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Buildings Tips (9)

The Nordic House

The Nordic Culture House in Reykjavík was opened in 1968. The house was designed by the world famous Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto (1898-1976). He even designed the furniture in the café and the original bookshelves in the library. This Nordic cultural centre was to serve as a link between Iceland and the other Nordic countries and has done so excellently over the years. The Nordic House organizes an extensive program of cultural events and exhibitions and maintains a library, which is an essential part of the Nordic house. There is a gallery in the basement of the house where numerous exhibitions of Nordic art are held. The ground floor houses the library, a small café and a small concert hall.
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Apr 04, 2011

City Hall

The Reykjavik City Hall is worth seeing because it is located on the Tjörn and it´s design is quite unique to the majority of Icelandic architecture. It is a very modern building and I read that many residents of Reykjavik were displeased with it´s construction. I think it looks pretty cool to me! I suppose there is always some disagreement with change.

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Nov 30, 2002

Internationally best-known building

Located back down near the shoreline is Reykjavik`s best-known building internationally, the Hofdi House (open9 am-9pm). This is the municipal reception hall behind whose clapboard exterior presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev met in October 1986 to take their first bows before the pas-de-deux towards global disarmament.

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Dec 14, 2003


The origin of the Hofdi house is traced back to the times, when French fishermen frequented the Icelandic fishing grounds in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The most famous visitor of the Hofdi house is probably Sir. Winston Churchill. He visited Iceland in 1941. Marlene Dietriech also visited the house during the second world war.The most renowned guests of the Hofdi house are without a doubt the presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbatsjov, who attended a summit meeting there in October 1986.During this meeting the house became world known and a Japanese millioner had an exact replica of the house built in his country

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Sep 04, 2003
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This is great world's first...

This is great world's first parliment here in the capital of Iceland.
Established in 930, Althingi is the oldest functioning parliament in the world, with 63 members elected for a term of four years by a popular vote.

With the exception of the President and the judges of the Supreme Court, anyone who is eligible to vote can stand for a parliamentary seat.
All Icelandic people are nice and helpful.

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Aug 25, 2002

Best Music Shop!

You MUST go to 12 Tonar, located at Skolavoroustigur 15, which runs right into Hillgrimskirkja. They have a wide selection of Icelandic music that literally is only sold at their store. They also have a record label, and I would highly recomend asking the employees what they recomend. You can even have a cup of coffee, sit on a couch, and test drive a stack of CDs before buying.

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Feb 28, 2006

Hofoi House

Hofoi House is a cultural center. It became famous in 1986 when there was a summit between Reagan and Gorbaciov. So now the house is call "Reagan-Gorbaciov's house".

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Jul 10, 2006

Stroll around the city

Just take a leisurely walk around the city and down the back streets and you'll see some lovely houses. Look out for the parliament building (Alpingi) and the oldest house in Reykjavik

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Jun 24, 2007

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Great Architecture

Reykjavik has an awesome mixture of old and new architecture. Icelanders are big on design and it shows.

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Jan 06, 2006

Things To Do in Reykjavík Region

Things to do


Worth a visit to this unusual modern cathedral that dominates the skyline of the city. Take the lift to the top for great views across the city and harbour. It is extremely windy up there and in the...
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Things to do


Hallgrímskirkja is our biggest church (kirkja=church) and is named after Hallgrímur Pétursson, a reverend and hymn writer (1614-1674) who wrote the beautiful hymns "Passíusálmar" which are Iceland's...
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Perlan (literally, "the pearl") is one of Reykjavík's most striking buildings. You will no doubt see it as you come in the city from Keflavík Airport. Built atop the water tanks that supply...
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Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre

Harpa Concert and Conference Center stands right next to the harbour and cannot be missed if you are spending any time in Reykjavik. There are several floors in the building with many concert halls...
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Reykjavik 871

During construction for a new hotel in 2001, a Viking-era longhouse was discovered under the streets of Reykjavík, and it has been preserved right where it was found (the hotel was completed,...
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Videy Island

Viðey is an island off the shore of Reykjavík and it only takes 5 minutes to sail there with Viðeyjarferjan ferry. It is 1,6 km2. In Viðey was an Augustinian monastery from 1235-1539 and excavations...
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