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Private Tour: Santorini Sightseeing with Photo Stops on the Fira to Oia Hiking Trail
"Choose from a morning or afternoon departure and then meet your guide at your Santorini hotel. Take a seat inside your luxury air-conditioned car or minivan (depending on the size of your private group) and set off to explore the island’s southern coast. As you travel listen to your private guide’s enlightening commentary about Santorini and drink in stunning views of the caldera vine-clad hills and sugar cube houses.Make a brief photo stop at the lighthouse on the southern tip of the island before visiting a family-run store to sample homemade delicacies such as sundried tomatoes capers and goat cheese.Next get a glimpse of old-world Greece as you travel through Pyrgos village. Then
From EUR75.00
Private Custom Tour: Santorini in a Day
"With a customized itinerary that is tailored to suit your needs and interests spend your chosen five or eight hours on Santorini visiting the cultural historical and natural landmarks that interest you the most. During your tour speak with your private driver-guide about the types of things you would like to see so that the logistics can be arranged.On the day of your tour meet your driver-guide at your Santorini hotel and then set off in a premium
From EUR50.00
Sailing Catamaran Cruise in Santorini
"Setting sail from the southern port of Vlychada and following the coastline you will reach the red beach in Akrotiri one of the most beautiful beaches of the island with a distinct red coloration caused by the rich in minerals and iron soil. Then head to the white rocky beach where a stop for swimming and snorkeling is made and highly recommended. After all no one can resist the crystal clear blue waters with the abounding underwater environment and reefs. Heading to the Venetian lighthouse you will sail below the Indian Rocks through caves and rock formations characteristic of the Aegean landscape. Entering the caldera of Santorini
From EUR100.00

Walking around Fira Tips (5)

Are the Roads in Santorini Safe to Drive?

The roads on the island of Santorini are very safe, as long as you are not drunk!

Rent a car even for a day -I think it is enough. We did hire one but we felt we did not need it more than one, the maximum two days. The rest of the days we had it parked by the square and used it when we had to get to the airport. It was a mistake!

The roads might be in some parts a little narrow, but as always you have to be careful.

Be sure to book a hotel with view.

greekcypriot's Profile Photo
Feb 16, 2016

Fira: cable cars and mules

While walking along the cliffside streets in Santorini's capital, Fira, you may be overcome with the urge to get down to the port below you to view the town in all its splendour.

This is what I chose to do on my first morning in Fira. I decided to walk down the path (a tiring 20 minute walk, even though it's downhill all the way!) and, for reasons that I'll never be able to fathom, I also decided to walk back up (a 50 minute walk/crawl/energy-sapping struggle!).

In hindsight, the journey (at least the uphill return leg of it) would be better undertaken by one of the following methods:

1. Catch a cable car at the bottom of the cliff and, for just a few Euros, get yourself transported back to the top in a matter of minutes. The cable cars run continually throughout the day and there are no obstacles to block the spectacular view from them.

2. Catch a mule back up the cliff. I was surprised at just how fast the mules can move, especially given the steep incline and the fact that they're carrying heavy tourists on their backs. They certainly put me to shame - dozens of them overtook me during my own climb back up. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd have liked to catch a mule up the cliff - as stated above, they do move at a fair pace, the path is slippery (its made of shiny stones) and there are some precarious drops along the route. However, the mules prove very popular with tourists.

If you're arriving at (or leaving) Santorini by ferry, don't worry- you won't have to make this journey with your luggage. The ferry port is further along the coast and coaches make the journey up and down the equally steep cliff there.

SWFC_Fan's Profile Photo
May 23, 2006


Fira and its neighbouring villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli are small enough to walk around and between, though the walk out to Imerovigli is a little bit uphill and those with mobility problems may prefer to get a bus or taxi. Not only are those places small and close enough to walk around, the whole island is not exactly huge and you can walk from almost anywhere to anywhere. The walk from Fira to Oia is particularly rewarding as it skirts the caldera rim and the views are spectacular along its whole route. At the end of it is the delights of Oia (or Fira if you do it in reverse) with their wonderful cafes and tavernas, all with great views.
The path to Oia is well defined, it's really hard to get lost. I'll post more details in a travelogue.

steventilly's Profile Photo
Jun 16, 2006

"What's the name of the game"?

Many of you, you have been asking yourselves, how many stairs you have to climb up till you finally reach the town of FIRA from the Old Port?

The answer is: 558!!!

So,not to be afraid: I have not counted them, somebody else, I suppose one of the locals, has counted them for us and have given an increasing number to every step.

So, take a big breath and start climbing and counting to...558!

INSULARIUS's Profile Photo
Jul 08, 2009
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Karteradhos, Santorini, 84700, Greece
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...Or you can just... walk!

Of course if you dont like to use animals or the cable railway to the way to the old port,you can use your legs! There are thousands of steps to get down and it looks easy, but to walk up....

Apr 01, 2003

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