Iceland What to Pack

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    The dangers of mail order
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    Laugavegur 4
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    Iceland - Free maps and guidebooks
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Iceland What to Pack

  • Kortabók road atlas - great map

    After driving for a day or 2, the roadmap we brought from home appeared not to be as useful as we hoped: there were too much icons/signs (waterfalls, campsites, ...) blocking the roads on our map. Since we are the kind of people that love to go on smaller, less traveled roads, this wasn't very handy of course.So we went out hunting for a new,...

  • Renting camping equipment in Iceland

    I have often been asked where guests can rent camping equipment and such in Iceland. There is such a store in Reykjavík, where one can rent all kinds of camping equipment. It is called Iceland Camping Equipment,This store is run by a French couple, who moved to Iceland. I think this is a great idea as I have often been tempted to lend foreign...



  • Sneakers ain't good enough on lava

    Bring your ankle high hiking boots with a fairly stiff outer sole if you intend to wander on trails and lava fields on Iceland. The lava might cut right through your light sneakers/sports shoes.You might consider walking on lava as equivalent to walking on scree made out of thorny branches. It is terrible to fall on, hurts you badly. You might...

  • Packing List

    Although warmer clothes are a definite must, don't hesitate to bring a bathing suit no mater what time of year you visit Iceland! The many natural hot springs feed public outdoor pools where the water temperature makes it possible to swim even in the cooler weather!

  • Waterproof, Windproof, Layers

    If you are doing a road trip and there are 3 or more people in the car, make sure you can fit everything inside a carry on case and a smaller bag. We probably could get by without the duffel had we not bring a sleeping bag. Our 4WD can fit 3 carry on case and 3 duffels plus our groceries and water. The weather in Iceland is at best, unpredictable....

  • Free books that come in handy

    These small guidebooks come in very handy when travelling in Iceland.There are several editions on different parts of the country.The guidebooks give general information about the area as well as tips on accomodation, activities, nature, tours, towns, transportation, ...We found them to be very handy and full of useful information.You can find...

  • Iceland Road Guide

    This is a very detailed road guide with over 3.000 interesting places mentioned.We bought this book at home, but I've seen it widely sold in Iceland.The book is arranged according to the numbering system used by the Public Roads Administration, dividing Iceland in 8 regions (nr. 2 - 9), with the Ringroad being nr. 1.One part of the book "follows"...

  • More free stuff

    If you don't want to invest money in buying roadmaps or guidebook, you can easliy get around with the free maps and brochures you can find almost everywhere.Some of this stuff cmes in quite handy, f.i. these small guidebooks.Of course the information isn't as detailed as in other guidebooks, but often the information is useful though limited.

  • For winter

    In April it was cold! Thermals were a definite as were waterproof outer clothing. Makes absolutely no mistake - the weather is unbelievably changeable and layers are the way forward. My children had balaclavas and needed them. There were days and blizzards when I wrapped a scarf around my face to protect it from blizzard and stinging hail whipped...

  • before you fly to Iceland... at duty...

    Iceland is exceptionally expensive when it comes to food and drink. I purchased a nice bottle of rum in duty free as I left the UK and then in Iceland I only had to purchase some coke. I was then set up for a couple of enjoyable drinks in my hotel room when it was the end of a long (and cold!) day!

  • Gas-containers we use for camping...

    I add here a link to gas-containers we use in Iceland for camping gas-cookers/primus. You can buy these containers at the gas-stations all around the country. I add the link to our biggest camping-gear store where I buy my gas-containers.

  • Weather in summer..

    Jumpers are recommended as a precaution.Also, a lightweight waterproof can come in handy, as the weather is so changeable. August is the summer, but weather there can change suddenly.Definitely need to have pullovers/sweaters/jumpers as a precaution. Light waterproofs would also be worthwhile.

  • You will most likely need some of these...

    - Sleeping bag: it might save you money if you bring your own bag, so that you won't have to pay for bed linen and/or eventually a cheaper room/bed rate. - Rain jacket- Warm, breathable clothes that you can layer on: if you feel too warm you take off one layer, if you feel too cold you put on one layer- Sturdy shoes: if you're doing some hiking or...

  • Winter Items

    If going to Iceland in the winter like we did you will definatley need lots of layers and a warm preferably waterproof coat.A wooly hat & scarf - they have lots of really warm ones at the airport shop as you arrive in Iceland if you forget yours like I did! Waterproof hiking shoes with good grip - if its snowing and icey these will become...

  • Hand-luggage Essentials

    We spent 66 hours in Iceland with only our hand-luggage full of booze because of a baggage handlers strike in Copenhagen. We had heard that alcohol is expensive in Iceland and while that is true, it's also true that clothes are expensive. The temperature ranged between 8-15 degrees celcius and a warm, wind-proof jacket would have been nice. My tip...

  • Expect the Unexpected

    Variety is the key to a nice trip to Iceland. My advice is to pack for all weather and you won't be caught off guard. Make sure to pack rain gear and a swim suit. A jacket is also advisable due to often cold nights. Pack your own over the counter medicines and items, they are not easy to find in Iceland and if you are lucky enough to find them...


    You should save a lot of money on the accomodation if you have your own sleeping bag. Be ready for any weather condition: wind, rain, sun, even snow.


    I've just returned from Iceland - my husband and I went there for our honeymoon. While it is a truly beautiful country and the people are extremely friendly and helpful, YOU WILL BE *SOL* IF YOU COME DOWN WITH A COLD. Unfortunately, I picked up a particularly nasty sinus/cold combo on the plane over, and it was with me the entire time we were in...

  • Packing List

    Warm stuff - jackets, gloves, good shoes. Some of the good things to see are out in the middle of nowhere, so pack yourself a little first aid kit. We learned that lesson when my husband fell off some rocks and got a big gash in his leg... (hospital was 5 hours away).

  • Iceland in Summer

    Pack light and small as many rural hotels do not have elevators Good rain gear - jacket and pantsPair of shorts and short sleeve shirt in case of heatwaveDay hikers with really good soles that can handle slippery surfaces - GoreTex lining a plusStrong hiking boots if you plan on back packing - GoreTex lining a plusExtra socks as they tend not to...

  • Pack warm clothes or freeze!!!

    Well i always travel with luggage on wheels no backpacks but that´s only because I have never gone back packing so I guess you should travel with what you feel is most comfortable and easy for you to get around with. if your gonna go sight seeing you should deffinetly take warm sweaters, coats and pants that protect against water and winds, hats,...

  • Portable download memory stick hardware

    Before our departure to Iceland we bought a kind of portable hardrive called Conceptronic were you can donwlad all your memory sticks so you can re-use them again. We were a bit sceptic but: IT REALLY WORKED. Considered in Iceland is not easy to pop in a shop and burn your memory sticks (especially when you spend a week in the middle of nowhere)...

  • Woolies and Rain Gear!

    Unless you are camping, etc, regular luggage is fine. I strongly recommend good rain gear even for getting around Reykjavik. Also, quite cold even in summer. In the high mountians riding, wear silk and/or special cold weather long underwear, silk sock liners, and polar fleece. The wind constantly blows, so keep your ears covered. Not a problem,...

  • Maps/bags/gear/toiletries and camera...

    Something strong enough to survive a week or more worth of bouncing up and down in a trailer. Something light enough to throw into a trailer and preferably something waterproof. I don't think I need to tell you this .. but I will anyway. Tough walking boots are essential because volcanic rock is sharp and can do a lot of damage to your footwear....

  • A mix of everything

    comfortable soft bags are the best and trolleys too if you think moving a lot around the island Bring sweater, raincoats, hats, hoods and t-shirts and bermuda f In 2 weeks we experienced cold rain and hot sun, though everybody was telling that in their previous summer trips they always got sun..well...we had the proof that if we are coming back...

  • almost neccesities...for a pre-summer...

    Iceland air allowed 2 bags at 70lbs each. Rolling wheels are a plus if using large baggage, I was fortunate enough to have a set built into my suitcase. A Backpack to wander with is good for longer treks. warm clothes for the mornings, It seems cold when you wake up... Sandals, boots, walking shoes, and water shoes(or flips). weather was no...

  • Must have packing items...

    A day pack to hold changes of clothes and layers while you are out and about...the weather changes by the minute Hiking boots with Gore-tex or some waterproof potential Bring COLD MEDICINE! I got sick and it took me 5 days to find a nasal spray! I ate cough drops and sucked on the last of my advil until I finally got some the day I left....but...

  • Don't forget the following!

    * Warm clothes - even in summer it is not "hot".* Wet weather gear - or at least a water resistant jacket - it will keep the spray of waterfalls off you!* Comfy shoes for all that walking you will do. * I tried to buy some Cold & Flu tablets in Reykjavik....apparently they don't exist there, so stock up before you go (never know what you might...

  • For Cyclers and Hikers

    Your bags need to be waterproof. A poncho might not be enough. If you cycle there is only one choice: Ortlieb-bags or similar ones made from the waterproof truck-cover fabric (usually in red, green, blue or black). Make sure you bring the one with the rolling closure mechanism - this means, these bags can even dive. And this means they can pass...

  • Clothing!

    Whatever you want! Depends on when you will be here:For winter:Bring along some warm clothes. Remember that you want to wear layers of clothes. When you walk into a restaurant or a museum it will be hot so you want to be able to take some of them off but not end up wearing only your underwear. Bring some thick wool socks as they are the...

  • Pack Warm

    Pack light and move easy. It's Iceland but not really as cold as you might think - so, pack warm but don't overdo it. It ranged from the 30s to the 50s when we were there. Be sure to pack good hiking shoes and rain weather gear. A good camera is always a must and the sights are well worth the pictures. Hiking shoes. Don't forget your swimsuit -...

  • ... and don't forget two bottles of wine

    remember Iceland can be cold, rainy and windy also during summer. Weather can vary more times in a day, temperature also no particular problems if you use an analogic camera, bring a lot of film, it's very expensive in Iceland and there are many things to shoot. Bring also a wideangle lens or a panoramic camera, you'll use it! don't forget...

  • pack for extremes when going in the...

    I thought I was well prepared but i wasn't. If you go to iceland in the summer you need to pack for extremes. We wish we had brought the following:- gloves: yes, even in the summer you may very well need them when your hiking in the mountains. Even if the weather reports talks about 15 degrees celcius.- Sunscreen! yes, even though the weather...

  • Waterproof clothes are necessary

    Waterproof and warm clothes, also in summer. The weather changes very quickly, so even if you start in a nice morning, you should carry at least a waterproof jacket (umbrellas may be useless in strong wind). LOTS of film, Iceland is awesome!

  • Wear Layers and bring lenses

    Make sure your bags are waterproof. Weather is unpredictable so be prepared. Wear layers so you can adjust your clothes to your warmth needs (putting on of off an extra layer.Hiking shoes with a good profile and hiking poles are mandatory if you go for a long hike outside Reykjavíc.Don't forget to bring water repellent and wind blocking clothes....

  • Clothing in Layers

    If you are backpacking a good pack is essential. If you are staying only in hotels then you should bring a bag that is comfortable for you but will easily fit into the small rooms or cars you may travel in. Good walking shoes. No matter where you go in Iceland you will encounter rough terrain of all different types. You will be glad to have sturdy...

  • Don't leave home without it...

    Pack for the worst: with all those glaciers the weather can change three times a day: from snow in the morning, sun in the afternoon and rain in the evening. So, bring warm, water-resistant/proof clothing and sturdy walking boots. Planning on visiting Myvatn? Bring mosquito repellent. On warm, windless days a form of mosquito comes from the lake...

  • hahaha futile packers

    enough to accomodate your dressing habits if you want to do it all u need boots 2 pairs if you want to be comfortable. also need shoes for the night life. Yes Icelands night life is very hot. bring something to cover up the foul smelling hot water. sulfur smells like rotten eggs. yes lots of film and or digital media

  • Keep costs down with self-catering

    You're allowed to bring a certain amount of food with you into Iceland. If you want to visit this notoriously expensive country as inexpensively as you can, then bring in food with you (bearing in mind customs restrictions on meat and dairy products) and stay in hostels or guesthouses which offer a kitchen. We ate out once and it was probably the...

  • Insect repellent won't stop midges

    Bring insect repellent if you have any ideas about visiting Myvatn in summer. However don't expect it to help you out at all. There are just too many of them. You're better off having some kind of thin scarf to wrap around your ears/nose/mouth.

  • Waterproofs!

    As Iceland is an island in the middle of the Atlantic, their climate can be a little damp. Whilst I was there, the weather was beautiful but I reckon we were lucky. I would pack waterproofs tho, not just for the weather, but when you get up close and personal to the many waterfalls you come across. A camera is a must. The pics on this site were...


    Concerning the weather you need a lot , In July you can have stormy weather and temperature about 6 degrees C . You need also good movingshoes for the mountain . It depend on what you ll do there . For a tour by car , nothing . But if you move by feet then you need good maps whre you can find the rescue stations in the mountain area . If the...

  • Layer

    It is advisable to layer as weather conditions can change rapidly. Iceland is known to have a cool climate, high precipitation & strong winds. Would recommend carrying rain gear at all times. Umbrellas are questionable since it can be very windy.Janaury average temp 30F/-1CJuly average temp 52F/11CFrom what I hear, due to global warming, Iceland...

  • prepare for anything

    In the spring bring water proof stuff two pairs of shoes, rain slick, and warm jacket. you may never need it, but it's better to have it than not in the spring time. I'm sporting my layered jacket made of gortex near the spray of Gullfoss Bring polarizer for all the water reflection stuff. Most important. Bring a bottle of liquor from home to...


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