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Private Art Nouveau Tour Budapest
"To start the tour meet your private guide at your hotel apartment or any other spot in the city.Still the best spot to start this tour is the Museum of Applied Arts the masterpiece of Ödön Lechner who is often referred to as the Hungarian Gaudí. Following a pleasant walk we take a short tram ride back to the city centre where most of our famous Art Nouveau buildings can be found. After having observed several modern we pop into the Gresham Palace to enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of the past and the present. Reaching Liberty Square we can’t miss to take a coffee brake in the House of Hungarian Art Nouveau that even has a private collection of the time. Finally we must wonder around and explore the square as all of the buildings are from the same period. Last but not least we must admire the Hungarian State Treasury and its unforgettable rooftop that is invisible from street level nevertheless we bring it close
From EUR69.00
Private Tailor-Made Cocktails Bar Tour of Budapest
"The clubs and cocktail bars are all located conveniently close to each other sparing your high heels so this tour can be taken by anyone regardless of physical condition or desire to walk. You will get to see some of the most beautiful areas of the city and form memories with them that are up close and personal all the while immersing yourself in the riveting nightlife in Budapest.So come and see the culture of nightlife in Budapest for yourself. This bar tour offers you the finest company
From $83.00
Budapest Ultimate Sightseeing Vespa Tour
"The main difference between a scooter tour on a Vespa and a walking tour is the distance covered. Because you are on a scooter you can go farther see more things really cram the most into the amount of time that you have. At the same time it is still more up close and personal than a bus tour allowing you to immerse yourself in the authentic Budapest atmosphere. You can reach places that would otherwise be off limits with a bicycle or on foot for the reason of being just too far.Get Around In StyleBudapest is a city that has a certain amount of sprawl. That is why you may not be able to see all of it in your time here. The solution? A Vespa tour! While the city is indeed a metropo Budapest is unlike Prague or Bratislava in that it is spread out over a wider amount of area than most neighbouring cities. The city is beautiful and full of life
From $98.00

Sir Lancelot Tips (5)

Sir Lancelot Knights' Restaurant: Meat Fest

Sir Lancelot has a medieval concept as you can tell from the name. The waiters and waitresses are all dressed in medieval clothes. The decoration is reflecting the middle ages era. The music you hear is medieval and even there are some shows like sword fighting or fire eating during dinner. The menu focuses on meat of all types and if you come with a group, I suggest you to order one of those big platters which is carried by two people on your table. The food is great, the service is excellent and the shows are interesting. It is also exciting to eat with your hands as you won't be served any fork. For a medieval dinner experience, this is the right place.

Favorite Dish You can choose any type of meat, but the big platters are cool :)

muratkorman's Profile Photo
Oct 11, 2007

Sir Lancelot: Find a restaurant

It is hard to find a good restaurant in foreign country even harder to find the right one.
Though Sir Lancelot is one of a kind, there is still many restaurants that are undiscovered by foreigners. The one place what even the natives use to find a good place is Hope that you find the right place for you.

Mar 23, 2009

Sir Lancelot Knights Restaurant: A Medieval Dining Experience

Eating at Sir Lancelot restaurant is definitely an interesting experience. You can sit on some old, wooden picnic benches in what looks like a medieval castle while eating oversized plates of food. Dishes such as grilled vegetables, glazed ribs, and roast duck await you. The food is served on large platters and in true medieval style, only spoons and knives are allowed. There's also a wide selection of wines available. During the dinner, you will be entertained by medieval musicians, bellydancers, fire-eaters, and fencing. The shows, atmosphere, and food create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Favorite Dish The chicken dish with fruit that I ordered was pretty good.

hungariangirl896's Profile Photo
Sep 06, 2012

Sir Lancelot Lovagi Etterem - Sir Lancelot Knights: Overrated: Food & Atmosphere

When we made reservations, we expected to find the Lancelot quite crowded when we was not. Nevertheless, we were shunted off to a little used room which was far from the promised music and festivities. The decor there and in the entire restaurant was medieval schlok.. crummy, cheap swordish items, shields, et al. Obviously, I cannot comment on the entertainment since we were so far away it was only a rumour. I received the definite impression that we were correctly identified as American tourists and therefore deemed not worthy of good seating.
The menu is most confusing leading one to order much more than should be necessary. However, most of that served was either potato or fat, so unless you ate all the potatos, the amount was not as large as it seemed. The food came on an immense platter, but when you removed the potatoes, the remainder was not a noteworthy amount. The ribs and pork were noteworthily fatty. When you removed the fat, there was not all that much. The flavor was not very good. I would not go back either for the food nor the atmosphere.
The server was pleasant, helpful, but his primary duties were in the "important" rooms.

Lancelot's is a tourist trap. I cannot account for the good reviews which appear in Virtual Tourist. I should have listened to our conceriege's gentle hint to go elsewhere. I would not go there again. There are many better places to eat.

Favorite Dish We had a variety of beef, chicken, and pork items. None were very good, albeit not awful. However, none of it was worth a trip to Budapst nor the time expended at Lancelot's. As mentioned, the Lancelot could use the motto, "Fat Are Us".

Dec 25, 2006
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Sir Lancelot: Medieval Times Arrrghhhhhhhhhh

This restaurant was really funny. There are suits or armor and weapons decorating the place. The staff are all dressed up in medieval outfits. There is also a show as you eat- sword fighting, a fire eater, belly dancer etc....

The menu is hard to figure out since it is written in code. The portions were huge. There are no forks given at the restaurant, you only get a knife and spoon.

The restaurant is worth checking out for the decor and atmosphere. The food is secondary here.

Favorite Dish I had a beef soup which was very good. My main course was rabbit with bread dumplings. The meat was decent but a bit dry. The sauce with it was ok.

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Sep 12, 2006

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