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  • Budapest (Pest from Buda)
    Budapest (Pest from Buda)
    by gordonilla
  • City Park - Budapest
    City Park - Budapest
    by Emily2410
  • Chain Bridge, Budapest
    Chain Bridge, Budapest
    by Robmj

Budapest Things to Do

  • Buda Castle - Royal Palace

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The former Royal Castle is located on the Buda Hill overlooking the Danube, the bridges and the Pest side of Budapest. It was first completed in 1265 but destroyed or damaged several times, during the the Turkish siege of 1529, the Austrian siege of 1686, the siege during the 1848/49 revolution and World War II, all causing major damage. The castle...

  • Budapest by Night

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Have a look at this: Are they birds (starlings), or bats? Makes quite an impression, anyway. And they've redone the paving in the square outside the Parliament, it's very chic now.

  • Thermal Baths

    Budapest may look safe but it is not at all. From the very first minute in Hungary they try to rip us off. They do it successfully, they are very good on this. We visited thermal baths, they overcharged us and our towels also stolen!!! We parked our camper van just outside of thermal baths - at 6 pm - busy with a lot of people outside and a lot...


Budapest Hotels

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Budapest Restaurants

  • Gerbeaud

    4 out of 5 stars

    This place is gorgeous. Quite expensive. But for western european tourists...quite a steal. Just imagine this place in Paris or Vienna. Because of a lack of time...I went in and asked for takeaway. People recommend the Foie Gras pate here. And I have to second that. Simply sublime. Because I was taking it out...I was charged 2200ft for about...

  • Fatal

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    This restaurant is recommended in several travel websites and books, and that is why we chose it. It is centrally located, in a lane off Vaci utca. After entering you go down to the basement level, and the main part of the restaurant is located in a long cavernous space with an arched ceiling. Unfortunately that area of the restaurant was already...

  • Gundel

    4 out of 5 stars

    On a cold day this was a welcome place for a warm drink. You order at the counter. Strangely enough, you only pay before you leave. This system added to the chaos and the poor lady was alone taking order, serving, cleaning tables and playing cashier. Sandwiches and cakes are on display and that was basically all the food they had. We all opted for...


Budapest Nightlife

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  • Budapest at night

    It was open in 1922. Supported the construction of the cinema's first loans of the banking system, and all along was interested in directing, demonstrating the potential for this business. One of the largest cinema, a separate building that serves as a cinema since its founding. Almost all major political change left its mark on history.

  • Budapest Nightclubs

    This was a purely impulse find. It had been raining torrentially all evening and so I hadn't strayed too far from my hotel. Having been out for a meal and cruised a few bars I returned to the hotel about 11.30 pm to freshen up with the intention of finding one of the late night venues recommended by "Time Out" (actually am I allowed to mention...

  • Budapest Pubs

    This place is relatively new, but already popular. It's by itself a block or two away from the busier intersections of bars and restaurants. It is fairly nondescript from the outside and you could easy walk by it without noticing. But once you go in the door and down the stairs, this semi-basement bar is a small, cozy beer lovers watering hole....


Budapest Transportation

  • Metro

    Budapest's public transport system consists of one of the oldest undergrounds in the world, a clattering old tram system, and a plethora of rusty old buses. The stations of the underground that I saw were wonderful: sparkling clean, modern and well maintained. The stations of the old M1 line were evocative of a bygone era, and an attraction in...

  • Budapest to Vienna by Train

    You can get in Budapest a 4 day return ticket for € 25 / 7250 Forint (same as single ticket, 13*** Forint for 30 day return) by train, no advanced booking necessary. Most trains to Vienna leave from Keleti puc station and go to Wien Hauptbahnhof and some also to Vienna Meidling. From Vienna at the trainstation € 36 and with advanced online booking...

  • Budapest to Vienna by Bus

    At the moment the cheapest way from Vienna to Budapest is by bus, Orangeways from Vienna, Schwedenplatz/Franz-Josefs-Kai 27. (bus parking area) via Vienna airport to Üllõi út 129, FTC Stadion, Budapest, with online booking from about € 17, or with Volanbusz from about € 17 (from the Volanbusz terminal Üllõi út 131 to Vienna Erdbergerstr. 200a bus...


Budapest Shopping

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  • The Smells Have It!

    From the outside this is a pretty impressive building with its tiled roofs, elaborate brickwork, arched entrances and upper-storey windowed-frontage. However even more impressive are the array of aromas that strike you immediately you enter through the rubberised curtains.The market was built towards the end of the 19th century, along with several...

  • Central Market Hall

    As you'll see from the photos, this is a huge indoor market. The ground floor is all food - salami, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, honey, paprika and other spices, bakery products... An amazing selection of stalls and each with an amazing selection of products.Upstairs is mostly clothing, but you'll also find some cafes and a restaurant. Any...

  • Just About Everything Here

    The Great Market Hall of Budapest is a fascinating collection of shops set on three floors of an old building.Frequented by locals and tourists alike it is a great place to walk around and see a variety of goods for sale. Smells of the food on the top floor can be quite alluring but be aware seating is limited.Constructed in 1897 it is sometimes...


Budapest Local Customs

  • Easter Markets in Budapest

    Easter is celebrated with markets full of crafts, food and music. The main market was in Deak ter. These markets are common throughout Europe celebrating major holidays such as easter and Christmas.

  • Dobosh or Drum Torte: Mushy and Tasty

    After spending four days in Vienna I was beginning to have my fill of rich pastries, tortes, and other sweets.So I was somewhat surprised to find so many bakeries and shops in Budapest selling similar looking items. According to a place where I stayed the Dobosh Torte is one of the more famous Hungarian cakes.Essentially its a seven later torte...

  • Jokai Bableaves is No Joke

    I likely would not have tried many local foods in Budapest if it had not been for the proprietors of the two bed and breakfasts in Budapest. Both provided good advice on what to see and things to eat.Jokai bableaves is bean soup Hungarian style. The soup is named after Mor Jokai a 19th century Hungarian writer. The soup which is served hot consists...


Budapest Warnings and Dangers

  • Downtown

    First of all, you should read this: It has many valuable information, tips and advice. I doubt I could explain them any better. If you respect some basic rues, there won't be any problem. Have a nice stay in Budapest!

  • Hungarian Metro Escalator

    Couldn't decide if this should be a warning or a general tip. And yes this man is actually wearing a helmet on a Budapest Metro escalator. No the picture is not mine. Having arrived a little sleepy to the very efficient underground maze of the Budapest Metro after a trip from Bratslava it didn't take long to wake up. No it wasn't something I had...

  • Basic information

    First of all, you should read this: has many valuable information, tips and advice. I doubt I could explain them any better.If you respect some basic rues, there won't be any problem. Have a nice stay in Budapest!


Budapest Tourist Traps

  • Changing Money

    At train and bus stations as well as at the airport you get a very bad rate at money changers (up to 30% difference between buying and selling), use ATM or change only €/$ 5-10 (at Keleti Pu train station you can find persons hanging around to change money, if you are careful and show them only €/$ 10-20 they should be all right) to get you...

  • Downtown

    Budapest downtown has high air pollution in a significant period of the year. It is best to avoid looking for accomodation there. You'd better find accomodation in the periphery, and use local public transport to reach tourist destinations from the city centre. Many taxi cabs must also be avoided, because of the money grabbing drivers who may not...

  • Take care

    Budapest downtown has high air pollution in a significant period of the year. It is best to avoid looking for accomodation there. You'd better find accomodation in the periphery, and use local public transport to reach tourist destinations from the city centre. Many taxi cabs must also be avoided, because of the money grabbing drivers who may not...


Budapest What to Pack

  • Guide Book

    For a trip of 3 days/4 nights I thought the DK Top 10 would be enough for me, and anything more chunky would be wasted.That turned out to be pretty good judgement, although the history and culture information you'd expect from a bigger book would have been good. Being there at the end of November meant I had plenty of reading time in the...

  • My guide book in Hungary

    Here it is my guide book that provided me details about a geographic location, tourist attractions, or most interesting itineraries in Hungary.Hungary. Polyglott Verlag GmbH, Munchen, 1999, 96 pages.

  • The best guide book!

    I spent a lot of time with preparations for my Budapest trip. Of course I used the internet, the pages here on VT but also other travel forums, but the most helpful ressource was a guide book that I found in my State und University Library: Andras Török's "Budapest - ein kritischer Reisefüher". It must be available in English, too. Both the New...


Budapest Off The Beaten Path

  • Molnár János

    There are three publicly accessible caves belonging to the largest cave system in Hungary. They are all situated in Budapest's 2nd district, called Rózsadomb, which is located in the north-western part of the city (on the Buda side). They can be reached by public bus line no. 65. The "main" one is called Szemlö-hegyi-barlang ("Freckle hill cave")....


    It's probably not as off the beaten path, however, it's not exactly doing something, but rather sightseeing. And we were literally seeing across the river Danube towards the town of Buda, the castle, St.Matthews church and other sights. The promenade where we found ourselves, in the heart of Pest was an ideal place to watch the river, see across it...


    The seventh District in the Pest area is a rather quiet place especially around the Roszak Tere or Quare of the Roses, I took a stroll through the area after visiting the Keleti pályaudvar, Budapest's main railway station which is close by. The area is historical, it's got 19th century buildings supposed to be quite beautiful inside, but the...


Budapest Sports & Outdoors

  • The National Stadium

    "Ria! Ria! Hungaria!"Hungary's dirty little secret is out. Behind closed doors, at national games when they think no foreigners are watching, they chant the real name of the country "Hungaria!" Not the confusing Magyarorsag they insist that foreigners learn as the true name, but the simple, universally understood "Hungaria!"Of course they also...

  • Biking alongside the river Danube

    Budapest is a pretty city. the Gellert hill was a little hard work, but the other parts of the town was absolutelly ok. We had no much time, so decided to rent a bici, and one day was more or less enough to see what we wanted. we found a low budget new place in the center, its called hibike or hi-bike. their sign is a big blue-white hand, you know,...

  • Canoeing on Danube river

    A great way to explore nature around Budapest is canoeing. In the north part of the city, where the river enters Budapest some islands divides the Danube. It is known Roman coast, where boating is very popular. The water is pretty clear here, so people swim in the river.Budapest Bike Breeze organizes canoe tours with professional guide. So if you...


Budapest General

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  • Budapest churches

    When you take a break from Budapest history and architecture you would enjoy meeting the international community at on Sunday morning at 10:30. I enjoy the people I meet. Listen to the Bible teaching online and see why this is such a popular fellowship. How does one get there?

  • Budapest streets and views

    This is one of the many things I liked about Budapest - Plenty of places to rest. Scattered around the city are many big and small parks, then there are places like in my photo, where seats are supplied. These just pop up "out of the blue" as we walked the city. I thought it was really nice to be able to sit and relax or eat your lunch beside the...

  • Budapest Bridges (hidek)

    One good thing when doing a river cruise, is that you get a close up view of the Bridges along the River. Many of them have interesting statues, that are easiest seen from the water. Margaret Bridge, a French Neo-Baroque bridge, was one of them. The building of this bridge began 20 years after the inauguration of the Chain Bridge. It was another...


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