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  • The shimmering sunset : Naoussa, Paros
    The shimmering sunset : Naoussa, Paros
    by samitbabu
  • Windmill, traditional feature of the island
    Windmill, traditional feature of the...
    by Just_Jenny
  • Piso Livadi
    Piso Livadi
    by TravelDetails

Paros Things to Do

  • Rent a Scooter

    It's so easy to get around Paros on a scooter, though you'll find yourself struggling up some hills. I covered most of the island in a day on our scooter, and even took the ferry to Antiparos - well worth it

  • Ekatonpillani : One of Oldest Greek...

    One of the oldest Christian Greek Temple of Greece, Ekatonpillani means a church with a Hundred Doors.There are a few versions of myths and legends which surrounds this name.The church consists of a main Byzantine structure along with two other chapels surrounding it.Though damaged after an earthquake during the 18th century, it has been well...

  • Parikia or Naoussa ? if its 1 night at...

    Parikia would be my choice.It is beautiful especially the evening supper or early dinner beside the sea with the huge vessels sailing in from the darkness of the blue sea. Naoussa ( mostly fishing boats )should be the afternoon - eveing 3hour trip if you want to pack up the whole day.


Paros Hotels

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Paros Restaurants

  • Don't miss the day's specials!!

    Great food, great music, a warm welcome and you'll feel at home :)Unfortunately, not very easy to find, located on the "potami", around 500 meters from the bridge, next to the bus stop and opposit the parking, after the clubs. It is really worth the visit. Thanks Elda, that Dorado will long live in my memory!

  • seafood!!

    This restaurant was reccommended to us by the driver who picked us up at the ferry. We also noticed that it was full of locals during the lunch time. So we decided to try it one evening. It was very quiet when we went - with only a couple more tourists. I chose to have the cod with garlic and Koos took the calimari. The cod was delicious really but...

  • Follow The Waiter's Recommendation!

    There was some sort of local jamboree happening in the square on my one and only (so far) evening here on Paros and so I chose to have dinner here at Argonauta sitting out on the covered terrace with the square in front of me.Excellent waiter, all moustaches and smiles, handed me the menu with the recommendation that the "Flat Fish" special is...


Paros Nightlife

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  • Cafe del Mare

    Cafe del Mare is one of most famous bars in Parikia. It offers a great atmosphere as it has chairs just beside the waves. Early enjoy the lounge music and after midnight you dance inside the bar with modern hits.

  • A memory of endless clubbing after...

    Actually i remember that when we finished school it was very popular to go to Paros for clubbing. After being again to Paros, after many years i realised that nothing changed.Parikia is a place for a more sophisticated clubbing, but Nausa has more alternatives, from traditional music clubs to mainstream music clubs.I recommend the beach bars with...

  • The little square

    The little square (as me and my family like to call it) is suddenly there, in the confusion of little streets and shops in Naussa. I haven't managed to find it right away yet, but it is definitly not impossible if you have a little sense of direction. The square is actually just a big eucaliptus three with a couple of tables under it and a little...


Paros Transportation

  • Bus ride to Naoussa from Paros Harbour

    Naroussa, a quaint and beautiful seaside town is on the other side of Paros. ( Read my Naoussa page for more details and pictures)from Paros main harbour, we took the Bus ride to Naoussa.the buses ply once every 15 minutes and the cost was 1 .5 Euros (2010)The ride is very enjoyable as it crosses the island and reaches to the other side.Return...

  • Paros Island Bus Service

    The Paros Island Bus Service by the Govt Agency (forgot the name, something like KEIP) runs from a small Bus Office, pretty next to the PAros jetty where all the ships and speed ferries reach.The Bus service runs from around 8 am in the morning to about 9.30 pm at Night.It runs to most destinations in the island.Buses are comfortable by mist...

  • Ferryboat

    Paros is connected with Athen and all the other cyclades island with a lot of ferries companies, there are fast ferries with the possibility to bring with u your car or motorhome, slow ferries for pax and car, hig speed catamaran, old ferries.....If u want to planning a loop trip in different islands of the region it's better to have a look to the...


Paros Shopping

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  • Best Shop for all things Greek!

    Tantanis has a large selection of all sorts of home decor and souveniers that are imported from all parts of Greece -- the owner and the girls that work at the shop were extremely friendly and helpful.They ship to the US -- we bought over a dozen different items, had them shipped home and they arrived in perfect condition because the shop so...

  • VTer's best friend...Internet Cafe, an...

    Located close to the ferry pier, it allows you last minute communication to friends or accomodation on the next island.Eat, drink, and e-mail daily 09:00-01:00 per hour ... 4.50 euro

  • VTer's best friend...Internet Cafe

    Considered by many to be the most sophisticated network in this portion of the Greek Islands, the Wired Cafe sells 'Smart Cards', which once purchased, can be used to access the internet from a number of terminals around the island. Link up while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.Open 10:30-14:30, 18:00-23:00 per hour ... 7.00 euro1/4 hr ... 1.75...


Paros Local Customs

  • Cakes and fat people!

    I was very surprised that in islands we saw so many fat people! I really dont know why they r like this?!Maybe to many cakes?

  • Our own Petting Zoo

    Just outside Margarita's Studios, across the street, this family of goats live, in quiet harmony, with the rest of the neighbors. Each morning, Ma Kettle and I would be met by these adorable little creatures, stretching their heads over the stone fence, looking for a handout. From what we observed, this is normal for people on Paros.

  • Hey, need a room???

    I imagine every port looks like this. A crowd of people hawking accomodation to the tourists debarking from the ferry.Annoying if you have a place, but a Godsend if you're flying by the seat of your pants.We have friends who took one of these guys up on their offer, and were most pleased with the results. Remember, you can always say no...


Paros Warnings and Dangers

  • Faulty scooters

    Rent a motorbike agency D.Kipreos is hunting tourists with a little lower prices then others, but they are giving for rental motorbikes in very bad condition, mechanically changed, with many parts doesn't work, like speedometer or fuel indicator and they will confirm whatever you ask even many things are not true. If you ask to try motorbike before...

  • check the petrol level

    we hired a car from Cyclades, near the ferry terminal. They were very friendly when we booked the car for the next day and said they would have a new car waiting for us. We arrived on the sunday morning and waiting for us was the car.... an old car. We were not too bothered about that so off we went but a few yards away from the office we saw that...

  • Greece overwhelms Spain...Claim World...

    Ma Kettle and I had front row seats at Pebbles Bar when the final minutes ticked down. We were part of history.The streets of Parikia erupted with fireworks, impromptu parades, and cheers that could be heard all over the island when Greece were victorious over Spain for the World Cup.Motorcycles, cars, and trucks equipped with flares and fireworks...


Paros Tourist Traps

  • Naussa Restaurants - Keep Going!

    by ashk88 Updated Mar 1, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In the beginning of Naussa's main street, a long line of restaurant waiters will be yelling at you to come try their food, but don't be fooled! The restaurants are often noisy (placed right next to the playground, and the main street), and the variety of food is often very little or boring.

    Unique Suggestions: If you don't have an alternative, then make sure you get a table away from the main street and order Gyros (the greek fast food), which is always satisfying!

    Fun Alternatives: Go further down the main street and turn right, down one of the little streets. In the little streets, the restaurants are more cosy and the food is much better. Another alternative is to walk around the little streets until you find the little beach/bay opposite the main street, where the fish restaurants situated right in the sand, will provide great food, and great service. m

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Paros What to Pack

  • mapakettle's Profile Photo

    T-shirts, shorts, and bathing

    by mapakettle Updated Aug 21, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Carry your belongings on your back, suitcases just don't cut it here.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Summer months require bathing suits (optional), shorts, t-Shirts, and sandles...nothing else is required. We're too old to go clubbing, so we can offer no information in that regard.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Heat rashes are common, so suggest body talc. We found that Vagisil works wonders in a hot, humid climate. I know it is generally associated with women, but guys, it just remove the label.

    Sunscreen is a must. Don't be a hero...

    Photo Equipment: Parika has lots of places to purchase film, and at least one camera shop that carried odd-ball batteries.

    We didn't own a digital camera at the time, so can not comment re spare memory. Lots of photo ops on Paros.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: beach towel...don't bother camping because prices are cheap enough for accomodation.

    Miscellaneous: sunglasses, stupid floppy hats.

    too bad we didn't bring water ski's...
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Paros Off The Beaten Path

  • Butterflies....

    On our visit to Paros it is well worth paying a visit to the Petaloudes Valley which translates to “Valley of the butterflies" despite the name technically there are no butterflies here!!It’s a beautiful, green wooded area, full of trees and many beautiful flowers where thousands of Jersey Moths come here to mate, during the months May through to...

  • Scooter tour with no destination

    one of the best way to discover the country is to take a bike, motorbike or car and drive trough the lonely country road with no can meet a old women with a donkey back from the country work of the goats that poass in front of you with the baeel in to the nack or...stopping to talk a little bit with the old peole of this...

  • A day trip in little Cyclades

    There are some agency that can provide for you a day tirp with fast boat in the nearest litlle Cyclades, like Kouffonissi or Heraklion or in other Naxos beaches....I ddiden't do it because when I saw the pics of these places I wanted to spend some days there in my Cyclades trip.If you have time and you want to see this little jewels it's a good...


Paros Sports & Outdoors

  • Kite surf in Pounda beach

    pounda beach is the main spot in the Paros Island. Pounda is located in front of Antiparos island and the channel have strong wind in certain time of tha day and a in shore wind usefull for practice.pouda beach is very famouse between the young, there are many facilities and bar, but the most important thing is that there are 2 kite school that can...

  • Final Game...World Cup

    Tonight was the final game of World Cup Soccer (between Spain and Greece). Every bar in Parika had a large screen TV, and was filled to capacity, with countless lawn chairs set up within viewing range. Those bars that didn't have a set, or just offered the small portable units, were near empty. The Greeks take their soccer games seriously. All...


    Sports & FunThe sailing club, daily cruises and fishing trips, centres for watersports diving, sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing, paragliding and water skiing, an amusement park with waterslides etc. tennis and basketball courts, go-cart track, horse riding, and health club gymnasium.


Paros General

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  • Parikia, the port

    It is the capital of the island, and also a commercial and trasporting port.Narrow streets, ancient monuments, small churches and a archealogical museum and also Paroikia offers all the facilities for a traveler. There is a windmill in the centre of the waterfront and it is the trademark of the town.

  • Naousa

    Naousa is one of the most the beautiful picturesque fishing village of Parosand is located in a huge bay in the northern part of Paros, 10 kilometres east from the capital, Parikia.It is built amphitheatrically around a tiny picturesque port where remains of a Venetian castle can still be seen, creating a particular and enchanting atmosphere.Naousa...

  • The church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani

    The most famous and oldest church of Paros is the Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani (Our Lady of the Hundreds Gates) or Katapoliani, which is also considered as one of the most important Byzantine Monuments of Greece.Located in the capital of Paros, Parikia, the church is believed to be miraculous and every year, thousands of Pilgrims visit it for...


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