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Buda Castle Segway Tour plus Cruise Combo
"Interactive and personal Segway Tours are organized in small groups giving you plenty of chances to ask questions and get to know your guide and the city. The tour starts with a 5-10 -minutes orientation session (not included in quoted tour time). You will have time to practice on the Segways so that everyone feels comfo while sitting in a cosy comfortable environment on board. The cruise offers buffet lunch or dinner from delicious Hungarian traditional cuisine and international specialties. One welcome drink and an optional alcoholic or non-alcoholic refreshment will be complimentary to the program along with a bottle of mineral water.If you choose Wine & Cruise option you can taste 7 different first-class Hungarian wine including the most famous Tokaji.Segway Tour stops:Matthias Church – Trinity Statue - Fisherman’s Bastion
From EUR59.00
Budapest Segway Sightseeing Tour
"Choose from a 2-hour Segway tour to get to grips with the basics or upgrade to a 3-hour tour and see all the best that Budapest has to offer!The standard 2-hour tour gives you a fantastic opportunity to try out a Segway and also give you the chance to explore inner Pest and gain fabulous views of the stunning you will get a quick look at the Chain Bridge Roosevelt Square and more before heading back to the departure pointThe longer 3-hour tour gives you more time to discover inner Pest and fabulous views of the stunning Buda Castle District. You will glide from the office in the city center to si the Hungarian State Opera House and the Grand Boulevard of Andrassy framed by its tree-lined avenues. Next we'll cruise through Vorosmarty Square and the Vaci Walking District. Finally visit Vigado and Danube Promenades the Chain Bridge Liberty square and more!On the evening Segway tour we will ride to St Stephens Basilica
From EUR65.00
Full-Day Budapest Private Tour by Car or by Public Transport with Lunch
"Your day begins in the City Park (Városliget) which is one of the most exciting parts of Budapest. The City Park is not a natural but a man-made park it can almost be called an adventure park. Along the City Park lake take a walk towards Zoo Boulevard which has plenty of monuments in store. Here you will also find the Gundel Restaurant
From EUR75.00

Vorosmarty Square Tips (28)

End of the road

Vörösmarty tér is both an important square - in the sense that it is home to a number of important offices for airlines and the like - and an important subway stop, as the last one along the M1 line. Above ground, Vörösmarty tér is like any European shopping street - there are a number of large boutiques, generally belonging to standard European chains like Bershka, as well as a few well-known cafés. There is also a statue to Mihály Vörösmarty, a popular meeting point for locals.

mikey_e's Profile Photo
Jan 18, 2009

The main square of the City (Till when?)

This is one of the few squares that were closed for the cars even during the communist regime.
The only big change in this place in the past 60 years was the:
A. destruction of the ruins of the Haas Palace-a beautiful eclectic building
B. the buildinig of the ORI palace at the end of the `60-s (mostly called Elizélt palota-spoilt palace as a connotation to the Elysée palace:) )
C. The demolition of the ORI palace and the construction of the ING palace in 2006-2007
This place is very well known among the tourists also because the Váci street, the main shopping street of Budapest, starts right at the southern part of the street.
If the Március 15 square+the Ferencziek square will be transformed and/or the so called City hall project wil be realized it will probably lose it`s main square function but today this is certainly the most important square in the city centre of Pest.
Beyond the ING building you can see here the Palace of the Stock exchange (will be shortly transformed into a luxus-residential building), the so called Luxus emporium, the Lions fountain, the Casino and...-->

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May 03, 2008

Vorosmarty Square

Vorosmarty is one of the most beautiful squares of Budapest. A Mihaly Vorosmarty statue dominates the center. The square is surrounded by a couple shopping centers, where you can buy designer clothing. There are a few cafes, notably the Gerbeaud, where you can sit outside and enjoy the day with a cup of coffee. It's pedestrian only, therefore it is a great place to stroll in the evenings (even in winter). Budapest's yearly Christmas market is located in this square. Vorosmarty Square is also only a few minutes walking distance from sights such as the Chain Bridge, St. Stephen's Basilica, Vaci Street, and the Great Market Hall. This beautiful and elegant square must be a stop on any visit to Budapest.

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Aug 26, 2012

The British Embassy

The bit you go into to register a complaint - exolain how you lost your passport looks like a job centre. The rest of the embassy is spectacular ,as it was a Jewish bank before the war and the interior remains. No-one really knows who owns the place but the old banking hall and the directors, chairmans office are like going back in time.
However unless you know someone that works there your chances of seeing it are slim to none and they don't allow camera's or mobile phones.

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Feb 23, 2004
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Hotels Near Vorosmarty Square

Piarista utca 6., (previous street name: Pesti Barnabas utca 6.), 1052
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Rakoczi ut 67., 1081
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Ipar Utca 21, 1095
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Janoshegyi ut 10503/9 hrsz, Budapest, H-1121, Hungary
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10 Brody Sandor Street, 1088
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Karoly Korut 9, 1072
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Statue - Mihály Vörösmarty

Mihály Vörösmarty (1 December 1800 – 19 November 1855) was an important Hungarian poet and dramatist who was best known for his patriotic lyrics, which is the reason that his statue stands here in the middle of Budapest. The monument was sculptured by Ede Telcs in 1908 and shows the poet sitting atop a pedestal limestone blocks, he is surrounded by figures representing various classes of society, including a farmer and peasant girl, people in traditional Magyar dress, a student, and a worker with his wife and young son.

July 2012

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Feb 07, 2014

Vörösmarty Square

Named after a favourite patriotic Hungarian poet, Mihály Vörösmarty Square is centrally located and easy to reach from most areas of Budapest, making it an ideal location for shopping or just strolling.

Mihály Vörösmarty
Early 19th century Hungarian poet Mihály Vörösmarty was an author of plays and poetry, considered by his contemporaries to be a romanticist. However, he is best known for his patriotic lyrics and it is for that reason that his statue stands in a square in the middle of Budapest. His most notable works were his national epics, noted for their beautiful language, including Zalan's Flight (1825), Erlan (1825), and Two Neighboring Castles (1831).

The monument of Vörösmarty, erected in 1908, sits on a pedestal of 23 limestone blocks in the centre of the square and is surrounded by figures representing various classes of society, including a farmer and peasant girl, people in traditional Magyar dress, a student, and a worker with his wife and young son.

About the Square
Vörösmarty Square is one of the busiest places in the downtown section of Budapest. This area is a hubbub of activity, boasting stores, airline offices, antique shops, and several other retailing establishments, one of the most popular being the long-established Luxus Department Store. It is also the start of the city's most famous shopping street, Váci Utca.

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Feb 22, 2009

Vorosmarty Square (Vorosmarty ter)

Named after the revered Hungarian poet and writer, Mihaly Vorosmarty, the square is centrally located just behind the major hotels on the Pest Embankment. Ede Telc's marble statue of Vorosmarty, which dominates the middle of the square, is flanked to the north by the Gerbeaud caf?, and in the opposite direction by the Luxus Department store and V?ci utca.

It's a pleasant place to be during the summer, especially as there are no cars. The square's charming fountain, which features four water spitting lions, is invariably popular with children who try to squirt passers

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Apr 16, 2006

Vörösmarty tér - Vörösmarty Square

Vörösmarty square is a public square and one of the most popular places in the downtown section of Budapest; it is a hub of activity, with luxury stores, antique shops and a famous pastry shop. The square is the start of the city's most famous shopping street, Váci Utca and boasts a statue of poet Mihály Vörösmarty, a fenced park and a fountain flanked by stone lions, the British Embassy is located at the square. Vörösmarty Square has also in the past been called Theatre Square and Gisele Square.

July 2012

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Jan 24, 2014

Top 5 Budapest Writers

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"Budapest - My dear hometown! :)"
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"Budapest, the "Phoenix bird", my lovely home city"
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"A fantastic town along the Danube River"
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Fountain - Oroszlános kút

A popular meeting place in Vörösmarty Square; especially Tour Guides is the Lion Fountain (Oroszlános kút), also very popular with children who love to climb on the lion statues whilst their parents rest on the fountain's steps. The fountain was built in 1985 over a well and was created by László Wild and sculptor Ágnes Péter; the four stone lions surround an old ornate iron lamppost in its centre.

July 2012

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Feb 07, 2014

Leave Vorosmarty ter

Leave Vorosmarty ter (from in front of Gerbeaud's) and walk towards the Danube. I want you to find the little garden between the Vigado ter boat station and the Vigado itself--the concert hall of the National Philhamonic. Benches, greenery, a wonderful view of the Danube, and peace and quiet. It is a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle and just relax and watch life pass by. (In the evening the area is often deserted but nevertheless quite safe--although an occasional prostitute may happen by if you are a single guy sitting alone.)

Nov 13, 2003

Vorosmarty ter

Keep walking north on Vaci utca and you will come to Vorosmarty ter. Here you will find a few more stores and the famous Cafe Gerbeaud.

The picture is of a monument to Hungarian poet and patriot Mihaly Vorosmarty (1800-1855). It was unveiled in 1908.

Nov 09, 2004

Vorosmarti Ter (Square)

This is my favorite spot in Budapest. This charming elegant square is one of the best in Europe i belive. Its a perfect place for a romantic dinner or something...
This picturesque classic square always been a center of Pests high life, its full of expensive boutique, stylish cafes, artists and many many tourists. In the square there are many beautiful neo-classical buildings, hotels and colorful old fountains which give this place a lovely atmosphre.
Vaci utca and all the pedestrians around it arrive to Vorosmarty ter, from there you can have a trip with the old M1 or continue north to the Parliament.

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Jul 06, 2004

Things to Do Near Vorosmarty Square

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Hospital in the Rock

This unique museum shows you to the emergency hospital in the modified cave system under the Buda castle district. It was built between 1939-1944 and actually used during the siege of Budapest during...
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Margit Híd - Margaret Bridge

Margarita bridge is another famous bridge after Chain bridge. It connects to banks of Danube river and the island of Margarita. Pity, I haven’t visited Margarita Island, but the history tells where...
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St Stephen Statue - St Istvan

You can't miss this bronze statue from 1906 next of the St Mathias church and in front of the Fisherman's Bastion. Stephen I was the first coronated King of Hungary in 1000 - 1001. It is unknown if...
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Holocaust Memorial - Shoes on the Danube

At the peak of the Holocaust, in the final years of the war, Arrow Cross fascists in Budapest were rounding up Jewish civilians, lining them up on the banks of the Danube and executing them. Their...
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Palace of Arts

Not to be confused with the old Palace of Arts on Heroes Square, this is part of the Millennium City park along with the National Theater. It does have an arts museum inside, the Ludwig Contemporary...
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Children's Railway

The Pioneer railway runs through the Buda Hills. Once or twice a day, usually on weekends, they use vintage steam trains with matching cabins. The ride is about an hour long, a little tough on the...
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Getting to Vorosmarty Square


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