Iceland Nightlife

  • Entertainment on a Ladies' Night.
    Entertainment on a Ladies' Night.
    by Regina1965
  • Nightlife
    by Redang
  • Booths with a view.
    Booths with a view.
    by Regina1965

Iceland Nightlife

  • Bars/ Nightclubs

    Reykjavík Region Nightlife

    One liked by my brother and me, as we found it the best place to get into conversation with some friendly locals here! Grand Rokk has live music, chess, literature and pub quizzes held weekly. If you want to chat and drink beer you should stay downstairs, but if you are looking for exciting and live music then you should go upstairs. No dress code,...

  • Sculpture/ Galleries

    Reykjavík Region Nightlife

    NATIONAL EINAR JONSSON GALLERY: Einar Jonsson (1874-1954) was Iceland's first sculptor. As for how to get there, please check with Bjorgvin. He's a great guide in this respect :) Thank you, Bjorgvin! You get to see what most tourists or visitors missed!

  • Bars in Reykjavik

    Well, it looked like a standard bar and was - although this 50 year old was surprised to find that everyone else in there was 23 years old. Mind you, I can look at 23 year old Icelandic women all day long....I think it's because Reykjavik has more universities than fishing boats these days, or something like that.Most bars in the city are very...

  • Great people

    Probably one of the most mixed crowds in one place that we went to while in Reykjavik. Grand Rokk not only has live music on most nights starting around 10pm or so but it combines people from all walks of life; lawyers, educators, oil workers, artists, fishermen, and students. It was the most lively bunch of people with the greatest attitudes and...

  • Drinking out

    If you want to have a lively night out its worth having several drinks at home! Alcohol is exceptionally expensive!!!!It is possible to buy duty free alcohol when you arrive at Keflavik Airport. The shop remains open for the arrival of the last flight of the day.

  • craziest nightlife I have ever seen,...

    Our hotel told us we had to go check it out and so we did. It was the craziest thing I ever saw in my life. Thousands of people on the street after midnight but not before to all the bars and nightclubs. Our favorite bar was the danish bar and thankfully did not turn into a nightclub. no dress code apparent although the young girls were pretty...

  • Rúntur

    The Rúntur (meaning 'round-tour') is Reykjavik's weekly pub crawl which has become increasingly famous around Europe. Reykajavik has a great social night life and the city centre comes alive on Friday and Saturday night with locals crowding into the many bars and clubs lining Laugavegur, Bankastr, Austurstraeti and the side streets leading from...

  • A bit of home

    Cosy Irish pub in the city centre. Seems to get quite busy as the evening wears on and can become packed and sweaty later into the night!Live music regulary and theres a dancehall upstairs.Gets a lot of tourists during the day and can pull in the locals also later. Icelanders dont show until at earliest 11 pm and can drink anyone under the table...

  • Save your money

    Why does the everything cost so much? If you are here visiting from the states, save your money and drink when you get home. It's o.k. here, but pretty much like it is everywhere in the United States on the weekend. It only cost around three times as much here. If you think the liquor prices are high, then you better stay away from the taxis.

  • Weekends only!

    I visited Iceland for Iceland Airwaves a few years ago. The weekend was amazing, young people everywhere. Bars were packed and everything was open. I decided to stay an extra 2 days after the weekend and busy Iceland became a ghosttown starting Sunday. If you are coming for the party scene, visit Iceland on a stopover and stay Fri and Sat night...

  • Hot spots

    If you want to see the beautiful people and soak it all up with cool tunes, this is your place. Be warned, while their mojito is quite tasty, it is not cheap. Was about $20 US...ouch. But plenty of fun and friendly locals. Club trendy semi dress.

  • Best Option

    Oliver's seemed to be the main hangout when I was there in May 2006. Its a restuarant that turns into a bar/club at night. This place only gets going on the weekend like ever other place in Reykjavik. There is no cover but usually quite a long line if you get there too late. There are two floors. The lower floor has a dance floor and decent music....

  • Kaffibarinn Pub

    This was a Place to act Coolreally , most in there were the trendy crowd i guess , as they barely smiled etcits a nice pub though, not swanky or posh very relaxed IE Candles flickering on the small tablsPart-owned by Blur’s Damon Albarn though did'nt see him there !!!Part-owned by Blur’s Damon Albarn Casual

  • Laugavegur

    If u stay on this street Laugavegur there are alot of Pubs on it or just off it , its a good point to note ,Although prob better to get to the end of the street as a place to start off , as the street itself is very long

  • I'm not that into clubbing so...

    I'm not that into clubbing so I hardly went to clubs/ discos. My favorite place at weekdays were Glaumbar (Bar of happiness). At weekdays it had a better crowd than the lot. Interior was more like a sportsbar, with the bar in the center of the room. no

  • Movie Theaters

    I really enjoyed going to see a movie in Reykjavik. There isn't any dubbing, but they have the native icelandic dialouge in subtitles. I saw Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith and the theater was nice. They have an intermission too in the middle of the film, which patrons were quick to use to get more snacks. At the snack bar go with the chocolates....

  • Paddy's Irish Pub

    I am not really a dancer, or into that type of music. But this place is cool, live rock music is sometimes played here and it is just a nice atmosphere to sit, drink and laugh with friends.

  • Drinking through the night..........with...

    Drinking in Iceland is an experience all in itself. If you've ever heard that Icelanders party hard on, then you heard right! its something that can't really be explained , only witnessed. We met a couple of guys from Iceland who had just got off work. They sat down with us for a while, ordered us shot after shot and then moved on to another bar....

  • Cafe` Victor

    Centrally located in Ingolfstorg Square in the Old Town, Café Victor offers good meals at reasonable prices. The cafe celebrates Mexican fare with Icelandic culinary twists. In the evening the restaurant transforms into a mixture of a café and a bar. After midnight on weekends, Cafe Victor rocks as an admission-free dance club.

  • Getting LOCO

    This is the new "IN" bar in Iceland. Here people go to be seen and to see who´s there, whom with and so on. All the party rats and known people in Iceland can be seen there. I recomend it because it´s a realy cool place. Be early and dress cool. The night life in Iceland starts late but i would recomend you to go early around 11:30 so that you...

  • The Runtar

    A quick read through a Lonely Planet guide...or any other for that matter talks of crazy nighlife in Rekyavik in the form of a gigantic pub crawl called the runtar that begins near midnight and goes until 6 am....well.....they were was went until 6 was light out the entire time and I spent $97.77 USD in one bar...on...

  • Cheapest beer in town?

    Or at least that is what we heard....I was too far gone at this point to notice and found myself dancing to 80's club music with people half my age on the second floor while sipping a pint of Viking beer....a good time! casual but trendy

  • experience an Ice Bar

    ok if u want to say u have been in an ice bar, this is where u go its part of a restaurant which seems nice but we did'nt eat therewhen u go in, there is an admission cost, i cant remember now what it was , but it was nearly the cost of admission to a niteclub it included a glass of vodka, which was Boru , irish vodka in iceland yes, but it was ok,...

  • Best Airwaves venue

    It may not be a music venue any other time but during Airwaves, but it seemed like most of the headlining bands play at the Art Museum basement. This is where we saw the band we've been hooked on ever since then - Keane. Everyone said Icelanders like to dress up at night, but I didn't see too much of that. Just jeans was OK.

  • Our famous nightlife!

    We are famous for our nightlife. Many hollywood stars fly to Iceland over night to have a good time! Drink before you go to the clubs since they will charge you a ridiculous price for one drink! You will not be looked at since everyone do that in Iceland!

  • Night wanted !

    In July and August, the nights are very short and it will never be completely dark. For some people, this can cause problems for sleeping. If this is your case, you should use eye protection of the same type that the one used on long distance flights. Dress as if you were hiking at 2,000 meters elevation.

  • Ice, Ice, Baby!

    Although Reykjavik is noted for it's nightlife and club scene, we really didn't do a lot of that. However, we were curious enough to stop in at Kaffi Reykjavik and take a look at their Ice Bar. It's literally a bar made out of ice, as are the stools, glasses, and much of the interior of this unique setting. Don't worry, they provide ponchos and...

  • People watching

    Lively bar / nightclub just off Laugevegur, very reasonably priced food available here as well during the day. There is a photographer here on the weekend, so chances are you'll see your photo on the website the week after.

  • Ice Bar

    This bar is created by hand most weekends. It is made from blocks of ice from Myrdalsjokull and transported to the restaurant. The bar is quite cold but at times they have had as many as 500 people around. When we were there it wasn't quite ready yet but it was in the process of being built. They needed time for the bar to chill and the ice to...

  • Live Weekends

    Many clubs and pubs around Reykjavik have live music on the weekends. It seems like everyone we talked to knew of friends that are in bands, they are in bands, or were at one time. Many times we were walking the streets you can hear some practicing in their lofts. Most of the people we saw were doing various covers and Icelandic traditional songs....

  • Cheapest Beer in Town!

    Nelly's is your typical pub, wooden seats, hardwood floors, large windows and a settled and worn feeling. It boasts the cheapest beer in Reykjavik until midnight at only 390IKr for a pint of Viking. Which is quite good. There is also quite a bit of live music on weekends and seems like most days. The dress code is definitely casual. Nothing...

  • Outside Reykjavik

    Outside Reykjavik you can find typical small-town nightlife - you can also find crazy concerts/dances in social centers where famous pop bands play.. and during the first weekend in August (bank holiday), there are outdoor festivals where people camp and have great fun, the most popular ones being the National Festival (in Vestmannaeyjar) and the...

  • Reykjavik nightlife

    After two weeks in the 'wilderness' of Iceland it is quite a change to be in Reykjavik again. But since you are there you might as well taste some of the night life. On Monday just about the only decent bar open is an Irish pub of which the name eludes me. Ask a local, they know. Good beer and the Icelandic versions of classics from Billy Joel and...

  • Irish pub

    If there are people in town they are in the Dubliner .Every day a trubador playing and in the weekends trubador down stairs and a band upstairs. It is said they have a good Guiness there but I dont drink it so :) no dress code

  • Downtown

    Nightlife in Reykjavik is slow to get going. Due to the high cost of beer $8 per pint, people tend to stay at home until 10pm. Bars are open til 1am in the week, some until 5am at weekends.There are bars for all tastes. Live music/bands appear in many, others are nightclub type bars, others are quiet pubs, with the opportunity to talk to locals....

  • Be prepared...

    Pub crawls with a difference... Don't go out before midnight in Reykjavik.. there's no point, no one is out. The friday\saturday night begins around 1am. The 'beautiful' people descend onto the streets and crawl from one bar to another - no point in recommending one single place as everywhere is brilliant fun, packed to rafters the most beautiful...

  • Sólon, for young people...

    Sólon, for young people who want to meet more young people, for techno fans we have NASA, and for upper class we have Astro and Cafe BistroSólon cofee house during the day and weekends it changes to one of Iceland most interesting party places, if you go to NASA remember your ecstasy, and something to defend yourself.......... NO DRESS CODE, maybe...

  • Simply crazy....

    This place is good for dancing. The attire is fairly upscale. The cover is 1000kr, or about 12 dollars. In LA that's not so bad, any where else, not so good. I entertained many a woman in this joint. This is where many renowned DJs spin such as Nick Warren and John Digweed. Pictures are coming. Look good.

  • National Einao Jonsson Gallery

    NATIONAL EINAO JONSSON GALLERY (Reykjavik).The sculptures here are just incredible!Thanks to Bjorgvin who took us on a grand tour of the gallery. Amazing works!

  • Swim in the Blue Lagoon

    Swim in the Blue Lagoon.After driving an entire day, the best place to relax is at the Blue Lagoon. It's one of Iceland's principal attractions. The Blue Lagoon is located in the heart of a lava field & the pool is fed by a supply of mineral rich water at around 40 deg. C or 104 deg. F. The water here is supposed to have medicinal effects on skin...

  • miyls's Nightlife Tip

    Reykjavik is not the crazy ceaseless night out it is sometimes purported to be. However, it is also not the insanely high-priced night out that is sometimes alleged. I was out on the evening of Reykjavik Day and there was a lot going on, but it was still a fairly typical European nightlife scene - right down to the kebab on my way home!

  • I went to the quaint and the...

    I went to the quaint and the crazy. My preferred pub was Dillon - mello, great music, young sharp clientele and employees.Second choice, Kofi Tomasar Frenda - Cool basement pub.The rest is a journal entry from a Saturday night. Dubliner - hard core old school with live music.Gaukurastong- eclectic 'club' interesting basement.Glaum bar- go upstairs....

  • There are a few interesting...

    There are a few interesting nightlife spots in Reykjavík. There are clubs like Asto, NASA and Spotlight (gay club) and also pubs/cafés that turn qutie clubish in the weekend, like Hverfisbarinn, Vegamót, Kaupfélagid, Prikid, Kaffibarinn and Kaffibrennslan.No place is more fun than other when it comes to the Reykjavík nightlife. It depends on what...

  • Reykjavic is a lovely city...

    Reykjavic is a lovely city with a rather small centre so getting around is best done by walking. All the shops and nightlife is in the same area.There are clubs, Pubs and Restaurants everywhere in Reykjavik. Maybe it is best just to wander around and get the attmosphere of the place.The city centre comes alive at night and we spent the early hours...

  • I spent the weekend in a hot...

    I spent the weekend in a hot and swanky nightclub in the heart of Reykjavik called Astro. The music was great, the atmosphere incredible, the drinks expensive(as is everything there..but worth it), and the people beautiful. Don't go before 11 pm and don't expect to leave before about 3:30 or so. In midsummer step outside to complete daylight (very...


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