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Gullfoss Things to Do


    The path that leads from the car park down to the falls is called the Sigridur Trail which is dedicated in memory to Sigridur Tomasdottir (1871-1957) who made the first steps to the GULLFOSS falls with the help of her sisters, and guided visitors through the harsh terrain. In 1907 Sigridur's father leased the land to some foreign investors and...


    As you look down in awe at the gorge at Gullfoss did you ever think how it was formed? Flash floods forced water through the cracks in the basalt lava layers which eventually grew larger and larger until the gorge was formed. A tremendous amount of water flows down the river, sometimes reaching 2,000 cubic m per second which is enough to fill 60...


    We visited Gulfoss on the Golden Circle Tour and we were very lucky as we arrived there well before the rest of the crowds, which proved to be good for taking our photographs. Gullfoss is Iceland's most famous waterfall and consists of a double cascade which drops 32 m in spectacular fashion. Gullfoss means golden falls in English and it well...


    While taking the road towards Gulfoss there are some beautiful mountain ranges that are covered in snow, but you really need a pair of binoculars to catch a good view. Unfortunately i have long forgotten the names of these mountain ranges but i will never forget their beauty from the distance.

  • Gullfoss Waterfall

    Gullfoss, or Golden Falls, is perhaps Iceland's most famous waterfall. And for good reason as it is amazing - comparable to Niagara in terms of size and power. It is part of the popular Golden Circle route, so it tends to be crowded. We visited Gullfoss with Iceland Guided Tours on the Golden Circle Tour. Gullfoss is actually two waterfalls, with...

  • Faxi Waterfall

    Faxi is a waterfall near Gullfoss and Geysir on the popular Golden Circle route. We visited this waterfall on our tour of the Golden Circle with Iceland Guided Tours. When we stopped, the tour guide told us this is the "small" one. Faxi is quite wide, but not real high - maybe 5 m or so. But nonetheless, it didn't seem like a small waterfall to me....

  • Be overwhelmed by major falls

    Gullfoss, or Golden Falls, is Iceland's top tourist attraction, and with good reason. Trails take you up close and personal to the Upper and Lower Falls. The volcanic nature of Iceland is visible in the outflow valley of the falls with sides of columnar basalt. It is an easy day trip from Reykjavik. Many travellers will combine this with...

  • A glacier view from Gullfoss.

    From the upper parking lot by Gullfoss restaurant and Sigríðarstofa you have a good view of Langjökull glacier which is 1355 m and the second largest glacier in Iceland. You can get guided tours on the glacier. Never go unaccompanied on Langjökull glacier, there have been fatal accidents there. And even experienced Icelanders have had trouble...

  • Gullfoss - the upper waterfall.

    Immediately when you pass the lower waterfall there is a big sill from where you reach the upper waterfall. That waterfall is beautiful as well as you are so very close to it. The cascade is not big, but still the closeness to it and the lower waterfall make this a breathtaking experience.I have added a photo from above of the sill and people on it...

  • Gullfoss - the lower waterfall.

    There are two parking lots by Gullfoss, take the first right turn for the falls themselves, and follow the road for the upper level where Sigríðarstofa and the restaurant are located. If you arrive at the upper level there are steps leading to the lower level.There is a breathtaking view from the lower parking lot. And there is a path leading...

  • Sigríðarstofa at Gullfoss.

    There is a "museum" in remembrance of Sigríður Tómasdóttir (1871-1957), the saviour of Gullfoss, by the upper parking lot by Gullfoss, right next to Gullfoss Café. It is called Sigríðarstofa and there you can read about Sigríður´s heroic act on saving Gullfoss.Gullfoss was contracted to foreigners by the farmer, Tómas, who owned this land. They...

  • Gullfoss - the view from the upper...

    There is a beautiful view of Gullfoss on the upper level where the restaurant and Sigríðarstofa are located. There is both a platform there and a path leading further alongside the waterfall, i.e. above the waterfall. I recommend going there as well to see a different view of the waterfall. You can see the sill to the upper level of the waterfall...

  • Another great Waterfall .. Faxi

    I actually liked this waterfall better than Gullfoss. Maybe because we were the only people there! Imagine having this to yourself.

  • Visit Gullfoss waterfall

    From August 2007:Gullfoss waterfall is about an hour drive from Selfoss. There are 2 parking lots.The lower parking lot (the right driveway) is closer to the waterfall. Take the trail to the fall and you will stand right next to it. You can also walk to the right along the fall to see the lower part better.The upper parking lot (the left driveway)...

  • Powerful, beautiful and famous Gullfoss...

    Gullfoss (The Golden waterfall) is Iceland's most famous waterfall, and one of the naturalwonders of the world. Gullfoss is also Europe’s most powerful waterfall. The enormous white glacial cascade drops 32 metres into a narrow canyon which is 70 metres deep and 2.5 kilometres long. Gullfoss is actually two separate waterfalls, the upper one has a...

  • The Upper Falls

    As you come to the end of the path, you can get an excellent view of both falls. In this case, we concentrated on the upper half of the falls. The views are, as Sara would say, not too hard to take.

  • The Lower Falls

    As you make your way down the "low road," you get a better and better view of the lower half of the falls. Obviously, as you get closer, you can't quite see the entire two-tiered falls (or can't photograph it, anyway...), but you get to see more detail in one section; in this case, the lower falls.

  • Glacier Views from the "High Path"

    If you can draw your eyes away from the falls for a minute or two, turn around and look at the view inland. If the weather is clear, you can get an excellent view of the Langjökull glacier. If you have a telephoto lens, you can probably get excellent shots of it. For me, I had to settle for my 4x Zoom, but the photos still came out OK.


Gullfoss Restaurants

  • Traditional Icelandic meat-soup/broth.

    There are two parking lots by Gullfoss, one down by the waterfall and one by the main road on the hill. Gullfoss Café is up on the hill, just walk up the stairs from the first parking lot. There is a souvenir shop there as well. It is well worth stopping there after visiting the breathtaking waterfall Gullfoss and eating a good traditional...

  • Tummy Trouble (Part 1)

    Well, this cafe at the Gullfoss site seemed OK. The food was reasonably priced and tasty. However, in hindsight, the sandwich I picked was not a wise choice. While my smoked lamb sandwich tasted just fine, I had "tummy trouble" very shortly after eating it. As a result, I need to mark the restaurant's rating down, since my getting sick shortly...

  • Not bad

    There's only one choice for food here at the waterfalls, but the restaurant here is actually quite good. You'll find a path at the top of the stairs from the falls that leads towards the restaurant and gift shop. I had a traditional Icelandic lamb stew and a bottle of water for 1300 Kr (about $20, ouch!) which was quite tasty. It came with as much...


Gullfoss Transportation

  • Bus from Reykjavík

    Bílar og fólk Bus Line 2 runs twice daily June 1 - August 31 from Reykjavík bus station via Selfoss. Reykjavik Excursions also runs seasonal (June 15 - August 31) passenger (i.e., non-"Golden Circle" tour) service from Reykjavík via Þingvellir. Finally, roughly from June to August, Bílar og fólk also runs overland buses between Reykjavík and...

  • Luxury, but cheap.

    Me and my friends travelled to Iceland recently and one of them is in wheelchair, we were rather skeptical before our holiday in Iceland but before we left we contacted All Iceland Tours who specialize in holidays with disabled tourists.They assured us that nothing was to be worried about. At the airport they picked us up and i have travelled...

  • Bus

    I really wanted to see this on my own terms by renting a car and checking out some of the highlights of the Golden Circle Tour alone, but after looking into the costs, I decided to join a tour. I looked into a couple of the tour companies and Iceland Excursions offered the best price, so I jumped on it. In retrospect, it turned out to be a good...


Gullfoss Shopping

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    by davidjo Written Jul 23, 2015

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    By the car park there is a cafe and souvenir shop. The souvenir shop sells all the same items as all the other souvenir shops such as woolen garments, books, magnets, toys, jewelry, Icelandic crafts. Don't forget that overseas visitors can shop tax free, saving 15% of the costs.

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Gullfoss Warnings and Dangers

  • No clearing of the roads on Tuesdays and...

    Clearing of the roads now takes place every day as far as I know.Just a word of warning, the roads to Gullfoss are not cleared of snow by the Road Administration of Iceland on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If it has been snowing a lot then this can cause a problem for visitors, especially those travelling on their own without guidance. But the buses on...

  • Couple things

    The weather can be unpredictable in Iceland so it's always a good idea to come prepared with appropriate clothing, which usually means, warm, waterproof clothes worn in layers. The weather wasn't great on the day that I was here, so my waterproof jacket and layers of clothing came in handy, but I wasn't as prepared for the rain when it came to...

  • Beware of slippery path

    If you go to Gullfoss during certain times of the year, you should exercise care when walking, because some of the paths may be iced up from leftover snow. The combination of leftover snow and constant spray from the fall can create an iced up pathway. Having snow shoes or hiking boots should be adequate.


Gullfoss Tourist Traps

  • Ah, the incredibly expensive Icelandic...

    by Clocky Written Apr 4, 2007

    Basically, your tour guide (if you've taken an excursion) will tell you on arrival at the stop at Gullfoss that the Icelandic Lamb Soup is by far the best thing there. It's also by chance the most overpriced item on the menu, but that doesn't stop most of the tourist crowd buying it anyway and being disappointed by paying over 1,000 ISK each for what's basically a bit of stock with some vegetables thrown in.

    Fun Alternatives: Plenty of other goodies on the menu that are FAR less expensive.

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Gullfoss General

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    In the 17th century there was a son of a Brattholt farmer who looked after his sheep in the pastures at Hvita, a little way upstream from Gullfoss. Hamarsholt was located on the other side of the river where a girl also kept watch on her family's sheep. For some time they had been eyeing each other up and eventually the girl persuaded the boy to...

  • Gullfoss Waterfall...

    The canyon where the Gullfoss Waterfall flows into is called Gullfossglujur Gorge...On a sunny day, the water would so clear that sometimes Gullfoss is also called The Golden Waterfall...So...this was my last photo at the Gullfoss Waterfall...(snif ! snif !...)On this photo, you can see the craggy cliffs that I climbed up to, The car park where...

  • Gullfoss Waterfall...

    The canyon where the Gullfoss Waterfall flows into is called Gullfossglujur Gorge...On a sunny day, the water would so clear that sometimes Gullfoss is also called The Golden Waterfall...For a better contrast of how big the area is, look at my photo on the left !So, it was on the left of this photo where I clamber up the craggy cliffs !It's not...


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