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Full-Day Budapest Private Tour by Car or by Public Transport with Lunch
"Your day begins in the City Park (Városliget) which is one of the most exciting parts of Budapest. The City Park is not a natural but a man-made park it can almost be called an adventure park. Along the City Park lake take a walk towards Zoo Boulevard which has plenty of monuments in store. Here you will also find the Gundel Restaurant
From EUR75.00
Private 4-Hour Tour of Budapest By Public Transport Including Danube River Cruise
"You will be picked up from your hotel and then you will take the Millennium Underground line to reach Heroes' Square before taking a scenic urban bus along Andrássy Avenue and another one up to the Castle District. En-route you will see many of the main attractions of Budapest such as Deák Square the Chain Bridge the Royal Palace and so much more. Once you return to the Danube riverbank you will then take a ride on what was voted the 7th-most-beautiful-tram-line in the world to finally take a short trip on one of the most crowded ones. From these 2 trams the Parliament building the Elisabeth Bridge and the Liberty Bridge as well as the historical centre of Budapest. Your tour finishes with a boat cruise along the Danube to admire the city's beautiful skyline from the water."
From EUR100.00
Private Hungarian Wine Tasting Tour of Budapest
"A wine tasting tour that is coupled with sightseeing in Budapest. Now that is a concept that cannot be refused. Coupling gastronomy the love of wine and the millennium old and beautiful history of Budapest this tour offers refreshments for your body as well as nourishment for your mind quenching a physical thirst while satisfying a more intellectual appetite as well. The tours happen on foot so you can soak in both the nectar and the atmosphere that Budapest has to offer. With just a convenient amount of walking in the open air and with many stops for drinks along the way
From $98.00

More What to Pack in Budapest

Packing List

Any bag is suitable, but take some kind of small backpack or bag to carry necessary items like water bottle and sunscreen, because in the summer average daytime temperature can be up to 35 degrees....
Aug 24, 2002

Comfy shoes

Good walking shoes, and a light water proof jacket. Also a bathing suit if you plan to hang out in the baths at all.
bluebug's Profile Photo
Aug 16, 2005

since there are thermal baths...

bring a bag for your wet swimsuit bring a swimsuit... bring a towel... bring a swimming cap if you want to swim, too (unnecessary for the thermal baths). Bring some flip-flops
call_me_rhia's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2005

Packing List

When in Budapest, you must have a camera. There is so much beauty to capture. FOR A PHOTO TOUR, CHECK OUT MY TRAVELOGUE!
acemj's Profile Photo
Dec 11, 2003

Have a Bible and God will give You a map to go .

Let's Spread the Gospel.Take with You the BIBLE. (On the photo is Pastor Schaller from Maryland,Baltimore,GGWO,MBCS.You can hear Him teaching in Hungary Budapest KETA and in Asia,Africa,America etc. ...
mariettz's Profile Photo
Jun 02, 2003


Although there are some spas for nudists also, you might need your swimsuit. If you forget it - you CAN buy it in Budapest. Amazing, but true! Sometimes using a swim cap is also obligate.
anaiis's Profile Photo
Sep 06, 2002
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Packing List

PACK A CAMERA! This is an almost breathtaking view of Gellert Hill. The hill contains a number of upscale hotels and spas these days.The Danube looks so peacefull at this juncture.
Michael_D's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

Top Hotels in Budapest

Roosevelt Ter 5-6, Budapest, 1051, Hungary
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Bem rkp. 11, Budapest, 1011, Hungary
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Erzsebet krt 43-49, Budapest, H-1073, Hungary
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Kalman Imre utca 19, Budapest, 1054, Hungary
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Hess Andras ter 1-3, Castle District, Budapest, 1014, Hungary
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Jozsef Krt. 4, Budapest, 1088, Hungary
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Top Things to Do in Budapest

Things to Do

Buda Castle - Royal Palace

One of the many excellent viewpoints at Buda Castle is Danube Terrace. As it is named "Danube Terrace," you can expect wonderful views over the River Danube and the Pest side of Budapest. We happened...
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Things to Do

Terror Haza - Terror Museum

An iron curtain. It sits outside Andrássy út 60. That building was the headquarters of the Arrow Cross Party (the Hungarian version of the Nazi Party) until Germany invaded in 1944. It then became...
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Things to Do

Thermal Baths

Budapest may look safe but it is not at all. From the very first minute in Hungary they try to rip us off. They do it successfully, they are very good on this. We visited thermal baths, they...
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Things to Do

State Opera House

If you don't know that title, it's a song by the great musician George Ezra. I'm assuming his little ditty has inspired many people like me to venture to this beautiful part of the world that would...
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Things to Do

Budapest by Night

Have a look at this: Are they birds (starlings), or bats? Makes quite an impression, anyway. And they've redone the paving in the square outside the...
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Things to Do

Heroes' Square - Hosok Tere

Hõsök tere (Heroes Square) is one of the major squares in Budapest. It is significant for its iconic statue complex which features the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and other important national...
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Top 5 Budapest Writers

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"Budapest - My dear hometown! :)"
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"Budapest, the "Phoenix bird", my lovely home city"
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"A fantastic town along the Danube River"
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