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Gerbeaud - Confectionery Tips (9)

Gerbeaud House

Another always-busy attraction on the square is the Gerbeaud House, a wonderful old-fashioned pastry shop owned by a Swiss family whose yummy delights have thrilled patrons for years. The cafe’s traditions go all the way back to 1858. It’s ornately decorated with marble tables and beautiful wall coverings and is large enough to hold about 300 customers at a time. Be sure to stop here for coffee and pastries

gigina's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2009

The József Nádor square

You find this little square right at the back of the Gerbaud building.
It recieved it`s name from József Nádor (nádor=palatine), (originally Joseph Anton Johann (Baptist) von Österreich-Toscana) a member of the Habsburg dynasty, born in Florence and came to Pest-Buda at the age of 20, in 1796. Till his death (1847) he was Hungary`s palatine. In this period the whole inner city of Pest-Buda was transformed in classical style. In the Vth. district we can see lots of buildings built in this period, before this style gave place to the ecclectism.
On the square you can see his bronze statue allways attacked by the pigeons:), a lovely classical building wich is today a bank, the huge secessionist building of the Finance ministry and some other Art noveau buildings as well. This square will be entirely transformed within some years.

1courage's Profile Photo
May 10, 2008

Another emblematic building

-->...of course the Gerbaud building wich is one of Budapest`s symbolic architectual landmarks. It was founded in 1870 by Henrik Kugler. This confectioner from Sopron constructed this building and than, since he had no sons, ha gave it to Emil Gerbaud a swiss collegue who met in Paris in 1882. In fact, Gerbaud came to Budapest and yet in 1884 he was the owner of the confectionery. He stayed here in Budapest until his death in 1919.
In 1910 the palace was transformed in secessionist style.
Even in the communist times this building conserved the same reputation of the initial times, although under the name of Vörösmarty confectionary. In 1995 the building was completely refurbished by the new owner, the german Erwin Müller.
In the building besides the confectionery, you find a restaurant, a beer house, and numerous conference halls as well.

1courage's Profile Photo
May 03, 2008

Not to miss

Whoever comes to Budapest visits Gerbaud for a cake or an ice cream. This famous patisserie is always crowded and you should be very lucky to find a table with Vorosmarty Square view especially in winter time. During summer time there will be tables outside which gives more availability. The cakes and desserts are really delicious so don't miss it.

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Oct 10, 2007
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Chocolatey Good

Gerbaud is worth a stop for a snack. It is hard to decide which pastry to choose since they all look so tastey.

Sit outside so you can check out what is going on in the square. While we were eating a Bulgarian group was selling crafts and playing music/performing.

I have to say that the cakes looked better than they tasted, but they still were good.

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Sep 14, 2006

Cafe Life and Patesseries

Best way to unwind after a day running around the city, is to sip on a strong espresso and a sweet treat in cozy cafe. With several outdoor and indoor cafes to choose from, one can easily sit back and mediate on your day or just 'people watch'. Some of the most famous are: the Cafe Gerbeaud, where indugling your sweet tooth has been made into an art form. Fine varities of pastries, ice creams and coffee concocuctions.And the Ruszwurm, in the Castle Hill district of the city, the oldest Pastry shoppe in the city. Cherrywood panels and its excellent sevice as made it one of the best. I recommond the Linzer torte and the Francia Kremes.
And the New York Cafe, where many are drawn to the nostalgic charm of the interior and the spirit of the past.
And if you are looking for the nghtlife, to make it easy for any visitors I would suggest staying around the Liszt Ference Square near the Octogon, as this area is full of cafes, discos and bars. And most are attractions for the young and areopened well into the early morning hours.

Heniko's Profile Photo
Mar 31, 2006

Sweets sweets sweets...

It was an accident we ended up here.
I swear. The thing was we did feel like a walk.
So from the parc we went into the underground
and I was keeping an eye on the map and
knew where I wanted to go.
Only that was not on the line we where on. lol.

So when the line was in it's last station we
just went up and there we where. If front of

Now this is probably the most famous
coffee house in Budapest. It sounds good ,
doesn't it. We wanted to see it anyway so we
went in.

We ordered the 'Gerbeaud special coffee frappé'
and some sweets. There is even a special
sort of pastery that is named after this place
that is sold in the other bakeries as well.
It looks spectacular on the picture , no?

I must be honest. Gerbeaud has the interior.
A beautiful ceiling with gold decorations and
wooden furniture. It is very nice. But the quality
of the products isn't on the same high level.

I took with me a box of pralines - they were
ok. But not better then any brand of belgian
supermarket pralines and a cake
with Sissi on it as a present.
(and they were very expensive)
Even the coffee named after the house tasted
poor. But it is not to be missed.

After this we walked to the Astoria hotel for dinner.

belgianchocolate's Profile Photo
Oct 14, 2004

Cukraszda Gerbeaud

After walking down the glamorous Vaci u. this famous cafe is your end stop. Relax outside on sunny days or admire the beautiful interior inside. It is actually NOT that expensive as they warn you. More about its history - check the website. Must try cakes: Eszterházy and Dobos, Ice cream quite close to the one in Sorrento, Italy. But not quite IT.

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Sep 06, 2002

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You can enjoy a coffe and a cake, the shop is really nice and also the products are the best quality. You also can buy chocolates.

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Jul 26, 2008

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