of Kastro.Petali means small rocky hill in local dialect, Kato Petali is located on a small hill between Apollonia and Kastro.Kato Petali(lower Petali) must not be confused with Ano Petali (upper Petali) the village located on the hill north of Apollonia. We were watching Kato...

  • Pano Petali

    Pano(or Ano) Petali is a tiny village, 1,5km north of Apollonia. It is actually located on the hill between Apollonia and Artemonas, so you easily combine both of them in one shot as the path from Apollonia continues through Ano Petali to Artemona (or vice versa).Petali means small rocky hill in local dialect. We visited Ano Petali one evening...

  • Panagia Vounou

    Panagia Vounou (Virgin Mary of the Mountain) is a monastery that houses a church that was built in 1813 by monk Gerasimos Avranopoulos on the top of a hill (hence the name?). It is located on a great spot with beautiful view over Platis Yialos bay (6km long beach). Most visitors come here take some pictures and go but don’t do just that, stand for...

  • Platis Yialos

    Platys Yialos is seaside tourist resort at the south part of Sifnos island, It is famous for its long sandy beach hence the name Platys Yialos (wide seashore). It gets busy during high season but in may looked like a ghost town, we found it really dull anyway. The beach is lined with fish taverns and watersport facilities but the general...


Nisos Sifnos Hotels

  • Delfini Hotel Sifnos

    Ag.Marina Kamares, 840 03

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Petali Village Hotel

    Apollonia-Ano Petali

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Morfeas Pension

    Kamares, 84003

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Nisos Sifnos Restaurants

  • Lunch With The Skippers

    This is where a little local knowledge goes a long way - sharing lunch with the skippers of our little flotilla I ate what they ate, drank what they drank - well not quite literally in as much as I had my own plates and glasses!! The extensive menu covers pretty much most of what the average tourist would want, and perhaps expect, from a perfectly...

  • Who Cares About A Menu?

    This is the way to eat - arrive at the restaurant, don't bother with menus - just eat what's come off the boat that morning with the Aegean lapping around your ankles. Along with great company, great service, cold beer and local wine this little place really did it for me!!! As I said there was no menu as they hadn't expected to be busy that...

  • Petali Gourmet Restaurant

    It is situated at Ano Petali and offers a panoramic view at Appolonia Village and to the surrounding islands. Its tables are situated at its beautiful garden. It offers international cuisine accompanied by selected Greek wines.


    The highlight of our day in Nisos Sifnos, was in the evening when we went out to eat. I have a card from this restaurant, but I just can't read the Greek writing on it. All I know is that the meal was delicious. The restaurant was in the beach area in the town of Vathi, to the right of the Harbour and it was literally on the water, just a few steps...

  • Seat on Sifnos Seaside

    The food was tooooo much! I had the best Mousaka ever, but it must have had at least 2,500 calories! But, someone told me that there were no calories in food when you are on vacation, and especially on Greek islands. The setting was the best! It reminded me so much of the old days when I first came to Greece in the late 70's. Places like this were...

  • Best restaurant on the island

    Situated on the central square in Artemonas. The square is kept carfree. This tavern serves delicious traditional local food. It is just a little bit more expensive than other taverns, but quality is very high. Try the capre-salad, a local specialty.


Nisos Sifnos Nightlife

  • Going cuban - the greek way

    In the city of Kastro, which is situated in the mountains, the restaurants and bars you can find are mainly situated on the "stairways" up to the city, but if you go to the right around the city when you arrive instead of going up the stairs, you will find a cuban-looking bar with a great view over the mountains. The owner has a thing for Che...


    On the same beach where the Hotel Boulis is located there is a pub with a beautiful opendoor place with little tables beside the sea, here you can hear nice music drinking or eating some dishes.Of course you can stay here until 1 a.m. or two in an extreme case. after that take your stuffs and go off to bed, tomorrow is another day. Dress as you...

  • The heart of the island's night!

    A beautiful bar in Appolonia--an old stone house with a very small yard. Bodgi is on a corner of the main alley of Appolonia (the town of SIfnos has only ONE alley with bars, just that, it is 3 min. walking, that's all!)Everybody is sitting in Bodgi, in the yard of Bodgi and outside in the alley with their drinks (!!!).The music is absolutely...


Nisos Sifnos Transportation

  • how to go there

    Boat is the only option to reach Sifnos island as there is no airport although some rich people may use the heliport :)Pic 3 shows where Sifnos is among other islands of Cyclades.We arrived at Kamares by ferry from Piraeus, slow ferry (pic 1) takes 5hours30’ (31 euros one way) while the fast one (pic 2) takes 2hours 30’ (48 euros one way).Kamares...

  • How to move around

    Sifnos is a mid size island, with small distances. You can just relax in one village enjoying the beach or/and visit other areas for as half day trips. Near the port we saw an info booth with several maps covering almost every village/beach of the island. Pic 5 is the map of KamaresBy busAll villages in Sifnos are connected with several buses...

  • Island cruising by speedboat

    This was actually when we had to leave Sifnos. Our ferry was unfortunately cancelled because of bad weather and we could either stay a couple of days more or hire a boat to sail us to Paros in two hours. We were all up for the boat thing - it could be pretty fun trying to sail in a boat with our very own captain. Well, we were pretty naive, and...


Nisos Sifnos Shopping

  • mindcrime's Profile Photo

    what to buy: what to buy

    by mindcrime Written Jun 18, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the oldest arts practiced in Sifnos (from very early Cycladic period!) is pottery. That happened due to abundance of refractory clay, water from wells and cisterns, and mild climatic conditions. Obviously locals were talented too, that’s why through out the years Sifnians concurrent with the word potter.
    The first years the workshops were located inland to avoid pirates raids but later they moved close to the sea so they can export their products. In our days you can find 19 workshops in Sifnos, most of them selling utilitarian objects for cooking or storage of products (mastelo, tsikali are the most famous ones but also several jars, cups, plates etc) but also some decorative items with traditional or modern forms and colors.
    We noticed many of them in Kamares but there are more in almost every village. The truth is that Kamares is more convenient, you can buy things just before your departure from Sifnos. We saw some beautiful handmade items not only for decoration but also useful utensils for cooking(mastelo for meat, tsikali for chickpeas etc)

    Of course there are some typical souvenir stores with cups, tshirts and these kind of stuff, also maps and some small bookguides. A few meters away from Iroon square at Apollonia we noticed a bookstore with several books in English.

    On main road of Kamares, next to Stavros Café we noticed a small pastry store with several handmade products. We bought some great local bisquits of Sifnos (9euro/kg) and the famous amygdalota (almond cookies, 11euro/kg). We returned the day after for some bisquits again but also some poulia (7euro/kg, it is a local brioche that you can find during the Easter Week). We bought similar poulia in Artemonas where we also tried scones, chalvadopita, pasteli etc

    Finally, before you get on the boat don’t miss the small store opposite the port where you can buy dairy products, especially the tasty local cheese myzithra. It’s called Spilia tis Grias (Oldlady’s Cave) but unfortunately was closed on Easter Sunday, so we just took the myzithra we had with us the previous day.
    In Apollonia we saw some stores selling capers, oregano and some other herbs. Also manoura (if you want to make honeypie like they do in Sifnos), sour myzithra cheese, local honey (based on thyme taste and aroma) etc We didn’t buy local wine but I’ve heard its good.

    If you plan to cook at home or just need some supplies (fruits etc) you can try several small stores in Kamares or smaller villages or some bigger ones in Apollonia. The one we visited in Apollonia was located at Arades (opposite the windmill). It was strange they didn’t have local products there!

    ceramics fridge magnets bookstore

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Nisos Sifnos Local Customs

  • Easter week in Sifnos

    We knew that spending the Easter Week in Sifnos would be interesting with so many churches on the island. At the beginning of the Easter Week the women clean and fresh their home but also whitewash the courtyyards and the alleys where they invite the visitors with Kalo Pasxa (happy Easter) (pic 1). As expected the tourist season begins, most...

  • local food

    It’s impossible to visit Sifnos on Sunday and avoid the smell of revithada, the delicious local speciality. Revithada (chickpea stew) is served in every restaurant after the Sunday mass. Usually the locals eat it at 11.00am along with olives, bread and wine. The secret behind this food is that is cooked at earthenware pot that put in the oven of...


    My friend the musician Manolis Vasilopoulos has work playing guitar or keyboards on summer seasons in the islands, someday is here, and the day after is there.Once upon a time he was working for "Aloni" pub, in Sifnos, and he has a lot of good friends in there. It was the time of baptisms, and a friend of him has a little beautiful boy named...


Nisos Sifnos Warnings and Dangers

  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    Beware of Pirates!!

    by johngayton Updated Nov 5, 2007

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    This really was SCARY!!

    As we sailed from Sifnos, on our way to Ios, the calm spangling blue of the Aegean waters lulled us into a semi-somnolent state of near bliss.

    More fool us then than to trust in the innate goodness of the ocean's fellow inhabitants!! For just as we reached what we expected to be the safe harbour of Ios we were suddenly beset by the most fearsome scurvy crew of pirates.

    Aye, never a more scurvy nor fearsome a bunch had I ever encountered, like some primordial beings raised from the deepest depths of all my subconscious fears and brought into existence here into this temporal world to forever haunt my nightmares!

    OK Maybe NOT ;)

    Just when we thought we were safe! Is this the most effeminate pirate ever?
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Nisos Sifnos General


    Vathi, meaning deep, takes its name from the depth of the sea in the harbor, as well as from the fact that the harbor here is situated at the low end of the surrounding area. VATHI is located on the south-west side of the island of Sifnos. Actually we sailed right passed it. We were all having fun with it and chiding our captain Pavlos. The other...


    Wednesday, May 30, 2007Our Third Port of CallLocated 79 nautical miles fromPiraeus, NISOS SIFNOS is blessed with fine amber sand beaches, picturesque windmills and an abundance of churches and white chapels (365).Our three sailboats moored at the Harbour in Vathy.


    A wonderful gulf, a great place to stay if you like to be 10 steps from the sea!!!I always stay in Vathi (check out for Areti's rooms) so that I can have the sea at my feet the whole day and go to the town of Appolonia at night just for a walk or a drink. I find this more convenient than driving aroun the whole day. Vathi is a very very quiet...


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