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Sunset in Oia Tips (5)

Sunset in Santorini

The sunsets in Santorini are awsome!
However because of the crowds of people it is hard to enjoy them. The alleys are filled and people are found standing for hours waiting for the moment the sun sets.

Unique Suggestions You can stay at one of the hotels facing the caldera and then you have the sunset all for yourself on a balcony near the pool with a glass of white wine.

Fun Alternatives Have in mind that restaurants that offer this view are surely overprised!
Don't get a sit and order without first having a look at the price.
If it is too much, just leave!!!

You can take your beer or wine and a glass with you, and find the right place and enjoy the beautiful sunset instead of going to a restaurant or even bar!

greekcypriot's Profile Photo
Aug 17, 2010

Sunset in Oia

The sunset in Oia is overmarketed. There are too many people. In addition, the sun sets over an area of the town that is not as pretty so your pictures are not as good as they could be.

Fun Alternatives Instead, take your sunset pictures in Fira, or even better, at the Faros lighthouse.

Oct 15, 2007

The sunset in Oia

It is very beautiful but it is hard to enjoy it because of the crowds of tourists that are filling all the alleys and standing there for hours to wait for the sunset

Unique Suggestions Better just go and see the sunset in Fira is also beautiful but less crowded or come in June or October when there are supposed to be less tourists

Fun Alternatives You can stay at one of the hotels facing the caldera and than you have the sunset all for yourself on a balcony near the pool with a glass of white wine

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Aug 22, 2007

Sunset in Oia

Everybody wants to see the sunset in Oia – so be prepared for people occupying every vantage point well before sunset. Yes, it is beautiful (see the travelogue on my Oia page), but you get good sunsets in Fira too, without the crowds. The pictures were taken at the beginning of June - before the high season started !

And if you’re hoping to capture that postcard shot of the sun setting over the two churches – don’t bother. The churches are along the southern side of Oia, and that picture is probably taken in mid-winter, because it’s looking south-west, and the sun would have had to set at 3 pm to get that view !

Unique Suggestions Go to Oia early to avoid the crowds on the buses. Have a stroll around and explore if you are early, and then pick your spot. Be prepared to wait ages !

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Jul 25, 2007
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Oia. What is the big deal...?

Everything we read said we had to go see the sunset on Oia. Don't miss the sunset. Ok, we went early, scouted out our destination, fought for seats, ordered our drinks, and waited for the sun to go down. Errr...was that it??

I was pretty, I guess, but we've seen spectacular sunsets from our balcony in Padova which beat this one all to heck. I'm guessing it was a bad day...perhaps too much haze.

Unique Suggestions If you want to experience the sunset, book a room overlooking the Caldera ahead of time, stay over night on your hotel balcony or patio, and enjoy some wonderful Vin Santo wine. If the sunset is spectacular, great, if it was just OK, no big deal, you had to sleep somewhere. Ma Kettle and I would do this just for the romance of it all.

Another suggestion, book a reservation at one of the many restaurants, and enjoy fine food, wine, and the expectation of a wonderful floor show.

Fun Alternatives Spend the better part of the day wandering about the town of Oia (pronounced EEa). The sights are unbelievable, I guarantee visual overload.

Oia is not generally as crowded during the day as Fira, and the shops appear a bit more tourist friendly.

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Jan 21, 2005

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