Iceland Tourist Traps

  • 1000 ISK Soup
    1000 ISK Soup
    by kaloz
  • Smartest guy in Iceland
    Smartest guy in Iceland
    by kaloz
  • hot house
    hot house
    by kaloz

Iceland Tourist Traps

  • Bus from the Airport

    Reykjavík Tourist Traps

    K*Express bus advertises on EasyJet the self checkin printout K*Express bus for € 8 (about 1250 Island Kronen)return to Reykjavik center. which would be a excellent price but their 4 buses per day don't connect with the plane, the office is in quite a distance together with a rental car company you might end up after dragging all your luggage there...

  • Blue lagoon

    Every guide book says, you have to visit Blue lagoon - the best spa in Iceland. RoughGuides says, that it cost 980 ISK. But it cost 3900 ISK and there were crowded. For example, there is a spa between lake Myvathn and Krafla, whitch is much newer a it looks pretty good and it cost just 2000 ISK.

  • Famous tourist trap, but worth getting...

    Bláa lónið - The Blue Lagoon Evereybody says you gotta go there and soak up in the geothermal pools. So do I. All around Iceland there are plenty of public baths with geothermal heated pools, but the loaction of the blue lagoon makes this unique. There's rumours about natural hot-tubs, but these are well keept secrets.

  • Canned Icelandic mountain air

    This is the only tourist trap I saw on the little time I was there. You'll see this can in various souvenir shops. The one on the photo is at the Blue Lagoon's and costs 890 ISK. I don't know...take a picture for your records? Don't buy it! But if you did, you can always use the can to put pens in it at the office.

  • "Private Facilities" in the Room

    Private facilities in the room sometimes means that the room is en-suite (with a proper bathroom), but very often it's not like that.Sometimes, private facilities means only a sink in the room or a bit better case is that you have a shower next to the bed :).

  • Wonderful landscapes

    Travelled around the island for 7 days in August 07 and consider taking some canned food from your country as you will find prices too high and few places to eat or distant supermarket. Friendly People, weather can change easily in 12 h, enjoy the very beautiful landscapes like a little of Spain, Mars, Moon,... Dreamland ☺Be careful when you...

  • Fosshotels - be careful

    If you book a driving tour of Iceland through Fosshotels, please be aware that most of them are very basic hotels with few comforts, but there are a couple that are real dumps. For example, do not be fooled by the picture of the Hotel Nesbud. It is like staying at a bad summer camp for kids. You are better off staying in Reykjavik and driving the...

  • Hveragerdi

    This town is known for geothermally heated green houses that grow a significant portion fo the vegetable Icelanders eat as its too expensive to import them. Only one greenhouse is open to the public and its only a gift shop with a "greenhouse with house plants for sale. It has nothing that shows how the actual cultivation of any crops. Total waste...


    Animals are quite free in Iceland....and most of the times you will find them on the road.....They are quite used to cars (I guess)...nevertheless....reduce your speed while driving and you see animals.....


    While driving on Road n.1 (one of the few paved roads in Iceland), be aware of police patrols. They are nice and professional but very strict with your speed limit! So try to follow the signs about the speed limits and be carefull because it changes quite a lot along the roads.

  • Kaffi Reykjavik Ice Bar = RIP OFF

    It cost $20 dollars in fall of 2005. You get a smock (not even warm) to wear in this oversized meat locker. The bartender doesn't even stay in with you. You get a a small vodka drink or a shot of Brennevin aka "black death" (it tastes like liquid rye bread)...and that's it. Locals don't hang out there. Tourists go in, pay the $20, have their drink...

  • The BEST tourist trap I ever fell...

    Blue lagoon is a huge artificial open air pool, we were warned by many that it could be a disappointment and an overpriced experience. We enjoyed it immensely and would gladly visit again and again!

  • Hveragerdi

    Many of the guided tours stop in this little town coming back to, or leaving Reykjavik. The town itself is small and doesn't have much to offer tourists but is does have an abnormally large gift shop, one of the largest in the Entire country. You'll spend at least one hour there wether you like it or not The is one very interesting little spot in...

  • Car rental

    Most car rental companies are very expensive. However if you use Budget rent-a-car you can get a 4x4 for a much cheaper price - about half the price of Sixt. Hertz, Avis etc in some cases. Their office is by the domestic airport.

  • Whale-watching trip

    Personally, I had not a very funny experience about this trip. 3 hours on a boat trying to detect even a small part of a whale and say ``there it is``;then when you approach it it just disappears and you have to spend your time again hoping for another one ... It is true that the sea was not ``absolutely`` calm (which was the ideal condition to...

  • Blue Lagoon Restaurant

    While a tourist trap, the blue lagoon rates a must see tip in my book, the restaurant inside however was beautiful to look at but mediocre at best for the price....we ate here on the way to the airport after bathing in the lagoon and I was not impressed. get a seat by the window... Go in to Keflavik and eat at one of the cute little cafes

  • Eden at Hveragerði

    Some (including my Lonely Planet book) refer to Eden as a tourist trap. They are right to a certain degree, since a halt there is invariably included in the guided tours of the area, not to mention the highlight of the stop is the shopping if you are not into exotic trees. (including the only banana tree in Iceland).However, since our stop at...

  • The Eden at Hveragerði

    This is the first stop of the Golden Circle Tour and everyone gets out of the bus to experience the attraction and it's features which have been praised by the tour guide. The whole thing is everything but attraction: A pricey tourist shop selling chinese-made souvenirs and some "traditional" icelandic woolen products that I'm certainly sure I...

  • Icelandic Mountain Air

    The Geysir Center souvenir shop has many items for sale. While beauty (and cheesy) is in the eye of the beholder, there is one souvenir that goes beyond tourist traps: the cans of Icelandic mountain air. These cans are empty: they merely contain air that supposedly comes from the Icelandic mountains. If you buy this, I will have no choice but to...

  • Tourist Traps at Every Turn!

    Iceland relies heavily upon tourism and tourist traps are pretty evident to anyone who has spent more than a day in this awesome country. Most, if not all, of the organized sightseeing tours will take some coffee and restroom breaks at this locations. Generally, there will be a gift shop, food and drinks and souveniers. While the breaks are welcome...

  • The Garden of Eden

    This garden of Eden is no paradise, it's a "greenhouse" that demonstrates how geothermal heat is harvested to help grow plants that you would normally find in warmer climates. Mostly it's also a huge tourist trap surrounded by a gift shop and cafe that's selling the usual touristy stuff you find everywhere else. Not a horrible stop but definitely...

  • No tourist traps here

    Really, perhaps no tourist traps in Iceland. Everything that I saw was worth it. People are quite honest and really kind. But pay attention, Iceland is very expensive for most people from other countries. Hotels and Restaurants are often far more expensive than in your country.It's not their fault, they have to import everything but fish! If you...

  • Tax refund

    It's not really a trap, but don't be a thief of your own wallet. If you spend over 4000 crowns in one buy you are entitled of a tax refund. To claim your refund you need a form, provided by the shop where you purchase your items. Only shops with a tax free logo have the forms. Ask for the tax free form. If they can't provide you with the decide if...

  • Blue Lagoon cocktail

    Well I really didn't see any tourist traps in Iceland. Do anything and everything you can! But if you go to the Blue Lagoon they offer a special "Blue Lagoon Cocktail". It is made from champagne, Sprite, and some sort of blue liquor. From the accounts - it is pretty gross. If you want to try it, they will bring it out to you on trays and it does...

  • 4x4 or Rent-a-car?

    Most hotels, tourist info offices will offer you a day trip on a 4x4 vehicle to usually see Gulfoss, Geyser and possibly a glacier. These cost around £100 per person, so aren't cheap. We opted to rent a car for 2 days at a cost of £40 from Avis. This way you can see most (if not all) the areas covered by the 4x4 plus have an extra day to take in...

  • The Blue Lagoon: A must see tourist...

    I loved this place, even though it's full of all kinds of foreigners, but in that respect I liked it because I met all kinds of people there from around the world. Definately worth the drive and money. Crack open a beer and float around. Flirt with women from Norway in the steam where no one can see you. Ha! There are a lot of hot springs in...

  • Reykjavik and the Big Cathedral

    It´s not all the Iceland if You visit just reykjavik and his Big Cathedral. It is "most visit" place but You must visit off the town landscapes and villages to get the true feeling about iceland, too.

  • a garden in Hveragerdi, called...

    a garden in Hveragerdi, called Eden and watered by the warm waters of Iceland. The real trap is the selling of souvenirs, paintings, picturepostcards and ceramics. Nevertheless you may succeed in buying a present for your grandchildren.

  • Vik Wool Factory - This stop...

    Vik Wool Factory - This stop features a balcony where you can actually see women producing Islandic sweaters, while you shop the store. All you really see is a bunch of women sewing material together. While the prices aren't extremely high, you can get better prices at the airport.

  • If you want to spend half the...

    If you want to spend half the money possible to get to the Blue Lagoon, take one of the local busses that departs from the bus station. In fact, most of the package tours that include bus travel can be done separately at a much reduced cost. Of course, the times are less friendly.

  • Eden in Hveragerði is an...

    Eden in Hveragerði is an obligatory stop during the 'golden circle' tour. Even though it looks like an attraction, it's just a typical tourist trap. I don't know how they can think that growing tropical plants in Iceland is a good idea, and I sure don't know how they manage to sell so expensive ice cream! The surroundings of the town itself are...

  • Golden Circle. Not a big...

    Golden Circle. Not a big warning at all, but a small suggestion:It was included in our package price and it was a fairly good tour. The sites we were visiting were all nice and well worth to visit (Actually do not leave Iceland without seeing them). Also the horse riding was nice, especially for those who hadn´t tried it before. BUT: I belive that...

  • Part of the 'Golden Circle'...

    Part of the 'Golden Circle' tour takes in the greenhouse at Eden. It's got lots of tropical plants growing in it, but more importantly, it's got a gift shop! A waste of time, although two of our lads did buy big plastic viking helmets, which amused us briefly and amused them for days.

  • Fill your car with gas,...

    Fill your car with gas, because it can be between 70 to 130 km to next service station.Belive me you don´t want´to be stock in the middle of nowhere....

  • EDENThis a basically a big...

    EDENThis a basically a big greenhouse. Many of the fruits and vegetables in Iceland are grown in geothermically heated greenhouses. It was kind of cool to see the giant Ficus tree...but was a place that sold souvenirs.

  • The only 'traps' I could see...

    The only 'traps' I could see were the bus tours. These are good things if you are not comfortable driving or don't want to be bothered with it. The problem is that they usually take up your entire day, they are expensive and they give you no ability to change your route and see different things. Rent a car instead.

  • During our trip we didn't meet...

    During our trip we didn't meet wild animals, also marsh birds were migrated. There aren't white bears in Iceland, seldom they came from artic sea transported on a iceberg (and killed then by salilors). So we went to the Reykjavik ZOO to see some bears, as we read on Lonely Planet guide. But we saw no white bears... only cows, pigs, chicken, turkey...

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Iceland Tourist Traps

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