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Budapest Walking Tour and Basics of Hungarian Language Class
"Explore the Hungarian language and capital with a friendly teacher and guide during a 3-hour Fungarian class and tour that provides a basic introduction to Hungarian culture and much more. Let one of the friendly Hungarian teachers be your guide to learning some of the basics of the playfully poetic Hungarian language while also sharing personalized recommendations for your Budapest visit and enjoying a guided tour along historic Andrássy Avenue to Heroes’ Square.With the initial introductory session held amid informally iconic Budapest settings such as local 3-hour Fungarian classes cover the basic Hungarian greetings and simple interactions such as what to say (and what not to say) when ordering a drink or a meal. Additionally participants are offered greater insight into Hungary’s unique cuisine and suggestions for getting around Budapest before enjoying a guided tour that offers insight into historical buildings
From $66.00
Budapest: 2-Hour City Tour with Hotel Pick-up
"On this 2-hour panoramic Budapest City Tour you’ll pass by the Parliament and cross the Danube River to Margaret Island via the Margaret Bridge.The air-conditioned bus will take you up Gellért Hill where you’ll make a photo stop at the Citadel and take in views over all of Budapest. Next you’ll cross the Elizabeth Bridge back into Pest and drive to Heroes’ Square along Andrássy Avenue.You’ll pass by the Opera and St. Stephen’s Basilica before reaching the Hotel Inter-Continental where the tour ends.The buses are air-conditioned and the commentary by the live guide is gu and in some cases is bilingual.""""Discover Budapest and take in its top attractions on a panoramic City Tour by air-conditioned bus. See the top sites of the Hungarian capital in just 2 hours enjoying a photo stop at the Citadel for views overlooking the city."
From EUR18.00
Private 4-Hour Tour of Budapest By Public Transport Including Danube River Cruise
"You will be picked up from your hotel and then you will take the Millennium Underground line to reach Heroes' Square before taking a scenic urban bus along Andrássy Avenue and another one up to the Castle District. En-route you will see many of the main attractions of Budapest such as Deák Square the Chain Bridge the Royal Palace and so much more. Once you return to the Danube riverbank you will then take a ride on what was voted the 7th-most-beautiful-tram-line in the world to finally take a short trip on one of the most crowded ones. From these 2 trams the Parliament building the Elisabeth Bridge and the Liberty Bridge as well as the historical centre of Budapest. Your tour finishes with a boat cruise along the Danube to admire the city's beautiful skyline from the water."
From EUR100.00

Heroes' Square - Hosok Tere Tips (116)


These are around the base of the Millenium column. I wanted to add information on these separately as I thought these fierce looking warriors looked so impressive on their horses.
György Zala and several different Hungarian sculptors including Zala himself, have to be commended for the excellent statues.

The statues depict the Magyar chieftains who, led by Prince Árpád, settled their people in the area now known as Hungary.
Prince Arpard is the statue at the front. He was the head of the confederation of the Hungarian tribes at the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries. Historians are not sure whether he was a military leader or sacred leader, what-ever - Hungarians refer to him as the "founder of their country."

Behind him are the chieftains Elõd, Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba, and Töhötöm (Tétény).
Little is known about these chieftains.

balhannah's Profile Photo
Mar 13, 2014

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

There is a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Heroes Square. When I was there there was a sentinel from the Hungarian Armed Forces, though my understanding is that there is normally not a guard. (Thanks to all those who answered in forums for this information)

Interestingly, this memorial has undergone a number of changes over the years. At first the changes were only changing the name, and widening admission requirements.

After 1945 under Soviet influence Memory Day was cancelled.

GentleSpirit's Profile Photo
Jun 09, 2012

Heroes' Square - Andrassy Avenue's culmination

The Millenium Monument of Heroes' Square was build for the Hungarian Millenium in 1896 to conmemorate 1000 years of Hungarian history (the Magyar tribes conquered the Carpathian Basin in 896).

The Square itself with the Museum of Fine Arts on one side and the Palace of Arts on the other is one of the most impressive open spaces in Budapest.

In the center you can see a 36 meter high column with the Archangel Gabriel and equestrian statues of the 7 Magyar chiefs who actually conquered the territory (Arpad, Elod, Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba, Tohotom namely :).

The stone block in front of the column is the Heroes Monument. The 2 part colonnade in the back shows in chronological order the rulers, kings and princes of Hungary.

Behind the square you will find the City Park, with lots of recreation possibilities.

MedioLatino's Profile Photo
Nov 19, 2004


There is no way of missing the majestic Colonnade that acts as the backdrop for the Millennium Column.
If you just viewed and taken photos of this from a distance, - THEN YOU HAVE MISSED OUT, for this sight needs to be seen close up!

Between the colonnade's Corinthian columns, stand statues of 14 of the most prominent figures in Hungary's history.

Firstly, I will tell you about the Colonnade to the left of centre, which begins with a statue of King Stephen I. Look below each statue at the relief that depicts a historic scene related to the respective figure. Under each statue, is the name of the person.

# 1 King Stephen I of Hungary. - Is depicted receiving the crown from an emissary of the Pope
# 2 Ladislaus I of Hungary - He is shown slaying the Cumanian abductor.
# 3 Coloman of Hungary - prohibits the burning of witches.
# 4 Andrew II of Hungary - Is leading a crusade
# 5 Béla IV of Hungary - Rebuilds the country after the Mongol invasion
# 6 Charles I of Hungary - Ladislaus IV defeats Ottogar at the battle of Marchfeld
# 8 Louis I of Hungary - Louis the Great occupies Naples

After viewing these great statues and reliefs, take a look at the very top of the column, for here are a couple more statues. On the outer edge of the left colonnade is a statue of a man with a scythe and a woman sowing seed, representing Labor and Wealth.
At the other end of the left colonnade, is a male driving a chariot using a snake as a whip representing War.


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Mar 13, 2014
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Heroes' Square

Meet Arpad, first Hungarian king. He is at the base of the 120 foot pillar erected on this square in 1896 to commemorate the 1000th year of Budapest’s existence. Arpad’s dynasty lasted about 400 years and he is topped on the pinnacle of the monument by the archangel Gabriel offering the crown to Hungary’s first Christian king, Istvan (Stephen). In front of the monument is the Hungarian War Memorial and the colonnades behind it are filled with the rich and famous of Hungarian history. It was pointed out to me that there are no Hapsburgs as the figure of Franz Josef was torn down after Hungary regained it independence following WWI. There are four figures across the top of the colonnades representing Work & Welfare, War, Peace, Knowledge and Glory.

This is a huge open square in front and seems to be a favorite for skateboarders and children on various little vehicles. What a great place for a youngster to learn to ride a bicycle with no traffic. Also as you can see in the photos the statues make great climbing opportunities for the kids. While some might be put off by this, I find it refreshing that in addition to honoring Budapest’s past, it is a great place for family gatherings and activities. Just behind it is the entrance to the huge City Park which includes the zoo, botanical gardens, Vajdahunoyand Castle and the Szechenyi Baths. The square also sits between the Museum of Fine Arts and the Palace of Art.

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Nov 05, 2005

Hungarian History on a square...

You can't miss it : Hosök tere.
Or the heroes square. It shows parths of
hungarian history. It is great to see but it becomes
nicer when you know the meaning of it.

Btw , before noon it is crowded by asian
tourist on their 5 days tour in Europe.

First your eyes will find the centerpiece.
A 36 meters high corinthian column with
on top the archangel Gabriël.
That angel appeared in a dream to 'Stefanus I'.
He brought him the crown. Take a closer
look with your tele to the crown. You will
meet the thing again later on.

The statue won a price at the world Expo in 1900.

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Oct 12, 2004


Now we are having a look at the RH side colonnade.

These statues are of
# 1 John Hunyadi - Hajdú soldiers defeat the imperial forces
# 2 Matthias Corvinus - Matthias with his scholars
#3 István Bocskay - Hajdú soldiers defeat the imperial forces
#4 Gabriel Bethlen - Bethlen concludes a treaty with Bohemia
# 5 Imre Thököly - The battle of Szikszó
#6 Francis II Rákóczi - Rákóczi returns from Poland
# 7 Lajos Kossuth - Kossuth rallies the peasants of the Great Plain

This time at the very top, is a female figure in a chariot holding a palm frond representing Peace.
At the other end, is a statue of a man holding a little golden statue and a woman with a palm frond representing Knowledge and Glory.

More photos in my travelogue.

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Mar 13, 2014

Hösök tere (Hero's square)

At the end of Andrassy ut the street opens to a wide square which is called "Hero's square". It was created end of the 19th century on occasion of the millenium celebrations 1896. The square is sort of the entrance gate to the city park Varosliget. Right in the centre of the square is the Millenium monument located (which was finished only 30 years after the celebrations). A 36 m tall column is in the middle, on top a statue of Archangel Gabriel with the crown of King Stephen and the cross, symbols for the Christianization of Hungarians und King Stephen. Arcades with allegoric figures to both sides finish the monument.

The northern side of the square is occupied by the Museum of Fine Arts, the southern side by Art Exhibition hall (neo-classicistic style from 1895, temporary exhibits).

Unfortunately I did not have time to explore the city park. It looked like a nice romantic place.

The townhouses at the end of Andrassy ut and on Hero's square seemed to be in surprisingly bad condition given the location which is sad to see due to the (once) beautiful architecture.

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Apr 05, 2010

Top 5 Budapest Writers

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"A fantastic town along the Danube River"
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Hosok tere (Heros' Square)

It is worth to visit Hosok tere at night. It's so beautiful with the lights.
Hosok tere is the biggest square in Hungary. It's a commemorate place to Hungary's 1000 years old history. It was built in 1896 to the Millennium.

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Jan 18, 2005

At the angels feet...

Second thing I"ve noticed were these savage
looking men. Those are the headmen of
the magyaren. They were in charge back then when they conquered the plain of the Danube.

King 'stefanus I 'was a descendant of these
headmen. More precicely of headman 'Arpad'.
But why is 'Stefanus I' (istvan)remembered.
He was the first to become christian. The first
step into European recognition and recognition
from the pope. And his mariage was important
as well. He married the german (Beierse) prinses Gisela.

Et voila , history can take a start.

I've added a little travelogue to show you
something more. Have a look if you like!

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Oct 12, 2004

Heros' Square

Hero's Sqaure has the Millenium Mom=nument, Secession Pavillion, Museum of Fine Arts and the Muscarok Palace of Art.

We visited Heros Square and found it quite beautiful espeially at night when everything is illuminated.

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Dec 31, 2008

Heroes Square -Hősök tere

Heroes Square was built to honor some of the great men of Hungary's History following 1000 years in the Carpathian Basin. Also known as the Millenium Monument, this is at the end of Andrassy Ut, which is packed full of things to do and see.

According to legend, the archangel Gabriel appeared to St Steven offering him the crown of Hungary. Therefore, the column in the center portrays Gabriel with the Crown of St Stephen. At the base of the column are the equestrian statues of the seven tribal chieftains who led the settlement in 896 AD.

The other individual statues recognize various great Hungarians from throughout their history. These include Kings of the Arpad Dynasty, leaders of the 1848 national movement, leaders of the anti-Hapsburg movement.

This square was finished in 1929 and therefore does not include any of the leaders of more recent generations.

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Feb 02, 2013

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Getting to Heroes' Square - Hosok Tere


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