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  • Myvatn Thermal Bath
    Myvatn Thermal Bath
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  • Things to Do
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  • Things to Do
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Mÿvatn Things to Do

  • The Sigurgeir's Birds Museum

    By Lake Mývatn you can find the largest private bird collection in Iceland at the Sigurgeir's Birds Museum or "Fuglasafn Sigurgeirs Stefánssonar".Sigurgeir Stefánsson was born and raised at Mývatn. He was an avid bird and egg collector and he owned a large collection of stuffed birds. He kept his collection in a shed at Ytri-Neslönd, where the...

  • A monument on a tragic accident on Lake...

    By the north-west side of Lake Mývatn there is a monument of a tragic accident, which happened at Lake Mývatn on the 26th of October 1999.Three men in a boat were putting a fibre optic cable in the lake when bad weather hit them and they drowned. Their names were: Böðvar Björgvinsson (employee at Síminn telephone company), Jón Kjartansson (employee...

  • The geothermal area behind Stóra-Víti...

    There is a trail by Stóra Víti crater leading to a beautiful geothermal area east and north of the crater.The trail starts on the rim of the crater and being there in strong winds is not recommended. We don´t by any means want to fall into the lake in the crater. The hike is ca 40 minutes depending on how slow or fast people walk. It is beautiful,...

  • Stóragjá rift - a hot pool that is no...

    Grjótagjá is one of the best known caves with geothermal water in Iceland. But there is another one, Stóragjá or Big rift, not so far away from Grjótagjá. Stóragjá is a chasm with geothermal water, blue in colour like the water in Grjótagjá. It is a totally different experience going there as one walks on steps into a beautiful chasm and has to...

  • Mt. Krafla caldera - Stóra-Víti (Big...

    Krafla is a caldera of 10 km in diameter with a 90 km long fissure zone. The highest peak of Krafla is 818 m. It contains one of two Víti craters in Iceland (the other one is in Askja, where you can actually have a bath in the water). This one is called Stóra-Víti and was formed in 1724. "Víti" is the Icelandic word for Hell as people often...

  • Vogafjós restaurant and guesthouse

    Vogafjós restaurant and guesthouse is a bit out of the ordinary. Vogafjós actually means Creek Cowshed it is located inside a cowshed. You can look at the cows from the restaurant, there are windows from the restaurant looking into the cowshed.The farmers at the farm at Vogafjós smoke their own trout from Lake Mývatn and lamb in a small turf-shed...

  • Mt. Námafjall - boiling mud pools.

    Námafjall is on ring-road one just by the road in the Krafla and Mývatn area in N-Iceland. It is a high-temperature geothermal area with fumaroles and boiling mud pools. At a depth of 1.000 meters the temperature is above 200 degrees C. As is characteristic for other hot spring areas there is a hot spring smell at Námafjall which is caused by the...

  • Grænavatn turf house in Mývatnssveit.

    There is a turf-house by Grænavatn in Mývatnssveit. Grænavatn is believed to be a settlement farm, so there might have been a turf house in the same location since the Vikings settled Iceland. As this turf farm isn´t a museum and is mainly used as storage, we didn´t get to visit the inside and only saw it from the outside.This is a large turf...

  • The view-dial in Dimmuborgir

    There is a beautiful view-dial at Dimmuborgir. It is still so bright and shiny, like it has just been erected. The harsh weather in Iceland sadly sometimes ruins the chrome on the view-dial, but not here at Dimmuborgir. But then something else happens, people have started to ruin this view-dial by scratching their names or initials on the beautiful...

  • Dimmuborgir - The Dark Fortress at...

    Dimmuborgir "The Dark Fortress" at Mývatn are a true wonder of nature and nowhere else to be seen in the world i.e on dry land. They are huge lava rock formations which make you feel like you stepped into another world - a world of fairy-tales with caves and lava arches.Dimmuborgir are 1 km in diameter with several walking paths - keep to the paths...

  • Grjótagjá - Rock ravine at Mývatn,...

    Grjótagjá rift is one of the best known caves in Iceland. It is located almost right on the North-Atlantic and Eurasian tectonic plates.Grjótagjá has got two entrances and steps leading down to it. It is half-full with hot water and people used to bathe in it, women on one side and men on the other side. During the eruption of Mt. Katla in...

  • The lava formations at Kálfastrandavogar

    The most beautiful lava pillars in Mývatn can be seen at Kálfastrandavogar. These are the lava pillars always depicted on the postcards from Mývatn. They are kind of the landmark of Mývatn although they can not be seen from many places. There is a gravel road leading to Kálfastrandavogar. There is a small parking lot and from there you can walk to...

  • Úlfhildur the elf-queen at Mývatn.

    I want to tell you a folklore about an elf-lady at Lake Mývatn way up in North-Iceland. Her name is "Úlfhildur álfkona" or Úlfhildur the elf-lady."Once upon a time there was a farmer on a farm, he lived north by Lake Mývatn. That lake is so big that the road around it is no less than 37,5 km (or what we call in Icelandic "þingmannaleið").It...

  • Lake Mývatn - an internationally...

    Lake Mývatn is Iceland's 4th largest lake and was created in a basaltic lava eruption 2300 years ago and the surrounding landscape in the Mývatn area is extraordinary. There are so many wonderful lava formations in this area, including the lava pillars by and in Lake Mývatn.The lake is 36,5 km2, the depth is 3-3,3 meters and there are ca 40-50...

  • Lava rock on the north side of Lake...

    While driving on ring-road 1 north of Mývatn I noticed a strange looking lava pillar by a hill protruding into the lake. We stopped and walked to the lava pillar and took some photos.It is strange looking in that it has a diamond like hat, which I haven´t seen on other lava pillars before. It is a good photo stop. The Mývatn area is just full of...

  • Mt. Vindbelgur

    Vindbelgur is a mountain north of Lake Mývatn. The name Vindbelgur means a windbag and it has been jokingly said that people in this area are a bit full of themselves.Mt. Vindbelgur is a conical mountain 529 meters above sea level. I have read, not tried, that it takes half an hour to walk to the mountain and another half an hour to hike up on it....

  • The Mývatn Naturebaths - Jarðböðin við...

    The Mývatn Naturebaths are sometimes called the Blue lagoon of the north. They are an excellent choice for relaxation after a day of visiting all the interesting sights in Mývatn area. They opened in 2004 so they are quite new. The geothermal water in the Naturebaths is drawn from depths of upto 2500 meters from boreholes in Bjarnarflag and is rich...

  • Reykjahlíðarkirkja church at Mývatn and...

    Reykjahlíðakirkja - The Church at Reykjahlíð in Mývatn is a lovely church. I stayed at the campsite very close to the church and when the "mý" midge was starting to get on my nerves I sought refuge in the church - which fortunately was open. It was so peaceful, dusk, and the lights in the church were turned out and only the altarpiece was lit - a...


Mÿvatn Hotels

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  • Hotel Reynihlid

    We stayed in Reynihilo after doing a lot of research on the net as nothing else was available. In...

  • Sel

    We've spent 2 nights here as part of our around-Iceland trip. As there is so much to see and do in...

  • Hotel Reykjahlid

    Beautiful hotel situate in the middle of the Reykjahlid, this hotel has got only 9 rooms with...


Mÿvatn Restaurants

  • Moo!

    This is a very comfortable setting with good food.The restaurant is actually in a cow shed!!! There is a wall of glass between the restaurant and the cowshed - it is fun and really does not smell like you may think it could!!!It is not the cheapest place to eat and if you are vegetarian your menu is going to be VERY limited... but then again, if...

  • A good place to eat in a Cow Shed

    We were recommended the place by the tourist information and we went staright there. This is a farm with a cowshed to which they have added a restaurant. Fancy place....expensive but, good food...and different food. Service was great....and it was packed out. So try it. Everything in Myvatn is just 3-4 mins from each other...and this is one of...

  • Mÿvatn Hotels

    5 Hotels in Mÿvatn

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Mÿvatn Transportation

  • Cristian_Uluru's Profile Photo

    Go on!!

    by Cristian_Uluru Written Nov 16, 2004

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best way to explore Myvatn is by own car so you can stop where you want and stay all the time you need.

    There are also some day tours that allow to see the main attractions of Myvatn and Krafla.

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Mÿvatn Local Customs

  • Cooked rye-bread in hot springs.

    There is a special place in Mývatn where rye-bread is cooked in hot springs. It is located in "litla hitaholtið" or the small heated hill.A lot of locals cook their rye-bread here, some from a hidden receipt, which has been handed down from generation to generation. So both the heated hill and the recipes are a top-secret :)The bread is cooked in...

  • Yule Lads of Lake Myvatn!

    The Icelandic Yule lads in Myvatn!We stopped somewhere near Lake Myvatn to see the pseudocraters and at the side of the store, I did see a picture of Santa Claus-like men holding a lamp and pictured on the side of the shop wall. My guide was beside it, and I swear – if my guide grew his beard and hair, he would look like one of them. I actually...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Mÿvatn Warnings and Dangers

  • Don´t go off the trails in the...

    There is a beautiful geothermal area east and north of Stóra Víti crater Stóra Víti crater and there is a lovely hike through this area. Please stay on the trails here as these geothermal areas are dangerous and the water here is boiling hot. Especially north of the crater there is such a beautiful geothermal area where the colours are out of this...

  • Bevare of the black-flies.

    Mývatn gets its name from the "mý" or the midge/blackfly. It is literally everywhere and gets totally on one's nerve. The best thing is to keep one of your hands above your head, as they always go for the highest point, but there is a limit to for how long one can do that. I camped for one night at Mývatn, but I will stay inside for my next trip....

  • Leirhnjùkur and Krafla tinker

    Leirhnjùkur and Krafla tinker is a must for people that visit Iceland and Myvatn.This is one of the most dangerous area of Iceland, but it is always full of tourists. If you wan't nave trouble follow the path and don't walk over the lava. By the way there is no problem, you can visit this wonderful place with tranquillity without danger. You must...


Mÿvatn Off The Beaten Path

  • Laxà River

    Laxà River is situate to the west of Myvatn. It mean River of Salmin, infact this is one of the best river where you can fish salmon. There is only a problem: the licence is very expensive and you can buy it to Veidiheimilid fam adn Ferdapjònustan Elda farm.

  • Kisilgurverksmidja

    The main factory in Myvatn is the geothermal factory to work of diatomite. Diatomite are small fossils (0.00005 % of the dimension of a grain of sand) and the depth of Myvath grow 1 mm every year. A ship take it from the depth and then it go to the factory when it is treatment with fire and smoke. Diatomite is use to male toothpaste, paints,...

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Mÿvatn General

  • Regina1965's Profile Photo

    The rare Moss balls in Lake Mývatn,...

    by Regina1965 Updated May 10, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The Moss balls - Cladophora Segagropila or Aegagropila linnaei, which we call in Icelandic "kúluskítur", can only be found in Mývatn, North-Iceland and in Lake Akan in Hokkaido in Japan. I have heard that it has been found in Estonia as well but Mývatn and Lake Akan are the only places where the Moss ball is common. It is so amazing that it can only be found in these countries.

    The Moss ball is an algae which grows into big velvety balls and lives at ca 2 meters' dept here in Lake Mývatn and they just roll around there at the bottom of the lake at 3 meters' depth when it is windy. It has been there since the lake got "formed" 2300 years ago, remnants of it has been found since that time.

    The Moss ball is now preserved, both in Iceland and Japan. In Japan they even have a festival in honour of the Moss ball.

    When David Attenborough visited Iceland he was given Moss balls as a gift and he still keeps it at home. It can be kept in tap water and the water has to be changed ca every 1-2 weeks. Photosynthesis occurs even when the Moss balls are kept at home. See my picture for how to keep them in your home. I took this picture at our annual "Festival of the Sea".

    All in all it looks cute, although the farmers at Mývatn didn't consider it to be at all cute when it got stuck in their nets, therefore the name "kúlúskítur" which means ball-sh...

    In 2014 we noticed that the Moss ball had disappeared from Mývatn - likely because of a too many tourists visiting this popular area. The septic tanks cannot deal with so many visitors. The bacteria in the lake blocks out the sunlight so the Moss balls cannot thrive there any more.

    Moss balls. Moss balls.

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