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Dublin Pass Including Free Entry to Over 30 Attractions
"Select a 1- 2- 3- 5- or 6-day Dublin Pass when you book. Then collect your pass from the redemption point in central Dublin or Dublin Airport.Your pass is valid for your choice of consecutive calendar days and offers free access to more than 30 top Dublin visitor attractions including skip-the-line entry to select landmarks as well as host of other privileges and special offers. Among other benefits
From EUR48.00
Wild Wicklow Tour including Glendalough from Dublin
"The beautiful coastal drive from Dublin to Glendalough takes you past Dun Laoghaire Harbor Dalkey and Killiney. These exclusive suburbs on the out reaches of Dublin are home to Ireland's rich and famous including U2's Bono Enya and film director Neil Jordan. Then driving through the Wicklow Mountains you'll soon understand why this area is known as 'the Garden of Ireland’.You'll continue on to the green mountains of Wicklow County where you'll stop for morning tea (additional cost) at Avoca Handweavers. The oldest wool mill in Ireland Avoca Handweavers is a great place to shop for high-quality Irish crafts.The next stop on your Wicklow tour in Glendalough
From EUR28.00
The 1916 Dublin Tour - Beyond Barricades
"From the moment guests arrive at the first stop they are thrown into the midst of Easter 1916 as prominent Irish republican Helena Moloney who fought front and centre during the rebellion guides them onto the bus in the midst of the sounds of gunfire and commotion. Thus begins a thought-provoking and interactive 90 minute tour taking in some of the most prominent scenes of Easter Monday 1916 and its direct aftermath including City Hall Dublin Castle St. Stephen’s Green
From EUR25.00

Clubs Tips (61)

Clubs: Nights Clubs contd

The Vatican
Russell Court Hotel, In Harcourt Street
Situated in a hotel. Close to the centre centre. Has a good reputation.

Club M
Anglesea Street, Dublin 2. Right in the heart of Temple Bar.
Strict clothes policy, no trainers or runners or jeans.

Break For the Border
Johnson Place, Dublin 2. Behind St spephen's Green shopping centre.
Lots of hens/stags parties take place here. Has restaurant and two dance floors. Admission charge after 9pm. Mixed crowd.

Ormond quay
African/ Middle Eastern theamed. Mix of people. Young crowd.

IrishFem's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2005

Lillies Bordello: See those b-list celebs

Lillies is one of the bigger Dublin nightclubs that is quite hot on trying to get celebs in.

Last time I was there some little minx pushed her way to the bar before me.

A couple of rather large gentleman pursuaded me with their physical presence that perhaps one of "The Coors" needed a drink more than me at that precise moment.

Check out to see who has been recently - that explains the photograph.

Dress Code Smart - bouncer will not let any sign of plebby scruffiness through the door.

sourbugger's Profile Photo
Oct 19, 2003

Clubs: Boogie on Down in the Voodoo Lounge

As we were without the Small Person on this trip, we continued on to the Voodoo Lounge, which is the sister pub to The Dice Bar and is located around the corner on Arran Quay. (Like The Dice Bar, from where we had just been, the Voodoo Lounge has Huey Morgan from the Fun Lovin' Criminals as it's owner). There is a New York style pizzeria as you enter the bar sporting a tasty menu of pizza slices (to soak up the drink) and interesting array of DJs and live bands throughout the week for all your music needs. This late night bar is never too full, and has friendly bar staff and djs.

I have to say, I had a good boogie in there, which is cool, (as most clubs never play the music that inspires me to get up and go for it).
The dj style was a more eclectic mixture of songs, not giving a damn for fashion or genre - eg The Charlatans followed by Bob Marley - Right up my street!

The decor is amusing too, KB and I had a gas (as they say there).

Dress Code We didn't notice a dress code.

amapola66's Profile Photo
Mar 24, 2007

Clubs: Coppers (Copper Faced Jacks)

Coppers is a pub upstairs, but downstairs, at night, it is a club. A lot of people who go there are policemen, nurses and teachers (all off-duty of course!).

While the club is in a basement (you go down some stairs on the footpath) there is also an upstairs when you are in the club. The club does have a very 'cosy' but party-going feel. The music is always pumping with great hits from the 90s and more recent years. There is a bar, a large area to dance, plenty of areas for sitting... and other things ;-)

One thing I may have to warn some girls (and guys) about is, well... pretty much a lot of the people who go to Coppers are going there to pick up (in one way or another), and quite a lot of the guys have wandering hands, so girls, just watch yourselves.

As long as you know how to handle yourself you can have a great time at Coppers and dance (and drink) the night away!

Also, the toilets have 'attendants' who have deodorant and perfume!

Dress Code Not too strict, for girls: jeans, heels (or nice flats) and a nice top is fine, same for the guys (minus the heels ;-) ).

Marpessa's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011
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24 Lower Leeson Street, , Dublin, County Dublin 2
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31 Leeson Close, Lower Leeson Street, Dublin, County Dublin, 2, Ireland
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8-10 Waterloo Road, Dublin, 4, Ireland
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Clubs: CLUB M

DON'T BOTHER!!!I can't tell you anything about this club as they refused us entry,the door staff were big headed and very rude.We were given free tickets for this club,when we got there they let all the people that were paying go in but refused to let us in with our tickets,i have never met such rude staff in my life.In the end we went back to our hotel and had a fantastic night with their own disco.

cazz38's Profile Photo
Aug 20, 2005

Night Clubs

Leeson Street
This street is full of night clubs. Closing time around 4pm. You don't pay into the clubs but expect to pay over the odds for a bottle of wine. Most of them only have wine licences. Some of the clubs are fun to visit with a group, stay clear if your on your own especially if your a woman they do have a name as pick up joints. Taxi drivers call the street "My wife does not understand me " because of all the married men who frequent the strip. Jeans and runners are not the thing to wear...
Off St Stephens Green.

Lillie's Bordello
This is very popular if your a rich rock star or famous model. Getting into Lillies is hard unless your a local which of course you can't be since you only arrived in the country a few hours ago. Try your luck , but this club is nothing special. Mind the bouncers.. they do hit out and one unfortunate person took the club to court when the bouncer sliced into him for no reason except to ask why he was being refused. By the way he won the case and the bouncer was fired.
Off Grafton Street

Again this is a club for the rich and famous. They have two floors one for the mere mortals and the other for the VIP's. Personally the ground level is a lot better with a lot more craic. Upstairs if your manage to get pass the bouners, is dark and boring.
South Fredrick Street. NOW CLOSED DUE TO THE RECESSION. 2010

POD / The Red Box
A very young set go to the POD. You have got to be stylish to get in here as that is as important as age, so l am told. Thursday night hosts a no frills night so you can dance the night away without worrying about what your clothes look like. They also have gay nights, check for listings in the free newspapers.
Harcourt Street

Again a very young and mixed crowd, loud music and lots of fun. Bouncers on the door so have ID ready if you don't look your age. They also have a gay night, again check the free newspapers.
South Great George's Street.

Dress Code Most of these clubs will not allow entry if your wearing sneekers.

IrishFem's Profile Photo
May 14, 2010

Cafe en Seine: Trendy Bars

Cafe en Seine : If's its people watching your into, this is a good place to go. Its full of gorgeous girls and guys all in the lastest fashion. Very people watching place. Nice to go during the day to see the decor which is very different to the norm and have a coffee. If you do plan on going at night, go early. Q's go on forever and start around 10pm. Very trendy so make sure your not wearing sneakers. Bouncers will not let you in if they think you might have had a few drinks already. Most people are aged from early 20's to 30.

Dress Code Up to the minute fashion.

IrishFem's Profile Photo
Jul 17, 2010

Copper Face Jacks: Madness-every night

Copper Face Jacks, A.K.A Coppers, A.K.A Slappers is a nightclub on Dublin's Harcourt Street. It opens from about 11pm to 3am or so.
If you're young and like to party, this place is for you!
It's open 7 days a week and is always full.

Dress Code No runners, jeans and shirt are perfect attire.
ID is essential.

sn0ball's Profile Photo
Jun 15, 2007
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"Ultra Trendy Capital City"
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"Great place - but not the real Ireland"
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"Dublin - The Windy City!!"
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Black Sausage Tripping Club: The sexiest Irish nightlife tip ever!!!

Since I am a teetotaler, non-smoker, living-below-my-means practitioner, and Warren Buffet wannabe who invests diligently and smartly, I see the banality of draining money to buy alcoholic drinks and cigarettes--worst if you even finance this habit with your credit card debts!

I strongly believe that we should let our money work for us, not working our buns off for money only to burn and drain it in the toilet. Hence, I can only give you a serene thrifty healthy nightlife tip as shown in the picture. HA...HA...HA.... Gotcha! ;-P

Jul 26, 2004

Clarence Hotel: Hotel owned by members of U2

The Clarence Hotel is owned by Bono and the Edge of U2. Of course the chances of spoting them are very slim. However if you have lots of money you can people watch and sip very expensive cocktails at the Octagon bar. When they opened first, you got these very expensive drinking glasses, however that changed since everybody was stealing them.. now its just the normal glass at very over the top prices... Sorry to dissapoint the fans but the night club closed in 2006.

Dress Code No jeans or sneakers.

IrishFem's Profile Photo
Jun 06, 2007

The PoD

The PoD (Place of Dance) is still going strong after years of being one of Dub's most fav joints! It has just undergone an extensive reconstruction, so it might be a little while before it's fully functional again. So far, however, it's going the right way as per usual.

The PoD is one for the beautiful people. An excellent club with an excellent interior. (Check out the gents). Friday nights it's H.A.M. which claims a 'Totally queer door policy', and it's being enforced quite strictly. H.A.M. is one of the best nights in Dublin at the moment.
Saturday has recently also turned gay but the music is a bit more poppy than the Friday trance and the atmosphere is a tad friendlier. Sunday nights it's Loose, which takes place in both the PoD and The Chocolate Bar (where they serve an excellent Bailey's Heaven) and is free in before 9pm. The PoD is open all week so check it out if you're in Dublin.

Be aware that the adjacent Chocolate Bar has happy nights on Monday and Tuesday eve with half-priced cocktails and pints!

Dress Code Beautiful people need a good outfit. Otherwise forget it, because the bouncers will send you back to the dressing room!

tvdm's Profile Photo
Jan 05, 2005

The Clarence Hotel

The Clarence Hotel is one of the hotspots in Dub. The U2 owned club The Kitchen is a prime target for all fans.
The Clarence is a place where U2 used to hang around when they were just beginning, and they've since bought it. The Kitchen nightclub is in the hotel's basement. House and techno rule here and the cover charge is steep. The Octagon, the hotel's newest bar, opened in 1996. Very nice, very modern.

Dress Code You won't get in here if you're wearing the usual casual outfit: make an effort... make a BIG effort!

tvdm's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2002

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