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Budapest Card
"Your Budapest Card includes the following features for either 24 48 or 72 hours depending on the option selected.""""Explore Budapest at your own pace and see the sights you want to see with the Budapest Card! Simply show your card for free or discounted entry to participating attractions plus use it for free public transport two walking tours
From EUR17.00
Full-Day Budapest Private Tour by Car or by Public Transport with Lunch
"Your day begins in the City Park (Városliget) which is one of the most exciting parts of Budapest. The City Park is not a natural but a man-made park it can almost be called an adventure park. Along the City Park lake take a walk towards Zoo Boulevard which has plenty of monuments in store. Here you will also find the Gundel Restaurant
From EUR75.00
Private 4-Hour Tour of Budapest By Public Transport Including Danube River Cruise
"You will be picked up from your hotel and then you will take the Millennium Underground line to reach Heroes' Square before taking a scenic urban bus along Andrássy Avenue and another one up to the Castle District. En-route you will see many of the main attractions of Budapest such as Deák Square the Chain Bridge the Royal Palace and so much more. Once you return to the Danube riverbank you will then take a ride on what was voted the 7th-most-beautiful-tram-line in the world to finally take a short trip on one of the most crowded ones. From these 2 trams the Parliament building the Elisabeth Bridge and the Liberty Bridge as well as the historical centre of Budapest. Your tour finishes with a boat cruise along the Danube to admire the city's beautiful skyline from the water."
From EUR100.00

Danube Cruise Tips (35)

Fantastic river cruise at night

There are several companies offering Danube cruised, but after doing some research I decided to book with Legenda, and I was not disappointed! This tour features a documentary available in several languages that tells you the history of Budapest through captivating legends. As interesting as they were, however, I must admit that I spent most of the cruise paying more attention to the incredible view of the city at night and taking countless pictures. The cruise took us beyond Liberty Bridge and then down to Margaret Bridge so we got to see the Gellert Hotel, Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge and Parliament all lit up :o) We decided to sit on the upper deck so we could have a clean view - there were plastic screens around the lower deck. We were offered glass of wine at the beginning of the cruise, which was a much appreciated touch. The one-hour long tour costs 5300 forints and we bought out ticket during the day - they sell them on the Danube Promenade, just look the Legenda booth. It was money well spent!

Jefie's Profile Photo
Nov 11, 2012

Duna Legenda

For those who don't want to get too touristy by taking a sightseeing tour, I can recommend taking a boat trip with the Duna Legenda boat company. Their price includes a Margaret Island tour (on certain departures), 2 drinks where one is their Duna cocktail and the other one you can choose from wine, soft drinks and juice and audio guides in 30 languages. Besides the sights, what I liked the most was how the story of the sights is narrated - in the form of a lovers' story between a man, Buda, and a woman, Pest. Different and entertaining.

You can book your cruise online.

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Nov 29, 2007


We happened to be by the Vigado Wharf and noticed Boat cruises - departing soon!
Our mind was quickly made up, our tickets were bought and we were on the boat.

As it happened, this boat cruise was operated by the Giraffe Hop on/off Bus tours that include a free cruise. We were not part of that package, so paid for the cruise separately.

The boat was old, not very clean, and when we were moving, had a strong smell of diesel - awful!

The tour did the same route as all the other companies doing the short cruise. This wasn't a hop on/off tour, just a cruise with commentary beginning from Vigadó square. The view is great of Parliament House from the River and the Castle district. We went as far as Margaret Island before turning back.

I wouldn't say this is a good cruise to do, I have been on many better! The diesel was enough to give a headache, so we moved as far away as possible.
If we had our time again, we would choose a Cruise company that wasn't involved with a Bus tour.
I thought the cruise was done to a price.

I wouldn't use the Girrafe boat tour company again.
There are plenty of cruise companies to choose from, so have a good look at the boat and see if it appeals before buying your ticket. The companies do the same route, only some go further.

2013 - We paid 2100 huf for Adult ticket

balhannah's Profile Photo
Mar 23, 2014

A great experience

One of the most exiting things to do in Budapest is the cruise over the Danube River. I suggest to do it in the evening, where you can see all the monuments of Budapest full of light with their reflection on the river. A very great experience.

Cristian_Uluru's Profile Photo
Jun 26, 2005
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Danube River Cruise

Tourist boats leave from the Danube Embankment near the Chain Bridge and offer a relaxing hour on the water as well as an introduction to the city highlights. Our trip was reasonably priced and included a language-specific recording (available in many languages). Being on the river allows a different perspective, especially of the massive Parliament building.

A travelogue below features the highlight images including the Parliament and many of the Danube bridges

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Nov 21, 2006

Day trip to the Danube Bend

In case you would like to leave the city for a day, then it's worth going on a day trip on the Danube by boat. It is a really relaxing way to travel, and you can get to Hungary's nicest areas this way.

The two nearer destinations available by boat are Szentendre (1.5 hrs) and Visegrád (2.5 hrs).

Szentendre is a small town near Budapest with a nice, but usually crowded centre. It's a great destination if you like strolling in cobblestone streets, visiting old churches, shopping souvenirs and eating cakes and ice-cream.

Others attractions here include a bunch of art museums and galleries, a public transportation museum (next to the station of the suburban railway - HEV) and the Skanzen, which is an open air museum displaying typical Hungarian houses (out of town, take local bus to get there).

Visegrád is a good option if you like trekking, as visiting the Upper Castle (Fellegvar) requires a steep climb uphill. However, there are amazing views from the castle over the Danube, so it's worth the effort.

Other attractions here include a bob track (open all year round) and a lookout tower close to castle on top of the hill, and ruins of an old royal palace downhill near the river.

Esztergom (4 hrs) is further away along the Danube, so you will only have about 3 hrs to spend there before the boat is leaving back to Budapest. However, this time is still enough to visit its Basilica and the surrounding area. Why it might also be worth taking the longer trip to Esztergom is that the section between Visegrád and Esztergom is one of the nicest areas in Hungary, the "Danube Bend".

If you would like to spend less time travelling and extend your stay in Esztergom with a few extra hours, you have two further options:

1. Take a hydrofoil instead of a standard riverboat. It is much faster, but you will only be able to enjoy the views from indoors (while riverboats also have outdoor seating).

2. Go there by train and then come back by boat (or vice versa), as trains are faster and leave at least once every hour. Furthermore, the route of the train is quite scenic as well...

Boats to Esztergom leave from the piers near Vigadó tér, while the trains depart from Nyugati station.

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Apr 07, 2010

Danube Cruise

This was a siper way to relax and see the sites.
There are several cruise lines to choose from . Make sure you pick one with an open top area , for better viewing. It was a wonderful one hour cruise , with multi lang headphones to explain what you ar seeing. Great sites and information. It cost 2990 FT ( about $20.00)
We chose the Mahart PassNave

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Jul 28, 2008

River cruise

We decided to take a late afternoon river cruise. This time it was very different frm the first one I did here. It was lovely on the open deck boat and we could really enjoy ourselves as the boat slowly cruised down the Danube and we were told about all the lovely buildings along the rivers edge. I would definately recommend this to anyone.

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Apr 15, 2009

Top 5 Budapest Writers

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"Budapest - My dear hometown! :)"
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"Budapest, the "Phoenix bird", my lovely home city"
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"A fantastic town along the Danube River"
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Danube Cruise

Want to enjoy a pleasant cruise on the Danube? This cruise lasts about an hour and a half, and offers splendid views of the city. Mine was shortly after dusk, so we enjoyed night views of the Royal Castle, the churches, the Bridge of Chains, the Gellert Hill baths, and more.

Note: It's very difficult to get really good photos from a moving boat at night. If your camera has a high-speed setting, I recommend making it VERY high. You'll probably get better results shooting things that are in front of or behind the boat, since there's a lot less lateral motion.

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Apr 28, 2009

cruising the Danube

Definitely a must do...I went on a night cruise, it was beautiful. You can see all must-see buildings situated by Danube. Be careful...there are lots of different companies and prices are different,so ask around, you can get the same thing for two times cheaper price.

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Sep 10, 2004

The beautiful Danube...

We had chosen to make a night cruise to Danube and as far as I'm concerned it was really worth trying. We saw the city ligthed and all the basic monuments, Citadella and the Statue of Liberty, Gellert monument, the Castle, the old city and the Mattyas Church, the Parliament. We chose Legenda Cruise for our cruise. It's a beautiful ship, with helpful stuff. They offered us 2 drinks during the cruise and the only problem is that the guide has a problem so some people couldn't hear anything and the others could hear only English and French. However I really like the cruise and the view of the city.

There are also plenty of cruises to choose (cheap, average, expensive). You could also make a 3-hours cruise and taste different hungarian wines.

It's definetelly a thing to do in Budapest.

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Aug 11, 2006

When there is water, there is boat trip

I always thought that boat trips are mostly tourist traps. But in Budapest, it is not. This city has the most beautiful illumination in Europe. The most important and beautiful buildings are situated near Danube, so a boat trip at night is the best way to see most of them.
It is a pleasure to slip over this old river in a darkened, covered and heated boat, listening to a nice voice which tells the stories about Budapest. Seeing the bridges from the boat was amazing, too.
These boats have audio guides in several languages and oddly Turkish is one of them. It was recorded by two Turkish who was living in Hungary. I’m not sure whether all the guides were the same but in Turkish audio guide, Danube’s story was told by Danube itself. The context was very catchy and listening to Danube was exciting.
It is not very common to see Turkish as an option in a foreign country, but Hungary has an exceptional connection to Turkey. Our languages has many words in common, we have a history lived together binding us and we came from the same place (Central Asia) to where we are settled now. We even have folk songs about Danube in our language, but we name it “Tuna”.
We were hypnotized by the smooth voice of the audio guide, warm place, beauty of Danube… Then the waitress started to serve beverages. I drank champagne to the beauty of Budapest that night.

Mar 04, 2008

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Stamp Museum - Belyemuzeum

When ever we travel, we make it a point to always seek out the local post office. Most all places we have visited, we have come home with colorful stamps from the country we visited .... Great To...
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Mucsarnok Hall of Art

The Kunsthalle is also known as the "Hall of Art," or "Palace of Art." I didn't want to visit this gallery of contemporary art, even though it displays the largest exhibition of sculptures and...
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Terror Haza - Terror Museum

An iron curtain. It sits outside Andrássy út 60. That building was the headquarters of the Arrow Cross Party (the Hungarian version of the Nazi Party) until Germany invaded in 1944. It then became...
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Great Synagogue - Central Synagogue

I visited this venerable synagogue in Budapest many years ago in the 1980s. Then, its grand interior was somewhat dilapidated. I can see from recent photographs (see attached picture) that this...
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National Museum - Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum

I thought it was a rather small collection considering it is a national museum. Though it was fairly chronological it was a bit hard to follow since so little of the exhibition had any description in...
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Holocaust Memorial - Raoul Wallenberg Memory Park

We are still at the Great Synagogue, now making my way to the back where the Raoul Wallenberg Memory Park is located. Here, I found some interesting pieces, the stand-out being the "TREE OF LIFE."...
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