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Jameson Experience in County Cork
"Make you own way to the old Midleton Distillery which is located in Midleton around a 15-minute drive from the city of Cork. Between April and mid-October there is a public bus service from St Patrick’s Quay.Begin by watching an informative video that will introduce you to the story of Jameson. The long-standing brand has been producing Irish whiskey for more than 230 years. After getting up to spe talk a walk through the old distillery in the company of an expert guide. Some of the buildings here date back as far as the late 18th century and although the distillery is no longer functioning much of the equipment and features have been carefully preserved and restored.As you walk through the historical buildings see old kilns
From EUR16.00
Blarney Castle and Cork Day Trip from Dublin
"Leaving the city of Dublin behind you'll set off on board a luxury air-conditioned coach and watch the landscape change from Dublin's urban cityscape to the rolling green hills that typify the Irish countryside. Your day trip will drive through several areas of interest including the Galtee Mountains and the Curragh in County Kildare which is home to Ireland's National Stud Farm and is famous as a sporting region.Passing south through County Tipperary your tour will reach Blarney Castle by late morning. This beautiful medieval castle is home to one of Ireland's best loved treasures - the fascinating Blarney Stone
From EUR56.00
Cork Self-Guided Audio Tour
"Known as Ireland’s second capital Cork is rich with old historic churches and houses that have been around for hundreds of years. This audio tour will immerse you in its historical quays and pathways that will lead you to its famous St Patrick’s Street it's enchanting English Market and the charming church of St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral. You’ll see an abundance of traditional Irish pubs restaurants and hear traditional music as you walk through the magical city of Cork. Be sure to bask in the charismatic lifestyle of the Irish! You will also see the Queen's Old Castle French Church Street the famous Cork Butter Museum
From $20.00

Blarney Castle Tips (26)

Blarney Castle

Blarney castle is a must do activity for anyone who goes to Cork. It is easy to get to by bus from the central bus station in the city and a return journey cost just 4.60 euros at the time of my trip.

humphreys1000's Profile Photo
Feb 09, 2004

Blarney Castle

Balrney castle is about 15 minutes from Cork city. It is well worth the visit and it is said that if you kiss the Blarney stone then you will recieve the gift of the gab. This is real magic, a leprechaun told me. O:). What people dont know is that raw sewage would pass over the stone on its way to the moat. So basically foreigners have been paying money to kiss irish raw sewage. If only I'd thought of that idea I'd be a millionaire. Seriously, its a really nice castle and Blarney has some good pubs. If you're lucky enough to go on a sunny day and it rains then a rainbow over the castle is incredible. Its also possible to stroll around the gardens which has evidence of the witches, druids, dragons and elves living there.

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Oct 27, 2003

Kissing the Blarney Stone...

Blarney is a very small village about 25 mins on the bus from Cork city- there's not that much to see in Blarney itself, but the castle is awesome!
The famous Blarney Stone is at the yop og the castle- to kiss it, you've gotta lie down on your back and slide headfirst into a hole in the wall- don't worry, there's someone to hold you!!!

Oct 15, 2003

kissing the blarney stone

this is a must do thing if you are in the area. fabulous grounds to wander round in " witches kitchen" "fairy glen" magical for all ages, and look out for the huge trees that must be hundreds of years old their roots are emormous!!! if you touch the trees they feel like ebony as they have been touched so many times over the years. The stone is located on the very top of the castle a little scary if you dont like heights but has lovely views so take the camera!!

ettenaj's Profile Photo
Sep 22, 2003
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The Blarney Stone is not to be...

The Blarney Stone is not to be missed. It tends to get really busy in the summer months so its worth getting there quite early in the day to avoid the long queues. The blarney stone is an ancient story which dates back hundreds of years, set in wide green grounds , Blarney is a beautiful place to visit!
The Blaney Castle stands tall and one stone right at the top is rumoured to have brought good luck many years ago, and still continues to do so, to those who kiss it! Very interesting and worthwhile the wait during queues! Not for the faint hearted, it includes hanging backwards through a gap between the wall and the blarney stone. Do not worry though, there are people who hold you whilst you kiss the stone. Best not to look down.

Another one of my favourite spots is close to Kinsale, it is called the Old Kings head where they is a huge golf course (I got chased as I did not realise I was not supposed to stroll across it!) From up near the lighthouse there are views of the Atlantic which stretch out as far as the eye can see. I love it here, Its calming and beautiful here , i could stare for hours! I cannot remember how much it is to get in, but I deffinately recommend you take a visit here!

Sep 07, 2002

The castles are amazing and...

The castles are amazing and the pubs are worth a trip just for the music alone ( the beer is an added bonus). Blarney Castle is very well preserved and you can really get a feeling of the history of the place.

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Aug 26, 2002

While visiting Blarney Castle...

While visiting Blarney Castle you may want to kiss the Blarney Stone and get the gift of gab or, as an 18th century French consul put it, 'gain the privilege of telling lies for seven years'. Queen Elizabeth I coined the phrase due to her exasperation with Lord Blarney's ability to talk endlessly without ever actually agreeing to her demands. To kiss the Blarney Stone, you must bend over backward and lower yourself down about two feet at the top of the castle. The castle itself is a tower house and was built around 1446 on a solid limestone mound.
I kissed the Blaney Stone! I did! I have the privilege of telling lies for 7 years! I have 3 more years of telling lies! hahaha!

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Aug 26, 2002


Situated six miles from the city, this was once a thriving manufacturing village, but now survives mainly on the tourist trade. Blarney castle was built in the middle of the 15th Century by Cormac McCarthy. He was so esteemed as a powerful chieftain, that the English settlers paid him an annual tribute of 40 pounds to protect them from Irish attacks.

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Aug 25, 2002
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"Totally Corked"
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"Cork - The Rebel City"
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"Colourful Corcaigh"
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"First time in Cork - Make A Wish!"
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The blarney's Castle is your...

The blarney's Castle is your average size castle. It has a great guided tour. The castle is located on a huge amount of arces of land that has many garden trails.
The Blanery's Castle is a good size castle. The castle has a good guided tour program. You can have a self guided tour to see more things such as different rooms that are usually not on the guide tour.There is also a stone they called The Blarney's Stone, where the tourist kisses this stone that's located at the top of the castle.

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Aug 25, 2002

Well, duh.

Okay, go to the top of Blarney Castle, lie on your back where directed, scoot yourself backwards until your head is dangling over the edge, and kiss away. Now, if you are afraid that kissing the Blarney Stone will mingle local's bodily juices with your saliva, here is an alternative. You can kiss the Blarney Stone on the web!

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Aug 25, 2002

You simply can't visit Cork...

You simply can't visit Cork and not take a trip out to blaney castle and kiss the Blaney stone.
we took a cab because we missed the bus .its about 8 quid from cork city about 2 on the bus.
the Castle it self is pretty cool and the surrounding garden's are very nice.
once I got to the blaney stone I faked it .I simply couldn't kiss some thing that had been snogged so many times before (A GUY HAS TO HAVE STANDARDS)
besides I already have the legendry qualities the blaney stone offers.
Legend says when you kiss the Blaney stone you get the gift of the gab.
I'm sure my Irish Friends JEN and SIMON would agree with that lol.

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Aug 24, 2002

More from the grounds

Fantastic old trees are in the grounds of the castle, along with Fairy Glen, Witch's Kitchen and a lovely river, where you can enjoy a picnic.

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Nov 09, 2003

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Fitzgeralds Park

It was a brillant day out for me and my friends because there was this very nice man who showed me around and told me about differnt things around the park . For my firends and I we loved it we got...
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St Finbarr's Cathedral

Saint Fin Barre came to Cork in 606AD where he founded a monastery on the site of the present Cathedral. He died in Cloyne in 623AD and is said to have been buried in the the graveyard somewhere...
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St Ann's Church

OR commonly known as the North Cathedral, is the seat of the Bishop of Cork and Ross, and the mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cork and Ross. It's another impressive church in Cork,...
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St. Peters & Pauls Church

Saint Peter and Paul's Church is quite an old Catholic church that replaced the small Carey's Lane Chapel built in 1786. The new church and the one I was viewing, was built to the winning design of...
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Crawford Art Gallery

The Crawford Municipal Art Gallery is the venue of permanent and temporary art exhibitions. Their permanent collection includes paintings by Irish and international artists from the 17th century to...
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University of Cork

Of all the University campuses I have visited in Ireland UCC has to come out in the top two. Trinity College Dublin is magnificent and probably tips ahead of UCC, but the sense of serenity and space...
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