Iceland Off The Beaten Path

  • Dogs playing in the river Elliðaár.
    Dogs playing in the river Elliðaár.
    by Regina1965
  • An Icelandic sheep-dog in the river.
    An Icelandic sheep-dog in the river.
    by Regina1965
  • The service center.
    The service center.
    by Regina1965

Iceland Off The Beaten Path

  • Light on South Breakwater at...

    Reykjavík Off The Beaten Path

    This lighthouse-like construction serves as the south beacon for the entrance to the harbor that is closest to downtown Reykjavik. The breakwater extends north from the mainland just east of the huge performance center known as Harpa. While there are signs here saying that it is illegal to fish from the structure, there is nothing that appears to...

  • Shopping

    Reykjavík Region Off The Beaten Path

    Something you can't miss in Reykjavik is one of their specialities - woollen knitwear (for example sweaters, cardigans, hats and mittens). They are of great quality but reasonable price. For example, a very very well made woolen blanket (200cm x 130cm) costs only 600SEK here, which you need to pay double price for in Sweden.

  • Blue Lagoon

    Reykjavík Region Off The Beaten Path

    Proceed to the BLUE LAGOON & take a bath. The water is reputed to have healing properties for sufferers of skin ailment. This is one of the highlights of many visitors to Iceland. After having examined the combination of minerals in the water, scientists declared the BLUE LAGOON a spa. So, for those who are interested in spa (like some of my...

  • Museums & Galleries

    Reykjavík Region Off The Beaten Path

    Well if you're in Reykjavik, why not have at look at the world's only *** museum? In an alley in the main shopping street Laugavegur Sigurdur Hjartason has found a very unusual way to attract tourists. He has over the years collected no less than 40 of Iceland's mammal species and 8 from other countries in the museum's foreign section. There is for...

  • Perlan

    Reykjavík Region Off The Beaten Path

    The building on the hill is The Pearl (Perlan), an exhibition and conference hall with revolving restaurant on top, well worth visiting. It is built on top of old water cisterns and the view from there is lovely. But the hill, Öskjuhlíð, is a natural pearl in its own right. More than 176,000 trees have been planted on the hillside. There are...

  • Gamla Laugin - The secret lagoon

    Forget the blue lagoon this was a top experience. Our hotel receptionist suggested this to us and we were so glad she did, the pool is completely natural and is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. I really dont want this place to be too well known incase it ruins it. The pool is near to the village of Fludir and is not far from the Golden circle....

  • Kerio Volcanic explosion crater

    Iceland is dotted with volcanic craters, Kerio is one of the more dramatic ones. Created by an explosion followed by implosion of its cone, it now has a lake at is bottom.

  • Driving to the Northern Westfjords

    Iceland's most northerly region is truly off the beaten path. Head northeast from Reykjavik on the Ring Road (Rt 1) until you reach an exit for Rt 60 which heads directly north to the town of Holmavik. As you progress further north, the scenery becomes increasingly impressive, and one can truly feel the remoteness of the region. After Holmavik, the...

  • Siglufjörður

    At the very tip of the Tröllaskagi peninsula in the North of the country you will reach Siglufjörður, a small fishing town that is very scenically wedged between the fjord and the foot of the mountains. It has the feeling of having come to the end of the world, with the ocean behind you and the mountains in front of you. Unbeknownst to us there was...

  • Tröllaskagi Peninsula

    For a daytour with some spectacular scenery you can drive around the Tröllaskagi Peninsula north of Akureyri.The drive hugs the coastline, and you get great views across Skagafjördur and to the little islands in the fjord. At least if you are as lucky with the weather as we were :-).At the very tip of the peninsula you get to the small fishing town...

  • Go and have fun on snowmobile or 4x4...

    This is a good way to have fun and lots of it.You can choose between snowmobile in summer up on the glacier winter where ever the snow is or 4x4 motorbikes going down to the black beach at Myrdalur area driving in a different terrang and over rivers.

  • A Hot Beach!

    Actually, I'd really describe it as a lukewarm beach. We decided to go hiking one afternoon and followed trails down the hill, through the forest surrounding the Perlan. This took us out to several trails near the Reykjavik domestic airport and ultimately to Nautholsvik, an area known for it's naturally hot beach. There were people swimming but we...

  • Skogafoss

    Where?Skogafoss is in the south of Iceland. Unless you have a rental car, best bet to visit it is a tour of South-West Iceland from Reykjavik in either bus or a superjeep (which is what I took).What?The waterfall marks the place where Iceland's coast once was, with the water falling off the former seacliffs. 75 feet wide and over 175 feet tall,...

  • make a boattrip (3hours) to...

    make a boattrip (3hours) to the Vestmannaeyjar Island with its special volcanic landscape and read/watch their history with the big vulcano-eruption in 1973Vestmannaeyjar (English: The Westmen Isles) is a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The largest island, Heimaey, has a population of 4,036. The other islands are uninhabited,...

  • Grindavik - Atlantic Coast

    AS you drive on the main road through Grindavik. Keep driving until you see the ocean. You have to drive around some buildings, but there is a road behind them. The ocean is beautiful , and I came across herds of "Sheep" ! A nice quiet place !

  • Miðlina

    Out on the Reykjanes peninsula, not too far from the Blue Lagoon, is a very interesting spot to explore and it is unique to Iceland.Miðlina is the area where the North American continental plate and the European continental plate meet...sort of. Coming from California, I was very familiar with these kinds of plates. They're what the earth is made...

  • Black sands of Vik!

    My friends and I were in Iceland last summer and rented a car. (Very expensive but so worth it!) We drove to Vik and spent the day enjoying the hot, glorious black sand of Vik. It is like no other place I have ever been. We were lucky enough to be there on a rather warm day. Prices in Iceland are so expensive, so eat well at your hotel, hostel or...

  • Take your time around Krafla

    Take your time check all the small black craters in the Krafla area. Stop the car at lower car park, and lets go to the "hell".

  • hiking

    don't miss going hiking on iceland! there are some nice places to go right in the area of reykjavik (an hour and a half of driving, not more), which are quite amazing... you'll walk across hot rivers, steaming holes, boiling mud, canyons with great waterfalls, small streams that you have to jump across... there are so many things to discover..

  • Grindavik

    Grindavik is a small fishing village on the south side of Reykjanes Peninsula, known for its traditional Saltfish. It is pretty representative of most of Iceland outside of Reyjavik.

  • more waterfalls

    If you go further along 518 when you have visted the Deildartunguhver you come to two lovely waterfalls - the Hraunfossar and Barnafoss and they are worth visiting. We were lucky as we saw them just before it started to pour with rain. The two falls are really close to each other, but are very different falls.On the north shore of the river Hvita...

  • Deildartunguhver

    This is Icelands largest hot spring and perhaps the largest in the world and although it is off the beaten track and a drive to it I do think it is worth a short stop. The spring produces 200 litres of boiling water per second. It provides the towns Borganes (34 kilometres away)and Akranes (64 kilometres away) with hot water. We bought some...

  • Siglufjordur

    We were staying in Varmahlid for a couple of days, so we decided to take the drive along the coast on route 78 to Siglufjordur. The road follows the coast all the way and right at the end you have to go through a one lane tunnel before entering the town. Along the road there are lots of areas were you can stop and enjoy the view - we had a picnic...

  • Grafarkirkja

    This tiny little turf church can be seen from the road on the way to Siglufjordur, not far from the village of Hofsos. It dates from the end of the 17th century but usually these turf churches had a square graveyard surrounding them. Here the graveyard is round, it has been restored and is open to visitors. You have to enter the farmland (closing...

  • Sample the Fresh Blueberries

    On our way home from Gulfoss, we noticed an elderly couple on the side of the road. Once we got closer, we found that they were picking blueberries. So of course, we had to try it for ourselves. We just wandered the fields and picked a bag full of blueberries while taking in the great surroundings (more waterfalls). The blueberries went great with...

  • Hvalfjordur - a real treasure

    Just north of Reykjavik is the fjord Hvalfjordur. Since the road number 1 has been tunneled under the fjord near its mouth (toward Akranes) most travellers tend to miss out this gem. There are rivers, waterfalls, lakes, interesting seashore, a semblance to forests, fishing and hiking opportunities and some cultural memorials and recent historical...

  • Rent a bike in Reykjavik

    My wife and I rented bikes for the day and saw a ton of the city. The sidewalks are pretty wide and we were able to get to just about everywhere. There is a really cool off road bike trail that goes through a wooded area behind The Perlan (The Pearl). It's steep but it will eventually will get you right near Nautholsvik, the thermal beach.

  • Gjain Gorge and Stong Farm

    Gjain gorge in the Thjorsardalur Valley is a definite must-see. As you are driving pass Mount Hekla, the barren, rocky terrain looks like a lunar planet. In the past, a farming community was thriving in Thjorsardalur Valley, until the valley was inundated by ash from an eruption of Mt. Hekla in 1104. In 1939, archaeologists excavated farm ruins of...

  • lava seam!

    awesome hike up and over a hill, on the edge of a steep cliff, to a suprising lava seam! then back around the wonderful mountain, with a break on the moss covering (more comfortable than a bed, tho a bit dusty) and to the road again

  • Rift

    We found this on a small dirt road right outside of the base at Keflavik. It appears to be a rift, the sign is saying that one side is floating towards North America and the other side is floating towards Europe.

  • Steam Pits 2

    Like I mentioned before, you can find these steam pits all over the island. We found these near the Blue Lagoon, close to Keflavik.

  • Steam Pits 1

    You can find steam pits all over Iceland. We found this one between hidden Akureyi and Godafoss. Made for a great pit stop!

  • Hiking rock pyramids

    I would see these things here and there, but I had never seen a huge gathering like this. The pile of rocks are meant to be trail markers and each time you pass by, you are suppose to add a rock.This was along Hwy 1, towards Vik.

  • Finding Seals ~ Close Up

    A great side trip if you are heading to the Snaefellsbaer penninsula! We heard that a family farm always has seals lounging and playing in their backyard and they let people come look for free, so we decided to check it out. Sure enough, seals were everywhere, and they were so close! The name of the farm is Tunga. There is a small sign, keep your...

  • Dogsledding on the glaciers

    On most of the lager glaciers you can go sledding across the snow pulled by a team of dogs. Although the price was a little too steep for my liking, it was great fun just playing with the dogs. They don't get to see to many unfamiliar faces so they're always excited to see new people. And despite what it might look like in the photo, I swear we...

  • Höfði Nature Park

    What makes Höfði Nature Park is that it is a forested area, covered with birch and spruce trees. If you go there, you will undoubtedly have gone days without seeing any vegetation higher than scrub. The Nature Park also has some interesting lava pillars (klasar in Icelandic) along the shore.Höfði Nature Park is located on the southeastern edge of...

  • Núpsstaður

    Núpsstaður is a farm in Southeast Iceland, located between Kálfafell and Skaftafell (not far from the Ring Road). While the 19th-century farm buildings are not spectacular, the main draw here is the turf-roofed church. It is so small, it is hard to believe it was still used. In fact, according to my guide, the church at Núpsstaður is one of the...

  • It's all off the beaten track.

    The whole country is off the beaten track. Hire a car and drive inland. It is rather eerie and lunar to look at. See the Northern Lights if you're there between September and April. Try snow-mobiling. It's not cheap, but it's once in a lifetime...and you're not going to Iceland to save money, are you?! Beer is £5 or £6 a half litre pretty much...

  • Hrísey

    During our whale-whatching day the boat stopped for a break at Hrísey.Hrísey is the second largest island off the coast of Iceland and the chief employment of the islanders is fishing and fish processing. In latter years tourist service has become increasingly important. All birds on the island are protected and it is quite common to see wild birds...

  • Dritivik fishing station

    On our trips to the west-iceland side we visited this black sand beach place and we had fun trying to lift huge rocks of different sizes located on the way to the shore. This was a place where fishermen would try to lift the rocks into a stone ledge that was about a hip hight. Those who could lift half-share into the ledge qualified to work on the...

  • Dont miss a chance to ride an Icelandic...

    There are several good riding centers close to Rekyjavik. Combine a couple of things; take a day ride (for beginners) to the Blue lagoon and enjoy the geothermal spa, see the incredible power station and the beautiful landscape.

  • The Markafljót Canyon

    Markafljótsgljúfur - This magnificent natural wonder is often missed by those hiking the Laugarvegur trail in their rush to get to Þórsmörk or Hvanngils (depending which way they're going). Yet if they made the effort, just a 2km or less detour from the trail they would discover this wonderful sight.Best seen approx 2km South West of the Botnar hut...

  • Selfoss waterfall

    If you go to the famous and impressive Dettifoss waterfall in the Myvatn region, make sure you follow the rocky path and hike 20 minutes to the even more amazing (in my opinion) Selfoss waterfall. This picture was taken around midnight in late June.

  • The golden circle

    It´s a must to go the golden circle. The circle is a trip starting from Reykajvík then Þingvellir our national park then Gullfoss and then Geysir. Gullfoss is a magnificent waterfall and then it´s Geysir. If you rent a car from Hertz in Iceland you can buy a cd travel guide wich is really great because it will tell you all the importnant things on...

  • Petra's Stone Collection at...

    Steinasafen Petru (Petra's Stone Collection) is, as its name implies, a collection of stones assembled by local resident Petra Sveinsdóttir. It is obvious a lot of work has been put into this quirky collection. Apart from stones, Petra's yard also had old oven and some bicycle pieces, among other things.You can buy some stones inside Petra's house....


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