Santorini Island Local Customs

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  • vives outside Megalochori
    vives outside Megalochori
    by mindcrime
  • sculpture of donkey in Fira
    sculpture of donkey in Fira
    by mindcrime
  • donkey in Messaria village
    donkey in Messaria village
    by mindcrime

Most Viewed Local Customs in Santorini Island

  • 1. Smashing Plates And Partying

    Why do they smash plates anyway? Plate smashing used to be a common practice in restaurants here. It was done during dancing and music for celebrations, often weddings, but any excuse will do. This...

  • 2. Donkeys And Mules

    Donkeys are connected with Santorini. They were always there at the Old Port below Fira transferring cruise passenger up the 260m hill. The thing is that since 1979 there is a cable car that transfers...

  • 3. Local Food

    Meletini (meletinia in plural) is a traditional sweet from Santorini that is very popular during Easter period, usually served after the Anastasis. But it is so tasty many people eat it any other time...

  • 4. Cats And Dogs

    Everywhere you go in Santorini, you'll get in touch with the cats living on the island. Do not be surprised to eat in an open-air restaurant with a cat looking at you and waiting for some food! Sooo...

  • 5. Weddings In Santorini

    People like to get married since forever and they usually consider this as a very special day of their life. So, some people choose Santorini island for this! And ok, this is normal and more easy to...

  • 6. Local Wines And Wineries

    Probably the most famous local product in Santorini (after the famous sunsets) is the wine. Blessed by the Mediterranean climate and the volcano’s soil the wine producing started here since the...

  • 7. Architecture

    All across Santorini you will see real windmills – if you look for them. All too often you will see fake ones adorning a restaurant or hotel. Most of the real windmills are now ruins (pictured). A...

  • 8. Easter in Santorini

    If you want peace and quiet, tradition and beauty come to Santorini during Easter. Easter is the beginning of the Summer season for Santorini and it is a great...

  • 9. Hot Springs are Popular in Santorini

    Hot springs is called a location at Palia Kameni (old burnt), one of the two volcanic islands in the middle of Santorini Caldera. The water there has a...

  • 10. IT'S ALL GREEK TO ME !

    I hope this helps you!Thank you: Efharisto (in a restaurant or cafe thank you is better: Efharistoomay)Good morning/good day (until 13:00 ): Kalimera Good...


    WHAT TIME IS IT? The time in Greece works like this:Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hoursDaylight saving time: +1 hourELECTRICTY:The power supply in Greece is...

  • 12. THE FLAG

    The Greek Flag you see today was only officially adopted on 22 December 1978 making it a young flag for an ancient nation. A blue and white striped flag has...


    Santorini is beautiful and clean. Let’s keep it that way! There are proper receptacles everywhere. Call them ‘trash cans’ or ‘rubbish bins’ – it does not...

  • 14. Boxing Children

    This fresco was uncovered in the archeological dig at Akrotiri. It shows that this ancient civilization were quite advanced for their time and competed in...

  • 15. Sunsets in Oia

    If you are coming to Santorini, don't miss out on the incredible sunsets. The best spot to catch them is in Oia at the old castle. Be sure to stick around for...

  • 16. Tavernas & Restaurants

    It's common in tavernas on the Greek islands to get some kind of freebie with your meal, sometimes by way of an appetiser (bread & dips for example) and...

  • 17. Fish

    This is a scene I caught on our way home from dinner one night in Ammoudi, the harbor at the base of Oia's cliffs. The men are pulling the little fish...

  • 18. Nescafe frappe

    Frappe is basically a Nescafe shake. You can have it with or without milk, with or without sugar. It normally comes in a big glass with a straw to drink it.It...

  • 19. Farming Style

    Out in the countryside of Santorini as we were driving towards Akrotiri traditional farming methods can be seen. We stopped to watch this farmer turning these...

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