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Dublin Pass Including Free Entry to Over 30 Attractions
"Select a 1- 2- 3- 5- or 6-day Dublin Pass when you book. Then collect your pass from the redemption point in central Dublin or Dublin Airport.Your pass is valid for your choice of consecutive calendar days and offers free access to more than 30 top Dublin visitor attractions including skip-the-line entry to select landmarks as well as host of other privileges and special offers. Among other benefits
From EUR48.00
Wild Wicklow Tour including Glendalough from Dublin
"The beautiful coastal drive from Dublin to Glendalough takes you past Dun Laoghaire Harbor Dalkey and Killiney. These exclusive suburbs on the out reaches of Dublin are home to Ireland's rich and famous including U2's Bono Enya and film director Neil Jordan. Then driving through the Wicklow Mountains you'll soon understand why this area is known as 'the Garden of Ireland’.You'll continue on to the green mountains of Wicklow County where you'll stop for morning tea (additional cost) at Avoca Handweavers. The oldest wool mill in Ireland Avoca Handweavers is a great place to shop for high-quality Irish crafts.The next stop on your Wicklow tour in Glendalough
From EUR28.00
The 1916 Dublin Tour - Beyond Barricades
"From the moment guests arrive at the first stop they are thrown into the midst of Easter 1916 as prominent Irish republican Helena Moloney who fought front and centre during the rebellion guides them onto the bus in the midst of the sounds of gunfire and commotion. Thus begins a thought-provoking and interactive 90 minute tour taking in some of the most prominent scenes of Easter Monday 1916 and its direct aftermath including City Hall Dublin Castle St. Stephen’s Green
From EUR25.00

Tourist Information Tips (29)

Driving your car...

Favorite thing If your brave enough to hire a car in this country l take my hat off to you. Most drivers are crazy.. they don't obey the traffic lights, and always crash on amber and red..Most drivers are rude and impatient, if your in the wrong lane you will be waiting a long time for someone to let you out. Of course l can't tar all drivers but l am talking about the majority especailly in the cities. As for motorbikes, they never learned the rules of the road.. so be careful when you see one coming towards you on your side of the road... they think thats ok...Country people are a lot more polite and laid back.. We drive on the left side of the road over here..The speed limit is generally 70 miles an hour on the motorways and lower limits on small roads. If you exceed these limits the penalities are stiff and you might have to pay an on the spot fine. But don't let me put you off....why not have a hair raising experience whilst your here.. because if your waiting for a bus or a taxi you could be in the "Q" for hours...thats of course if either one turns up... Try the following sites for car rentals.. go on l dare you....Never leave anything in your car thats visible, if you do you will be paying a visit to the police station and probably have to pay that little extra for the insurance on the car. Ireland is well know for car break ins so always leave your car in a car park or on a well lit street.
Avis 353 1 -8745844
Budget 353 1 8379611

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Jun 26, 2004

People in General

Favorite thing Irish people eat early and go out early. Not like our Europeans neighbours. We dine between 6 and 8 and head out to the pubs or clubs early. Only those over the age of 18 can be served in pubs. Pubs open around 11am and close around 12pm or if they have a food licence they will stay open till around 2.30pm. Some clubs have a licence until 4am.

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Sep 11, 2003


Favorite thing AT&T direct service is the easy way to call the USA while travelling overseas.

It's simple....
Here's how:

* dial the AT&T DIRECT access number of the country you are in

* At voice prompt: to call the US dial area code + number

to call other countries dial 01 + country code+city code+number

* At tone: enter your AT&T calling Card of credit card number - they now cost the same...

If you are calling collect (US only) hold for the AT&T Operator.

Fondest memory How very necessary it is to go to the Tourist Office and/or your hotel immediately after arrival: they will be able to give you a little folder with all you have to know about calling!

From USA: 1 - 800 - 222 - 0300
From overseas: ask AT&T operator for Customer Care

Dialing tips and special features:
* from hotels get an outside line; from pay phones a deposit may be required for dial tone
* to place additional calls, don't hang on, just press #
* to correct a mistake while dialing, press*
* calling US 800 numbers, may be toll-free or AT&T direct charges
* to set up conference calls, dial 800 232 1234 (one conferee must be in the US)
* to leave a message if busy or no answer, dial 1 or dial AT&T messaging at 800 562 6275
* european pay-phones with the 3C symbol connect to the AT&T direct service. Just dial *60 (in France dial M60
* UK and German pay phones with the New World symbol connect to the AT&T direct service. Just press the AT&T button.

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May 13, 2003


Favorite thing THE BANK OF IRELAND can give you a Passport to Cash...

Of course you can get this passport also at the Tourist Information Office or at your hotel.

It is not bigger dan a credit card but opened it happens to be a little map with dots all over it showing the places in Dublin centre and all over Ireland where you can get Cash...

Always nice to know where a cash-machine is.......have a look here.......

this will make things clear to you!

Fondest memory One of my fondest memories???

Being there to meet friends, to have a meeting and do all kind of pleasant things together.....having lunch and dinner, visit a museum, a cathedral, I love being shown around!

eden_teuling's Profile Photo
May 13, 2003
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Dublin Chimney Stacks

Favorite thing Unlike many other cities Dublin doesn't really have a distinctive skyline. They take pride in not having any high-rise buildings but personally I think they lack a distinctive skyline.

The Chimney Stacks near the harbour would be one of the landmarks in Dublin though. You can see them from many places in Dublin which kind of helps with orientation.

Here is my attempt at an arty picture of them. The picture was taken from Clontarf with the Wooden Bridge in the foreground.

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Feb 28, 2003

Tourist Information

Favorite thing Many people use Dublin as a centre from which to launch themselves on day excursions around the vicinity, and for even more Dublin is simply their first port of call on an Irish holiday. Either way, I would advise the visitor to give priority to visiting the Tourist Information Centre on Suffolk Street (if only to admire the whimsical architecture of the former St Andrews church!). Even though I live here, I have found myself a client of this establishment on many occasions as their assistance in finding accommodation around the country, as well as their help in suggesting places to visit has been of immense assistance, even to this humble son of the soil!

A smaller office exists on O'Connell Street and brochure type info also abounds in hotels and guesthouses around the city. However, for local info there is still no better (or funnier) option than to ask a local themselves. The answers you receive may be a little contradictory (depending on the humour of the advisor, the prevailing weather conditions and whether there is an "r" in the month) but they will at least be entertaining, and Dublin is still a city where the locals are generally all too happy to help their guests - even if they succeed only in confusing them further!

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Feb 28, 2003

When in Dublin...

Favorite thing When in Dublin, you should experience:

+ Guinness Brewery - After touring the brewery, you get 2 free glasses of Guinness straight from the source.

+ Trinity College & the Book of Kells - visit while school is in session to get a feel of the buzz of the place.

+ O'Connell Street - this area is lined with touristy stores and businesses. Photo op at the O'Connell Bridge and Liffey River.

+ Grafton Street - Dublin's main shopping area full of specialty stores. This is mainly a pedestrian area so parking is very limited.

+ Temple Bar area - the heart of Dublin's pub crawling nightlife. Filled with pubs, trendy shops, restaurants, and other cultural activities. Check out the Bad Ass Cafe.

+ St Stephen's Green - great park to relax, meet people, read, etc.

+ St Stephen's Green Centre - Dublin's largest shopping mall. Resembles a giant greenhouse with Victorian style ironworks.

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Feb 10, 2003

get straight on a bus or train...

Favorite thing General tip? Get straight on a bus or train and escape. No just kidding, there are still quite a few places around Dublin worth a visit. Besides the usual sights within the city centre (most of which can be viewed quite comfortably from atop a doubledecker tour bus - quite a few tour operators in this field these days), a relatively cheap DART ride (electric train) will bring you out to Howth, a lovely fishing village just ten miles north of the city and festooned with great restaurants, lovely walks around Howth Hill and a lively pub scene.

As Dublin city centre is quite compact a good historical or literary walking tour can be more rewarding than you might imagine - just be wary of those 'guides' who may have rewritten history somewhat to ensure that they can incorporate as many pubs as possible, and despite what you may be told it's not every pub has a literary past. In fact most of the city centre pubs nowadays don't have a past that extends beyond the big development boom of the early 90s! If you're into the Irish music and don't like being sucked into tourist traps try Hughes pub behind the Four Courts any night of the week - it's where musicians go to swap tunes and there's a session every evening (sometimes very good ones too!).

Anyway back to the plot. You could do worse than spend a quiet hour or so people-watching in Bewley's Coffee House on Westmoreland Street, or try this - take a number 3 bus out to Ringsend (10mins) and locate the start of the South Wall, a three mile long stone jetty that defines the southern approach into Dublin harbour. You'd be brave to do this in a gale force wind, but on a calm day you will pass one nature reserve, three lovely beaches, a swimming area and eventually arrive at a lighthouse, from which you will have a unique view of the city. (I won't mention the power station and sewage treatment plant you also pass at the start).

Fondest memory The ready, witty, unthreatening, impulsive conversationalists that prop up nearly every bar in the town. It pays to brush up on your philosophy, social history, archaeology, mythology, sport and whatever you had for breakfast as you'll meet an expert on all these subjects (and more) no matter where you go (and often the same person!).

PS - the photo up above is of the Rotunda Ballroom (aka the Ambassador Cinema and now a nightclub), famous for many reasons - but important to me as it's where I came into the world. Not in the ballroom I hasten to add, but in the adjoining Rotunda Maternity Hospital!

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Sep 09, 2002
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"Ultra Trendy Capital City"
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"Great place - but not the real Ireland"
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"Dublin - The Windy City!!"
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Dublin is an absoultely...

Favorite thing Dublin is an absoultely beautiful place for both young and old.Like all major cities you must be careful.Overall ,Dublin is a safe city and is Irelands party capital.Also if you are a student and have a valid USIT student card you get discount in accommodation,restaurants and shopping.This also apply's to the rest of Ireland.Just make sure you ask before you pay if they are accepted.

Fondest memory The after party of the MTV Europe music awards in The Temple Theatre Nov 1999.It was brilliant,all the big names in R&B and Hip Hop were there.

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Aug 25, 2002

I've included most of my...

Favorite thing I've included most of my 'musts' in the information below.

Whilst in Dublin, you'll come across all different types of people, some will stop you in the street to talk, and others look through you as though you don't even exist!

You've got to sample the traditional Irish pub, and take in some of that there Irish Music!

The whole place steadily picks up throughout the day, people moving, and traffic halting. This city is definitely alive, and is the place to be!

Dublin - The Emerald City, home of Guinness, Baileys, and Hangovers!!!

Enjoy her like all who have been there before!

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Aug 25, 2002

Visit a pub. You won't have...

Favorite thing Visit a pub. You won't have any problem finding one either. There's quite a few. A lot of visitors like Guinness. I'm easy on this drink. I like imported beers from Germany & Czech Republic.

Fondest memory My favourite pub is 'The Porter House' in Parliament Street. This is a micro Brewrey which brews it's own beer - several varieties. Ironically it does not sell Guinness, but it's own beers are excellent and leave nothing to be desired. It also sells a very extensive range of imported beers (you would never have guessed, would you?). Very popular and well worth trying.

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Aug 25, 2002

Dublin lies on the east coast...

Favorite thing Dublin lies on the east coast of Ireland, about 53° north of the equator, and is divided by the River Liffey. Greater Dublin sprawls around the arc of Dublin Bay, bounded to the north by the hills at Howth and to the south by the Dalkey headland. Greater Dublin is in the administrative region of County Dublin, which is bordered to the north and northwest by County Meath, to the southwest by County Kildare and to the south by County Wicklow. Postcodes are divided evenly between north and south of the river; all odd numbers are to the north, all even ones to the south. The postcodes for central Dublin are Dublin 1 immediately north of the river and Dublin 2 immediately south. The upmarket Ballsbridge area, which has some of the city's best B&Bs lies to the southeast of the centre in Dublin 4.

Dublin airport is 10km (6mi) north of the centre and public transport options between the airport and city consist of two bus services or taxis. The Airlink Express Coach, operated by the Dublin Bus company, runs to/from Busaras (the central bus station) every 20-30 minutes. The journey takes about half an hour. Alternatively, there are the slower buses, Nos 41 and 41A, which make a number of useful stops on the way to the city and terminate near O'Connell St. The trip can take up to one hour, but they are cheaper, operate longer hours and run more frequently than the express bus. Taxis are subject to all sorts of additional charges for baggage, extra passengers and 'unsocial hours'. A taxi between the airport and the centre usually costs about US$15. There's a supplementary charge of 80p (US$1) from the airport to the city, but this charge does not apply from the city to the airport. Make sure the meter is switched on, as some Dublin airport taxi drivers can be as unscrupulous as some of their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

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Aug 25, 2002

Things to Do Near Dublin

Things to Do

Number 29

Do you want to see a tipycal georgian house and know how a family lived in the XVIII century? Then come to Merrion Square, and in one corner you can visit the number 29. You have to enter through the...
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Things to Do

Government Buildings

I came a cross this majestic building to find the gate closed and guarded. A sign in Gaelic "Tithe an Rialtais" and in English "Government Buildings," was on the gate with information about tours you...
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Things to Do

Wild Wicklow Tours

If you don't have much time, and want to discover a little bit of Irish countryside I recommand you to take the "Wild Wicklow Tour". You can book it at the Tourism office or from your hotel. They have...
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Things to Do

Iveagh Gardens

In 1862, Benjamin Guinness bought Nos. 80-81 St. Stephen's Green and combined the two houses, turning them into the stately mansion that is Iveagh House today. It is now home to the Department of...
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Things to Do

Merrion Square

Notice how this house is five windows wide! It would have been very prestigious indeed. There was a clear social hierarchy based upon how many "bays" your house possessed. Pity those whose Georgian...
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Things to Do

St. Stephen's Green

Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa was born in 1831 in a small village in County Cork. In 1856 he formed the "Phoenix National Literary Society," a secret society whose aim was Irish independence from...
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