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Budapest Card
"Your Budapest Card includes the following features for either 24 48 or 72 hours depending on the option selected.""""Explore Budapest at your own pace and see the sights you want to see with the Budapest Card! Simply show your card for free or discounted entry to participating attractions plus use it for free public transport two walking tours
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Full-Day Budapest Private Tour by Car or by Public Transport with Lunch
"Your day begins in the City Park (Városliget) which is one of the most exciting parts of Budapest. The City Park is not a natural but a man-made park it can almost be called an adventure park. Along the City Park lake take a walk towards Zoo Boulevard which has plenty of monuments in store. Here you will also find the Gundel Restaurant
From EUR75.00
Private 4-Hour Tour of Budapest By Public Transport Including Danube River Cruise
"You will be picked up from your hotel and then you will take the Millennium Underground line to reach Heroes' Square before taking a scenic urban bus along Andrássy Avenue and another one up to the Castle District. En-route you will see many of the main attractions of Budapest such as Deák Square the Chain Bridge the Royal Palace and so much more. Once you return to the Danube riverbank you will then take a ride on what was voted the 7th-most-beautiful-tram-line in the world to finally take a short trip on one of the most crowded ones. From these 2 trams the Parliament building the Elisabeth Bridge and the Liberty Bridge as well as the historical centre of Budapest. Your tour finishes with a boat cruise along the Danube to admire the city's beautiful skyline from the water."
From EUR100.00

Castle District (Varhegy) Tips (12)

Buda Youth Park

Fondest memory It was a legendary nightclub in 60s and 70s, later important place for hungarian rock culture. It was open from 1961 to 1984. The building is situated under Buda Castle in the bazaar line. Today closed and need reconstruction.

katalin's Profile Photo
Jul 09, 2011

Enjoy the Castle Grounds

Favorite thing I could of gone inside the Buda Castle, instead I was quite content walking around its grounds. I enjoyed the grand views over Budapest and Gellert Hill. I enjoyed sitting in its gardens and people watching. I tried my hand at archery for 500HUF. But most of all I enjoyed the many statues situated around the grounds. Like the Matthias Fountain which depicts a hunting party led by King Matthias Corvinus together with bloodhounds and a killed deer. I thought it was visually stunning. The Turulbird perched high above the Danube with the Sword of Attila firmly clasped in its talons was also magnificent. There are also many other statues on the grounds and lining the facade of the Castle that one can enjoy.
There are two museums inside the Castle. The first is the Budapest History Museum which presents Budapest from its beginning up until the end of the Communist era. The second is the Hungarian National Gallery and it presents Hungarian art from all genres. The Hungarian National Library is also found in Buda Castle. It has all the works of the Hungarian chronicler Anonymus.
The Buda Castle had been destroyed and gutted many times over by the Christians, the Allied bombing of Budapest during WW2 and the Communists. The Ottomans left the palace in a decayed state. But today it still stands while those that perpetuated the damage have long gone. That is a testament to the Hungarian people.

azz8206's Profile Photo
Oct 20, 2010

Prince Eugene of Savoy - Equestrian Statue

Favorite thing If you have visited any of my VT pages you will find that I always am fascinated by equestrian statues when I visit a city. I found this beautiful statue at the castle on the Buda side of the city. I wrote down a couple of hasty notes and then did some research when I got home. The statue is a memorial to Prince Eugene of Savoy. When I started my research I found some fascinating information about Prince Eugene that might be interesting to anyone who visits Budapest and finds the memorial. Prince Eugene was known for cross dressing, was slight of build and part of the circle of the transvestite Abbe de Choisy. He was known for opposing French ambition in Euorpe, battling the Ottoman Turks on the battlefield in Vienna in 1683, and for becoming the principal Austrian commander during the War of the Spanish Succession. He is known as one of the most brilliant generals in Hapsburg Empire. He died one of the wealthiest men in Europe. You never know what you will learn when you take a picture of a statue and then research it later.

There is a similiar equestrian memorial to Prince Eugene in Vienna.

littlesam1's Profile Photo
Jul 06, 2006

Budapest open air museum

Favorite thing The castle area is a walled complex consisting of the Old Town (Var) and the Royal Palace (Budavari palota).

The Royal Palace is located South of Castle Hill. It stands now on the site of a medieval palace destroyed by the Turkish invaders. Today, there is a grand palace Baroque style which unfortunately does not keep much of its lavish interiores as it was looted during the WWII . Today, it houses someof the most important museums of the city : , the Hungarian National Gallery, the National Széchényi Library, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Budapest History Museum.

Not to miss if the painting and sculpture is your cup of tea.

If it is not you will still enjoy the beauty of the exterior facades of the buildings and the very special medieval atmosphere of the Var.

If you like funiculars you are lucky because the Siklo funs from Clark Adam ter to Szent Gyorgy ter giving you a short ride uphill and allowing you to enjoy the views over the Danube.

If you prefer to walk in the forest or you are missing the gym you might want to access the Hill and the Old town by climbing trhe Kiraly lepcso or Royal Steps, running from Hunyadi Janos ut to the Royal Palace.
This second option is my favourite route if you allow me because of the very diffent perspectives you see of the river and the urban landscapes. Worth the effort, believe me.

Nemoa's Profile Photo
Jul 20, 2005
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Castle District - Budai var

Favorite thing In ancient times the Celts recognized how important the location of Budapest was. Much later, Bela IV, the 13th century Hungarian king, realized the importance of the Castle Hill. A surviving record tells us that Bela IV declared that a fortress was to be built here in 1255.

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Nov 14, 2004

Castle District

Favorite thing This place deserves all day in your itinerary. Palaces, churches, gardens, museums galore. It has restaurants, bookshops, curio shops, artists, street performers, tourists, locals. It has a lot of what you are looking for ina cultural and historical area.

I spent the better part of two days exploring here. There was a surprise around every corner and a smile on every face. I drank beer at an outdoor pub overlooking the Danube. I bought a painting. I listened to a guitarist sing a sad song in a language I did not understand. I had a wonderful lunch sitting in the grass behind the castle.

I will return here, hopefully with my wife and son. I want them to experience some old world charm that has not been commercialized.

american_tourister's Profile Photo
Apr 21, 2004

Budapest has a bit of a Parisian ambiance

Favorite thing and creates with that its unique mix....

But these stairs were one of the things that did remind me a bit of Paris. And it gives you also an idea of the steepness of thehill you'll be climbing if you decide to go to the Mathias church. We decended these stairs just below the walls that surround castle hill

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Nov 28, 2003

Old Town Part One

Favorite thing The walled castle District is the premier destination for visitors , and contains some of Budapest's most important monuments and museums. It consists of two district parts: the Old Town , where commoners lived during medieval times, and the Royal Palace , the original site of a castle built in the 13th century.

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Jan 08, 2003

Top 5 Budapest Writers

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"Budapest - My dear hometown! :)"
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"Budapest, the "Phoenix bird", my lovely home city"
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"A fantastic town along the Danube River"
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The St. Stephan's statue

Favorite thing Fishermen's Bastion, in a bend of the road, stands the statue of Hunyadi (the work of István Tóth). János Hunyadi-the future King Matthias' father-was a famous military commander who in 1456 repulsed the Turkish attack at Nándorfehérvár (today's Belgrade); it was to commemorate his victory that Pope Calixtus III ordered that church bells should be sounded every noon. Not far away stands a replica of the famous statue of Saint George, by the Kolozsvári brothers. (The 1373 original can be seen in Prague.) In the upper court of the Fishermen's Bastion stands an equestrian statue of (Saint) Stephen I (by Alajos Stróbl, 1906), the first king of Hungary (1001-1038) and founder of the State.

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Nov 29, 2002

Hill of kings is the best...

Favorite thing Hill of kings is the best place in Budapest where you can spend your time in this town. A lot of people, a lot of museums, monuments, galleries and restauranst are realy pretty.

Fondest memory Nice girls and sight from Buda to Pest, with all that bridges, Danube and chapels from the other side of the river.

Aug 26, 2002


Favorite thing Even if a lot of monuments are concentrated in Buda castle you can find all around Budapest (downtown :) ). You can make great shots at them

Fondest memory yes ... budapest is really about art

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Feb 09, 2006

Old Town - Part Two

Favorite thing The Old Town is filled with attractively painted streets ,decorative churches and the famous Fishemen's Bastion.

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Jan 08, 2003

Things to Do Near Budapest

Things to Do

Stamp Museum - Belyemuzeum

When ever we travel, we make it a point to always seek out the local post office. Most all places we have visited, we have come home with colorful stamps from the country we visited .... Great To...
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Things to Do

Mucsarnok Hall of Art

The Kunsthalle is also known as the "Hall of Art," or "Palace of Art." I didn't want to visit this gallery of contemporary art, even though it displays the largest exhibition of sculptures and...
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Things to Do

Terror Haza - Terror Museum

An iron curtain. It sits outside Andrássy út 60. That building was the headquarters of the Arrow Cross Party (the Hungarian version of the Nazi Party) until Germany invaded in 1944. It then became...
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Things to Do

Great Synagogue - Central Synagogue

I visited this venerable synagogue in Budapest many years ago in the 1980s. Then, its grand interior was somewhat dilapidated. I can see from recent photographs (see attached picture) that this...
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Things to Do

National Museum - Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum

I thought it was a rather small collection considering it is a national museum. Though it was fairly chronological it was a bit hard to follow since so little of the exhibition had any description in...
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Things to Do

Holocaust Memorial - Raoul Wallenberg Memory Park

We are still at the Great Synagogue, now making my way to the back where the Raoul Wallenberg Memory Park is located. Here, I found some interesting pieces, the stand-out being the "TREE OF LIFE."...
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