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Terror Haza - Terror Museum Tips (35)


Monday morning , on our way.
The appartment we rented was near 'Oktogon'.
Which is almost the center of all public transport
at the pest side. But the thing we were heading
for was not really that far.

We decided to walk the 'Andrassy ut'
that is considered to be a bit the champs
elysees of Budapest. I don't like that sort
of comparisons.

We ran in on the 'HOUSE OF TERROR'.
I knew imediately what it was. Even on the outside
this museum gave me cold thrills.
It is dedicated to the victims of two tragic
periods in Hungarian history. Arrow cross and
and the communist terror.

It was closed on monday , but even if it
was open I don't want to see it.
But I bet it is a very good museum , using
the best thechniques and multi media like
most museums we went to.

belgianchocolate's Profile Photo
Oct 11, 2004

House of Terror Museum - Don't forget the past

Having survived 2 terror regimes, it was time to build a fitting memorial to the victims, and at the same time to present a picture of what life was like for Hungarians in those times.

In December 2000 "The Public Foundation for the Research of Central and Eastern European History and Society " purchased the building (ex State Interior Protection building - was the house of real terror once...) with the aim of establishing a museum in order to present these two bloody periods of Hungarian history. The House of Terror Museum was completed in February 2002.

Prepare yourself to see "strong" history.

MedioLatino's Profile Photo
Oct 22, 2004


A feeling of sadness has descended upon me as I think about writing on this museum.
You see, I am thinking about what I saw and read about the people who were kept captive, beaten, starved, tortured and killed in this building, by members of two of Hungary's most frightening regimes - the Nazis in the early 1940's, and the Soviets, until 1956.

It was in December, 2000, when the old building was purchased, so it could be reconstructed and refurbished to become the Museum.
After paying our entrance fee and being told - NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. we began our tour. There is a set way to go around the Museum.
The Museum is very well set out and done in a way to make people "feel" what it was like to be held in this building.

The House of Terror Museum commemorates the victims of both the Communist and the Nazi regimes in Hungary. The building was the former headquarter of the ultra-right (Nazi) party in 1940, and its basement was used as a prison. I was able to go and see the small cells the prisoners were kept in. During Communism, the building was taken over by the State Security (Hungarian version of the KGB). Hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, were tortured in the House of Terror.
The prisoners weren't actually executed here, they died here through the horrific conditions at the Terror House.
There are four floors to the Museum. The basement contains cells where torture took place - including a room in which oxygen was shut off to the occupant and a room where the occupant was made to sit or stand in water.

You need to go to feel the experience that is stated as.......
" a multi-sensory experience that takes visitors beyond the visual and seeks to emphasize the importance of remembering this time in Hungary's history."

Outside the Museum on the exterior wall, are photo's of many of the young victims. So sad to see the young ages.

TUESDAY - SUNDAY: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

No admission fee required for visiting our bookstore.
Free admission for:
Disabled visitors and their carers.
Visitors over the age of 70 (for Citizens of EEA)

Temporary exhibition ticket price 1000 HUF
Temporary exhibition ticket price with permanent ticket: 500 HUF

balhannah's Profile Photo
Apr 30, 2014

Terror Haza

The House of Terror is a museum over the terror during the Nazi and Communist regimes. With texts, photos, old films and sounds the cruel fate of many people is shown and it is very touching. . People were killed, imprisoned, sent to death camps and to labour camps.

The building the museum is housed in is indeed a house of terror. This was the headquarters of the nazi party, and later the communist secret police. In the cellar of the building many people were tortured an killed.

They don?t let too many in at the same time. Even if we came early a morning in February we had to wait, but only for 5 minutes. Guess the queues in summer can be much longer.

The entrance fee was 1500 ft.

MalenaN's Profile Photo
Apr 18, 2006
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House of Terror

House of Terror is a museum located at Andrássy út 60 in Budapest, Hungary. It contains exhibits related to the fascist and communist dictatorial regimes in 20th century Hungary and is also a memorial to the victims of these regimes, including those detained, interrogated, tortured or killed in the building.

The museum opened on February 24, 2002 and the Director-General of the museum since then has been Dr. Mária Schmidt.

mallyak's Profile Photo
Dec 13, 2010

Terror at its Worst

This museum records the period from pre World War 2 when the Hungarian National Socialist movement's Szalasi branch rented space in the building from 1937.The movement was known as the Arrow Cross Party and during the war the Hungarian Nazis used it as their headquarters, using the cellar for torturing and killing hundreds of people.
In 1945 Hungary ended up under Soviet occupation and the building became the home of the Department for Political Police.

The museum covers 3 or 4 floors, including the cellar which was converted into cells and still retains some of the torture weapons. The displays chronicle the period in graphic detail, using photos, newspaper articles, actual uniforms etc, video recordings of actual warfare etc, including the 1956 uprising.

It is a very thorough display and well worth a visit for those tourists wanting to know the recent history of this country.

Mikebb's Profile Photo
Nov 13, 2005

Museum Of Terror

This moving but fascinating museum is located on the leafy Andrassy Boulevard in Central Pest.

This was the most interesting place I visited in Budapest, and I am strictly a no museums kind of girl!! This one was different.

Located in the AVH/AVO former residence, seeing 20th century realise why the people of Hungary are so cosmopolitan in their approach, why they are so proud of their independance and there country.

kentishgirl's Profile Photo
Oct 31, 2004

Terror Museum

The House of Terror may sound like an amusement park attraction but in reality it is a museum charting two of the most tragic periods of Hungarian history. The Museum is dedicated to the victims, from periods of time when Hungary was controlled by Nazi and Communist regimes.
The actual buiding itself was headquarters to the Nazi Arrow Cross Party in 1944 and subsequently from 1945 - 1956 was headquarters to the notorious communist terror organistaions, the ÁVO and ÁZH. The Museum is located on the beautiful Andrássy Boulevard but hidden deep in the basement lie torture and prison cells in which the Nazi's and Communists carried out many atrocities. The building at 60 Andrássy út has long been a symbol of terror and tragedy in Budapest but now it is a memorial to the victims of this shameful time in budapests history.

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Mar 03, 2008

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The best museum in Budapest

In my opinion, this was the most interesting museum in Budapest. It is housed in the building that served as headquarters to the Nazi party and then to the Communist party while the country was under Soviet rule. As you make your way through the museum, a collection of artefacts, documentaries and info sheets give you information about this determining era in the history of the country, which ones tend to forget given how much Budapest has changed and recovered from its battle wounds. It also serves as a memorial to the victims of these two totalitarian regimes. The visit includes a tour of the basement's cells where people were detained, interrogated and executed by the KGB.

Admision costs 2000 forints and the museum is closed on Mondays.

Jefie's Profile Photo
Nov 11, 2012

Central Pest: House of Terror

Looking more like a nightclub than a monument to the thousands who suffered at the hands of the autocratic regimes that ran Hungary into the ground in the latter half of the 20th century, the House of Terror remains a very popular tourist destination. It's a museum that charts the horrors of the fascist Arrow Cross Party, and the longer period of pain under the Communists.

It's a fascinating period of Hungary's history, but the museum has drawn some criticism for its political nature, not least because its first exhibition is a video that details the loss of Hungarian territory under the Treaty of Trianon, a popular theme with Hungary's far right.

antistar's Profile Photo
Oct 23, 2011

House of Terror

This building on Andrassy Avenue at number 60 was the headquarters of the secret police first under the Fascist Arrow Cross regime (who called it the "House of Loyalty") and then the communist regime. The building now operates as a museum telling the story of the repression of the Hungarian people under these two regimes (with a heavy emphasis on the communist regime).

The route around the building starts on the 2nd floor and works down to the basmement where you see the cells that many of the regimes' victims were incarcerated in. The displays are on the whole evocative and emotive (with atmospheric, foreboding background music) rather than informative. The information is conveyed instead through printed A4 information sheets which you pick up as you enter each room (in Hungarian or English). Each room does provide a great deal of information in this way and you can take these info sheets away with you. Many of the rooms also have screens showing interviews with people who are telling their stories about the actions of these regimes (victims and staff).

zadunajska8's Profile Photo
Nov 28, 2011

A depressing museum

Don't be scared. It's a museum dedicated to Jew and it shows the tortures that Jew from Hungary suffered at Worls War II. Even it's a depressing place it really worths a visit as it includes a part from world's modern history

metallemon's Profile Photo
Aug 17, 2006

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Getting to Terror Haza - Terror Museum


1062 Budapest, Andrassy ut 60.


  • Sunday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Thursday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Friday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Saturday 10:00 to 18:00